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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Gets All Jurassic Park Up in This Piece

Jeff Goldblum is welcome at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The T-Rex is NOT.

YEEZUS CHRIST, PARK SLOPE. One word: T-Rex...& if I may, please allow me to use a poorly-though-out dinosaur metaphor to tell you...

Early Tuesday night, after an exciting day of drone work, I made my way back to Brooklyn & more specifically, Union St. to fill my face with BBQ & beer. The reason: The Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Premiere Party. That's right, jerks. For one night, I was part of some exclusive club who got to experience the seventh Dinosaur BBQ locale a full twenty-three hours before it opened to the general public on Wednesday.

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Another FIPS Food ROUNDUP!

While the big food & drink news this week in Park Slope was OBVS the continuing "not cool dude" fallout from last weekend's Great GoogaMooga, there were still a handful of non-Googa "that's cool dude" announcements that somewhat countered all that burning GoogaAnger™. Basically, they're all news related to storefronts & eateries going through transitions. As such, that's how we should think of the current state of the Nethermead. It's going through a transition...a six-month transition. Thank god for reseeding huh?

First up: The Beer Table space. For years they were one of Park Slope's homes for good, pricey beer paired well with food. Then, at the end of last month, they closed up shop as they searched for a new, larger locale. Sad face. Sorta. Then this past week, we learned who was moving into the new space, as DNAinfo reported that Roberto Santibanez of Fonda had applied for a liquor license for the space. There's been no word thus far as to what he plans to do with this liquor license, but I'm fairly certain he won't be using it to open a dive bar. My suggestion: KICKASS TAQUERIA. Just tacos & booze & perhaps a velvet rope.

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FiPS Weekly Food ROUNDUP!

Photo via LA

As far as food goes, this week was pretty damn slammin' Sammy Sosa in the Slope. Openings, closings, pending openings, pending closings, food on wheels...a metaphorical cornucopia of food news.

For a lil' bit there, Bay Ridge bakery & institution Leskes looked like it was pretty much done for. In 2011, after fifty years in business, they closed their doors & their Scandinavian baked goods were no more. Then last August, a group of folks who loved Leskes rehired a bunch of the former staff & reopened it using what were essentially the original recipes. Now they've expanded, with a bakery at 588 5th Ave that opened this past Tuesday. To be perfectly blunt, I'm only in it for the black & white cookies, but they have a ton of other delicious junk there. Shit...yesterday they had pink Twinkies in honor of VD.

Last fall, rumors started swirling 'round that Park Slope was about to fall victim to a SHACK ATTACK, as Shake Shack was poised to open their second Brooklyn locale within the shadows of the recently-opened Barclay’s Center. Then this past Tuesday, Shake Shack announced CONCRETE plans to open up shop at 170 Flatbush Ave this Fall. See what I did there? I cleverly incorporated the names of TWO popular Shake Shack menu items into this article. FUCKING BRILLIANT. Anyway, once it opens, it should be a pretty sweet place to go just after a Nets game.

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A Vendy Award Winner Opens on 4th Ave (Also TACOS!)

It's just a scientific fact that in Park Slope, there's a serious lack of taco options. Sure there are a handful of places to grab a taco in the hood, from Oaxaca to Tacos Nuevo to that Jalapeno NYC truck that's been showing up on 5th Ave recently, but most of them are ultimately forgettable. With that in mind, taco lovers have been salivating in anticipation of 2008 Vendy Cup winner Calexico's impending move into the spot formerly occupied by Blue Ribbon Sushi.

While the wait for the Park Slope Calexico continues, this past Saturday another Vendy Award-winning taco purveyor quietly opened up shop in the neighborhood—Country Boys. They've been around since 1993 & as the winner of the 2009 Vendy Cup, they became the first vendor from the Red Hook Ballfields to take home the prize.

Since Red Hook's far & the Brooklyn Flea's become "too hipster" for you, Country Boys has decided to come to you, Park Slope citizen, taking over the space on the corner of 4th Ave & 16th St that was formerly occupied by J&R Restaurant.

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Breaking: Manhattan Finally Gets Some Culture

photo credit: Rebecca Ashley PhotographyWe know you're probably sick of our little obsession with 5th Avenue yogurt emporium Culture...but we don't give a shit. 

We just got the inside scoop from co-owners Jenny and Gino Ammirati that they signed a lease at 60 West 8th Street in Manhattan, where they expect to open their second location this Spring. Sweet nectar of the gods, this is exciting news. New York Magazine wrote about the burgeoning food scene on West 8th Street last April, so Culture will fit right in. Lucky you, West Village people!