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On 12/12/12, Celebrate Repeating Numbers at Kiwiana

Oh 12/12/12. Look at you, you little date you, all repeating with the numbers like that. You must be feeling PRETTY smug right about now. For eleven years now, people have been making WAY too big of a deal out of the one date every year where the month, day & year are all the same. After eleven years, you're it dude. You're the last time this repeating number junk will happen for another 88+ years. By that time, most of us will likely be dead. Unless of course science figures out the secret to longevity or some shit. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, to celebrate you, people all across the globe have decided to mark the occasion in varied ways. In Wisconsin, 12/12/12 will be "Aaron Rodgers Day," in honor of the Packers' beloved quarterback. At MSG, they're bringing out all the crusty dinosaurs of rock for a huge concert to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I'm sure there'll be a bunch of number geeks out there who'll use nothing but a base-12 number system all day long.

Chef Mark Simmons, of Park Slope's New Zealand restaurant Kiwiana, apparently loves numbers too, so for 12/12/12, he's decided to add another 12 into the mix, 'cause I mean...why the fuck not? On 12/12/12, Kiwiana's officially rolling out a new menu, and for one night only, everything on it will be going for $12!

This past weekend, Mark invited me to the restaurant to give the new menu a lil' taste. It was actually my first time stopping by, so going in, I was curious as to what exactly constituted New Zealand décor. Basically, I was expecting a bunch of tiny stuffed birds & perhaps a Lord of the Rings poster or three scattered about.

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GET PORKED at Landhaus

DO YOU WANNA GET PORKED???!!! Sweet! So do I!...Like ALL the time. PORKED IN THE MOUTH.

Unfortunately, as of lately I've been getting a little bored with all the places in Park Slope that I usually go to GET PORKED. That's why it's so perfect that two weeks ago Thursday Landhaus, Brooklyn's wandering pork purveyors, moved into the space occupied this past summer by People's Pops.

Landhaus has earned that "wandering" tag over the past few years by foregoing a physical space in favor of a booth at Smorgasburg & The Brooklyn Flea, and a menu served out of The Woods, a Williamsburg bar. Park Slope makes TOTAL sense for their first physical locale, as their slogan is "Farm to Sandwich." You Park Slopers love that locavore shit.

The tiny storefront space, however, is better suited for take-out due to the dearth of seating. Sure, you can sit at one of the few seats along the wall, or you can do like I did & eat off of the Ms. Pac Man machine, but if you show up on an eve where more than a half-dozen people are looking to GET PORKED in-house, you're pretty much taking that shit to go.

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We Love Food: FIPS' Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Desserts!

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Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone! Whether you're cooking an entire dinner for 12, or just contributing a casserole to your Aunt Merna's kitchen table (have you ever actually met someone with an Aunt Merna?), FiPS has got you covered. Here's a round-up of our go-to Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts:

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FiPS Exclusive: Crespella to open second location in South Slope

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There are lots of places in this neighborhood to get coffee, but Crespella (321 7th Avenue at 9th Street) will always have a place in my heart because of their super tasty, highly-addictive, Oh-My-God-I-Want-To-Marry-You crépes. Which is why I'm extra excited to hear that Crespella is opening a second location right here in the Slope. 

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Is North Slope Gettin' a Shake Shack?! (Probably)

While many North Slope residents continue to protest the opening of The Barclays Center and the sidewalk traffic it’ll cause, a new threat to sidewalks everywhere may soon join our favorite rusted UFO. A site adjacent to Barclays could soon play host to a new outpost of New York’s favorite place to wait three hours for a burger: Shake Shack.

According to The Post, Danny Meyers’ burgers-and-custard joint, along with other fine establishments such as Panera Bread, TGI Fridays, and Starbucks, may soon set up shop on the borough’s most-controversial strip of real estate. We here at FiPS are pretty excited about the prospect of Shake Shack coming to our ‘hood, even if it does mean more sidewalk congestion. For one thing, we won’t have to ride three stops on the subway to get to Downtown Brooklyn for our Concretes and crinkly fries. But let’s also consider that recognizable brands like Shake Shack and Fridays might help keep our favorite local restaurants from getting overrun by drunken basketball fans. 

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