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Taco Santo Was My Favorite Explorer in 4th Grade

Hey guys? Remember when BBQ was the hot new thing in Park Slope? Get with the times, jerks. That's SO 2013. These days, it's all about the taco. As one of life’s most versatile foods, the taco's become SUPER TRENDY. GET ON BOARD. Though I'm already on board and love tacos like I love my own mother, I for one can not wait until dosas or some shit eventually bump tacos from their mighty perch. Then we can finally pass the DREAM Act.

In Park Slope, there was the 2012-2013 BBQ revolution. We had nothing. Then we had everything. It all started with Ft Reno. Then there was Fletcher's and Dinosaur and Morgan's. Different styles. Different levels of quality. Talk about filling a five-dollar whore with a forty-five dollar penis! As a result, BBQ got way overblown in Park Slope and  forerunner Ft Reno lasted just two years, with owner Jacques Gautier (also of Palo Santo) deciding to shut Ft Reno down at the end of 2013 & reopen the space on February 1st, with taco-flavored kisses for everyone, as the creatively-named "Taco Santo."

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A Tale of Two Bars

Bars bars bars bars bars bars bars. Every time you blink there's a new friggin bar in Park Slope. I wish I could keep up but I just can't, or more specifically, my liver wallet can't. Does that make me sad? I guess. Case in point: two new bars opened up last week. Both places--a wine bar/Turkish tapas spot called Pierre Loti & a "cocktail bar" named Parish--are TOTALLY CLASSY. Since I love class & need to keep up & can never find enough places in which to consume alcohol, I paid both a visit over the past week.

First up was Pierre Loti, a NYC mini-chain with locales in Chelsea, Midtown & Union Sq. It's named after some French dude. DON'T CARE. Now they've got a bar on 5th Ave & St Marks, in the space that used to host the failed Canaille wine bar. Park Slope is Pierre’s Loti's first trek across the bridge & let's be honest here...if you're a bar/restaurant expanding out of Manhattan into Brooklyn for the first time, you're likely looking at Williamsburg or Park Slope. Park Slope LOVES a good wine bar. Wine bars are TOTALLY environment where breeders can freely mingle with ballers. It kind of makes sense that Pierre Loti would open up their first Brooklyn joint here.

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Just Cheez It, Alf.

It's like a cheezy, iconic, gay Brit once said: "Saturday night's alright for fighting. Saturday night's alright. Alright. Alright. Woo Hoo Ooh Ooh."

It's like a cheezy, hacky teenager once said in the shitty follow-up to the shitty song that made her famous: "This Saturday we're gonna do it bigger than we ever have before."

It's like a cheezy bunch of 70’s era Scottish teenybopper heartthrobs once said: "It's just a Saturday night."

Guess what I did on Saturday night. Nope. Not cheese. Not even heroin. Nope. I didn't go to TGI Fridays and delight in the splendor that is their kitsch-adorned walls. TGI Fridays is more of a Friday thing. Since it was a Saturday smack dab in the middle of a pussy-snowstorm-induced three-day weekend, a few friends & I decided to travel all the way up the hills of Park Slope to 7th Ave, walking right past all the perfectly fine bars on 5th Ave.

The reason: A brand spanking new bar that just opened up in the old Bar 4 space (RIP and/or I never went there). The moniker: "American Cheez."

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Food is Art: Saul at The Brooklyn Museum

Food is life. Food is politics. Food is love. Food is the new rock. Food is food is food is food is food.

Andy Warhol had his bananas & soup cans. Food is art. MOMA has Warhols. MOMA also has The Modern, the restaurant from Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group that opened back in 2004 and is helmed (for now) by Gabriel Kreuther. Over the years, they've received a Michelin star and two and three star reviews from The New York Times.

Not to be outdone by its Manhattan counterpart, today The Brooklyn Museum opens Saul, the newest incarnation of the Michelin-starred restaurant that held court on Smith St. for the last fourteen years before closing down in July and upgrading to new digs just off the museum lobby, where the Museum Cafe once stood.

It's the next in a continuing tradition of improvements for Saul. Pete Wells, in his 2009 two-star review of the restaurant, described Saul's then ten-year journey as one where Saul and Lisa Bolton were "(l)ike couples in a starter apartment, they dressed the place up as money came in." Ten years later, where there were once "thick plates from Fishs Eddy," there was now "white Bernadaud china." Since then, Saul Bolton has gone on to open The Vanderbilt and Red Gravy in Prospect Heights. Now Saul's come to join them in the 'hood.

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Yet Another FIPS Food ROUNDUP!

Maybe you've been a bit busy over the past week. Maybe you haven't been able to keep up with all of the hood's recent food news. It makes sense after all, as there's been a hell of a lot going on in the world, what with the downfall of Carlos Danger and the whole Syria thing and the still-lingering effects of Miley Cyrus being OH SO BAD. Fret not, lemmings! This here Park Slopish food news roundup is designed to fill all the tasty, tasty holes in your heart.

On Tuesday, Park Slopers awoke to the news that Zito's, the Italian sandwich shop that at one point appeared to be part of a resurgence along 7th Ave, was closing. The owners took to Twitter to announce that they'd lost their lease on their original 7th Ave location, leaving only their 5th Ave shop open. Fortunately, Zito's signed a ten-year lease on the 5th Ave space & have plans to expand their delivery area so, for now, folks will still be able to get their fix of Autogrills...all without having to travel to stupid 7th Ave!

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