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This Year, Have a Beyonce-Themed VD!

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Back in my day, the ultimate musical power couple was Marc Anthony and J-Lo; two performers, both with massive pop appeal, writing songs and kinda going on tour together, one gay, the other not very good. Sadly, their marriage had some differences and that arrangement has since gone the way of the dodo.

These days, that triumphant musical power couple is BY FAR Jay-Z and Beyonce. "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Drunk in Love" and making Blue Ivy and owning the Nets and then Robinson Cano and ethical Barney's clothing and dropping albums on us like a NINJABOMB and Brooklyn, son. That's the power of love. Shit...Forbes even says so because FORBES LIKES MONEY.

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Get Your Kringler On at Leske's for St. Patty's Day

As a "man" who's "roughly approximately 50% Irish" (COUNTY LOUTH RULES!), I LOVE St. Patty's Day. Come March 17th, there's nothing more appealing than annualy celebrating the TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL arrival of Christianity in Ireland by downing a corned beef & cabbage sammy, washing it down with seventeen pints of Guinness and urinating all over Hoboken. That's just the Irish way, people.

With St. Patty's mere days away, I've already started getting in the mood. No, I haven't guzzled a bunch of Jameson & sucker punched a cop. No, I haven't gone all ironic & embraced the potato diet. I haven't even managed to find the time to go "full shamrock." Instead, yesterday I picked up a St. Patty's-inspired treat from a Scandanavian bakery that found its roots in an Italian neighborhood & recently expanded to an area littered with breeders.

Said treat: The St. Patty's Day Crème Puff from Leske's Bakery.

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Why You Need to go to tomorrow night's No Office Holiday Party


You probably need to go to the No Office Holiday Party tomorrow, and I'm telling you this for your own good. Whoever you are, there's a reason you should be at this event with your hosts: FiPS, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based, and the Skint. Choose whichever of the following reason most applies, and get your ass down to Littlefield on Thursday at 8pm (for $8), and let the holiday cheer heal you: 

1. You Work in a Lame Office: Maybe you work for a big corporation, and your annual "holiday party" consists of sitting in front of a massive screen for the two-minute hate. That's no fun. Come to the No Office Holiday Party, in which a real, live human being named Wyatt Cenac will say funny and interesting things into your ears. Specifically, he will read your very own worst work stories. He is a sleepy-eyed comedian formerly of The Daily Show, not a corporate chieftain on a screen. That's a win.

2. You Work in a Sober Office: Perhaps you assiduously stay clear of the booze at your office party because you don't want to drunkenly tell your boss how you spend all day on Facebook and think his daughter is almost as hot as his wife. That is wise of you. However, that's a lot of pent-up holiday drunkenness you got there. What are you gonna do, get sloshed at home on Christmas Eve and accidentally tell your sister she was adopted? No good. Get your whiskey-on-the-rocks off instead of the No Office Holiday Party, where Littlefield's professional booze slingers will keep your whistle all kinds of wet. Plus, there will be cheap, spiked punch. Ain't no drunk like a cheaply-purchased drunk. 

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FiPS Round-Up: Where to Eat Out On Christmas!

Since we all know what a lousy cook you are, we don't want you to starve to death over the holidays.  So, we rounded up a bunch of restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, just so you'd know where to eat.  While lots of places in the neighborhood -- Al di la, Sidecar, Applewood, Talde and Thistle Hill Tavern, to name a few -- are closed both days, it is possible to get a meal in a sit-down restaurant on December 24 or 25. 

Open both December 24 and 25: 

AOC Bistro  If you're desperate for French food on Christmas, or if you're just too lazy to kill yourself, you can go to AOC on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 

Kiku Asian Bistro  Accepting reservations on Open Table.  Eat here, then call your mom and tell her you had sushi for Christmas dinner.  It'll totally piss her off.

Kinara  Open seven days, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Hindus don't care about the sweet little baby jeebus in a manger, I guess.

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Who Gives a Shit: What's Your Holiday Movie Tradition? 

The first time I discovered the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story on TNT, I was really into the experience. Over the span of its entirety, I probably watched the movie in full 6 or 7 times, which is as many as my parents could take before shutting off the TV and making me go to church. For me, Christmas began on the evening of December 24 when the first Christmas Story started, and it ended when the end credits rolled for the last time on the night of December 25.

And now, years later, though I often find it hard to sit through the entire movie more than once, I like to keep the marathon on for as long as possible in those 24 hours as sort of background ambiance while I'm wrapping presents, baking cookies, or moving my dog into another room because she keeps farting near my face. Surely like many others who long ago discovered the marathon, it's become my own little tradition.

Do you guys have any holiday movie traditions?