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Whassup: Brave the Snow Edition


There continues to be just all of the snow dropping on NYC lately. And such weather might activate your hibernating instincts. I mean, they make soup for hipsters now, so why even go out? Just stay at home, while the steam from your Moroccan-style chicken soup (with chickpeas!) fogs your thick-rimmed eyewear. Just nest, you know? Understandable, and we here at FiPS are never ones to badmouth laziness, but yet there remain fun things to be done that exist outside of your apartment. Welcome to Whassup: Brave the Snow Edition:

* Friday, March 8: MJ & Madonna Sing-Along, Union Hall: I don't know what it's like for you young things who didn't grow up in the '80's, but for your elders, Michael Jackson and Madonna songs are as anthemic as it gets. That shit is bubble-gum scripture. The opening strains of "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" or "Like a Prayer" will illicit Pavlovian responses. But, regardless of your generation, that stuff is pop gold. And the concept of the Sing-Along is simple, in case you're not familiar: the whole crowd does karaoke together. Basically. It's a particularly fun thing to do for the tuneless, because nobody can tell how terrible you are. 9:30pm, $8. 

* Saturday, March 9: Big Lebowski '90s Party, Bell House: If you're male and went to college in the 2000s, it's likely you can quote an embarrassing amount of lines from "The Big Lebowski." The movie actually came out in 1999, though, which makes it a perfect theme for "Party Like It's 1999," the regular '90's DJ party at the Bell House. So, mostly, this is going to be like any other "Party Like It's 1999" event, except you can win free drinks for Lebowski costumes. And probably there'll be White Russian specials. And maybe some Credence. 10pm, FREE. 

* Monday, March 11: Industry Night, Skylark: You know, I wanted to hate Skylark. I should hate it: It's so precious. Furnishings from your gramma's basement and your dad's den in the 70's. Usurper to a genuine, old-man dive bar -- Timboo's -- that had been a slightly creepy fixture since before I first moved to South Slope. But, damnit, I like this bar. It's cozy like a coffee shop, but more drunk. Anyway, turns out every Monday, they host "industry night," which means those of you slaving away as bartenders, servers, baristas and other restraunt-y jobs while you put together art shows for the Silent Barn can get happy hour prices all night. Just let them know where you work. It's a bohemian mitzvah is what it is. Take advantage.   

* Monday, March 11-March 21: Dine-In Brooklyn, All Over: Go throw a rock outside your apartment building's door. Do it. Then invite the five foodies you hit to join you during Dine-In Brooklyn. There are deals on three-course dinners, lunches, and other packages at all the places in Brooklyn you want to tell people you've eaten. Check the list of participants, which includes Slope places aplenty, e.g. Applewood, Dizzy's and Miriam. And it's the 10th one, in case you find such things meaningful.   

* Wednesday, March 13: $15K Start-Up Competition, BK Library: The public library isn't just for hanging out in because you're homeless or a nerdy teenager anymore. Now, it's actually got resources to help support your terrible business idea! Got a startup plan? Want to put up a website that helps people choose outfits for their dogs (probably already a thing)? Think you can, like, consult…on stuff…for things? Enter to win $15,000 and other support (e.g. business counseling help) to help launch your business. To enter, you need to attend an orientation session, like this one (there will be more). Is it just a plot to finally get that overdue fine out of you? Guess you'll have to risk it. 6pm, FREE. 

* Until April 5: Register, BK Park 5K: I don't get you runners. I seriously don't get it. Is it because I'm lazy? Probably. But I also don't like pain. Because, you know, I could punch myself in the testiballs for 24 hours, and this would also take endurance, willpower, and courage. But I'm not doing that, either. Anyway, if you DO like to run distances, consider signing your wiry, pasta-eating ass up for this shit. Funds go toward free public programs at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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