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Welcome to Whassup: We Might Not Be Giants Edition


As we hurtle along into pigskin season, it's important to remember: you live in New York Fucking City, specifically Park Fucking Slope (ok, less badass sounding) -- there's a helluva lot more to do than sit around watching large men smash each other on bigscreens. So, venture away from couches facing Eli Manning. Welcome to Whassup: We Might Not Be Giants Edition:

* Sept. and Oct.: NEW Classes, BK Brainery: The Carroll Gardens center for grey matter calisthenics has a fresh, new platter of learnables for the Fall. Learn about factory fires or post-apocolyptic New York -- you know, after the zombies/asteroids/Cloverfield/Rick Perry devastate us. But let's be honest: Brainery is really a chance to make up for not asking out that cute girl/guy in freshman comp. Various costs and times.

* Thursday, Sept. 22: Frack U, Congregation Beth Elohim: Catch Gasland, a documentary exposing one of the latest stealth corporate fuckings of America -- the envrionmentally destructive and drinking-water-inflammanating practice of "fracking." Sponsored by the Brooklyn Food Coaltion, this flick should get your Mother (Earth) Loving ire up. A Q&A with activists from the anti-fracking group United for Action follows the doc. 7pm, $5 suggested donation.

* Saturday, Sept. 24: Wonder Woman #1 Signing, Bergen Street Comics: DC Comics, home to assorted Batmens and Superguys, is sending all its characters back in time and resetting at issues #1. And Brooklyn artist Cliff Chiang gets to draw the new Wonder Woman. Come to Bergen Street Comics to get signed copies of the issue and fondly recall your sexual awakening at age 11 brought about by the sight of tight-fitting, star-spangled spandex. The first 200 to buy a copy get a limited edition print of Cliff's work, signed and numbered. 8pm.

* Saturday, Sept. 24: Dollar Beer Day, South Bar: South Slope's eponymous bar, South, invites you to throw back for a buck. Ok, the fine print: kick in a $10 donation to help local bar rockers Uncle Leon and the Alibis press their next record -- and suck down $1 PBRs and High Life's. All freakin' day. Maybe apologize to your liver in advance. 2pm-4am, $10.

* Monday, Sept. 26: BK Broadway Birthday, Gallery Players Theater: Brooklyn's Off-Off-Broadway Theater, The Gallery Players, is celebrating 45 years -- an age at which most of us will look back and wonder: did the '80's really happen? Founded by Harvey Fierstein back in the smoldering days of 1967, the theater has snatched up awards from New York Innovative Theare and the Off-Off-Broadway Review. The Gallery Gala features a buffet of performances from the theater's alumni, including veterans of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, Urinetown!, Billy Elliot, and others. 7:30pm-10:30pm, $35 and up (partially tax deductible).

* Tuesday, Sept. 27: Fresh Start Comedy, Tea Lounge: The monthly comedy show, hosted by Mike Pomranz (behind many of the Internet-scewering lines of Tosh.0) and Joe Zimmerman (who has so far failed to change his last name to Dylan) invites humorists to test new stuff -- and gives them a do-over if jokes bomb or sputter. Come on, everyone deserves a second chance. Enjoy comminuques from inside the funny skulls of Kieth Alberstadt (seen on Letterman), Brooke Van Poppelan (TLC, VH1), Adam Newman (College Humor), and more. 9pm-11pm

* Tuesday, Sept. 27: Science Stories, Union Hall: The Story Collider once again collides things techy against things wordy with a panel of science writers working in the media of blogs, novels, and more. Finally, book nerds and beaker nerds can come together in a glasses-crushing embrace of geeky love. Catch sci-scribes from Scientific American, The NY Times, The New Yorker, and more. 7:30pm Doors, $10 DOS.

* Wednesday, Sept. 28: Viva Voce, Rock Shop: All the intermingling of pot-addled old hippies and forever-young hipsters in Portlandia was bound to do this at some point: The Pac NW duo, Viva Voce, gives indie rock just what it needs: an injection of psychadelia. 8pm, $12.

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