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Whassup: Summer Already? Edition

Is everyone else feeling the glow of post-Seasonal Affective Disorder relative non-depression!? Yeah! With Daylight Saving's Time back, and the most recent swing of 70-degree, Global Warming niceness, it's all my neurons can do but almost have normal serotonin levels. It's pretty all-right, and it makes me want to get out there and enjoy Park Slope's numerous non-Googamooga, actually well-organized events. Welcome to Whassup: Summer Already? Edition:

* Thursday, March 22: Gowanus Cleanup Meeting, Red Hook-Miccio Community Center (Gym): You can't spell Superfund without Superfun. I just wanted an excuse to say that, and this was it. Anywhoo, the EPA is holding a "public information meeting" to hear your input about cleaning up the Gowanus. After Bloomberg was thwarted in his attempt to protect those helpless Gowanus carcinogens from the big, bad EPA, it's your chance to voice an opinion. Come armed with your favorite synonyms for fecal contaminant. 7pm

* Saturday, March 24: Cash Mob Day, Tea Lounge: So, "Cash Mobs" are totally a thing now, combining the power of hipstery, mass gatherings and hipstery consumer-spending power to actually do something relatively good -- support local businesses. Saturday is "National Cash Mob Day," and Amy Cortese, author of Locavesting, is leading Brooklyn's first such mass feelgood purchasathon. Meeting at Tea Lounge to support a local, Slope business (to be named!). 4pm.

* Saturday, March 24: Group Ride, Red Hook: Ride Brooklyn's Spectator Group Ride pedals to the Red Hook Criterium, a take-all-comers, non-sanctioned race. Riders score a free Six Point beer brewed specifically for the event, and a custom cowbell for the race. That's right, a cowbell. I can't emphasize enough that you will get a cowbell. Meet at Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop, 5:15 pm.

* Saturday, March 24: Whistlin' Blue Grass, Union Hall: I got the chance to catch some of these groups at Jalopy the other week. All good musicians, several of whom teach at the Red Hook venue/music school/instrument shop/olde tyme throwback. But the blow-your-lips-off amazing part is Emily Eagan's world championship whistling. Holy shit. I don't want to oversell it, but it's pretty amazing. I think her DNA is prolly at least 85% avian. 8pm, $8.

* Saturday, March 24-Sunday, March 25: Brooklyn Mutt Show, BK Lyceum: Park Slope loves its dogs. We love dogs so much, you must be vigilant lest you trip over a lounging pooch at the bar and come crashing down into a corral of Bugaboos. (I might be speaking from experience.) That puppy love gets a proper showing at the "Westminster alternative," the BK Mutt Show. It's all cute and fun with contests for non-pure-breds from "curliest tail" to "Mayor Mike look-a-like," which I assume means, "most likely to send riot police against peaceful protesters." Getcher puppy-wuppy, doggy-woggy baby speak readied. 11am-7pm each day, $5+.

* Sunday, March 25: Aussie BBQ, Bell House: Bell House does big food-related festivals pretty well. See Matt Tim's chili, bacon, etc. Takedowns for evidence. Here, the Bell House combines a big Aussie BBQ (free food with admission, including veggie options) with a lineup of Down Under bands. 1pm, $12.

* Sunday, March 25: Spoken Word NY, Freddy's: Spoken Word NY returns to Freddy's, with a very open mic -- spill your own poetry, prose, song, jokes, non-fiction stories, or rants about subway etiquette. (Let people OFF the train first, bitchez!) 8:30pm, FREE.

* Monday, March 26-Tuesday, March 27: Story Doubleshot, Union Hall: Park Slope continues its live-storytelling dominance with a back-to-back doubleshot of stories, covering sex and science. Monday is Bare, with titillating tales of tits (and other sexy bits). Tuesday, the nerds take the stage, with Story Collider's science-themed night. 8pm Mon, 7:30pm Tues, $8 each.

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