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Why You Need to go to tomorrow night's No Office Holiday Party


You probably need to go to the No Office Holiday Party tomorrow, and I'm telling you this for your own good. Whoever you are, there's a reason you should be at this event with your hosts: FiPS, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based, and the Skint. Choose whichever of the following reason most applies, and get your ass down to Littlefield on Thursday at 8pm (for $8), and let the holiday cheer heal you: 

1. You Work in a Lame Office: Maybe you work for a big corporation, and your annual "holiday party" consists of sitting in front of a massive screen for the two-minute hate. That's no fun. Come to the No Office Holiday Party, in which a real, live human being named Wyatt Cenac will say funny and interesting things into your ears. Specifically, he will read your very own worst work stories. He is a sleepy-eyed comedian formerly of The Daily Show, not a corporate chieftain on a screen. That's a win.

2. You Work in a Sober Office: Perhaps you assiduously stay clear of the booze at your office party because you don't want to drunkenly tell your boss how you spend all day on Facebook and think his daughter is almost as hot as his wife. That is wise of you. However, that's a lot of pent-up holiday drunkenness you got there. What are you gonna do, get sloshed at home on Christmas Eve and accidentally tell your sister she was adopted? No good. Get your whiskey-on-the-rocks off instead of the No Office Holiday Party, where Littlefield's professional booze slingers will keep your whistle all kinds of wet. Plus, there will be cheap, spiked punch. Ain't no drunk like a cheaply-purchased drunk. 

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Brooklyn Museum Treats Us Like The Small Town in Footloose By Taking Dancing Away

Photo via The L Magazine

In a surprising move that’s sure to prove unpopular, the Brooklyn Museum announced on Friday that, for the time being, they will cancel the Target Free Saturday dance parties. According to a blog post on the museum’s website written by Elisabeth Callihan, Manager of Adult Programs, this change is a result of “challenges with capacity crowds and traffic flow throughout the building.” Of course, everyone knows that the correct way to handle an event that’s TOO popular is to cancel it.

A large part of the appeal of Target Free Saturdays is the dance party. Every month, thousands of young Brooklynites flock to the museum to admire its unique exhibits and dance in the third floor atrium. I’ve been to several of these events, and it’s really the combination of artwork and dancing that attracted me. Surrounded by European paintings of religious figures, one might feel awkward shaking his or her ass to pop and dance music. Yet the juxtaposition of those tunes against the museum’s grand archways and palatial glass ceiling made for a truly unforgettable and unique Brooklyn experience. Without the dance parties, these nights at the museum will likely feel less joyous and communal.

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Reminder: Tonight is the No Office Holiday Party At Littlefield!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that tonight is the No Office Holiday Party, which will be hosted by FiPS, Brokelyn, The Skint and Brooklyn Based! It'll be going down at Littlefield @ 7:30PM and costs $5 at the door (which you can also purchase here). As previously mentioned, the night will include:


  • A "Hot Santa" Shootbooth Photobooth
  • spiked holiday punch ($3 for the first hour, $5 beyond)
  • Secret Santa (bring a gift to get a gift!)
  • Local comic Kurt Braunohler
  • Live band Karaoke with Bunnie England + The New Originals
  • A dance party with DJ Colleen Crumbcake
  • A free holiday punch if you sign up for Scoutmob, who will be circling the party looking for folks who love local discounts and free food.




Join FiPS For a "No Office" Holiday Party!

Here at FiPS headquarters, we have rows of comfy couches, unlimited coffee and an open mic night once a week. Sometimes, people write all over the walls of our bathroom, which we sometimes consider charging people to use. If our office sounds less like an office and more like a coffee shop, then you're not as drunk as I thought you were. We don't have an office. But we do like to gather with co-workers, get plastered and make out and/or tell each other how we really feel. 

Are you also without an office? Lucky enough to avoid Grand Central or the jampacked 4/5 train on a weekday at 8:30AM? If so, join FiPS and our friends at fellow BK blogs The Skint, Brokelyn and Brooklyn Based for a "No Office Holiday Party" at Littlefield on Thursday, December 15th.

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