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[Gettin' it Wrong] 200 Fifth

Gettin' It Wrong is our semi-regularish column where we call out a Park Slope biz that deserves an online kick in the nuts for doing something that's totally fucking stupid. Today's nominee: 200 Fifth!

Late nights, at like two in the morn, I like grabbing a beer at a bar someplace & ordering up some food to go. Often times, due to the lack of post-midnight takeout options in Park Slope, that place ends up being 200 Fifth. While I love sports as much as the next guy, the atmosphere there kinda sucks. Still, they do have an expansive selection of craft beers and the bartenders are always friendly with me, so I put up with the atmosphere in deference to my late night cravings.

Not any more.

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A Vendy Award Winner Opens on 4th Ave (Also TACOS!)

It's just a scientific fact that in Park Slope, there's a serious lack of taco options. Sure there are a handful of places to grab a taco in the hood, from Oaxaca to Tacos Nuevo to that Jalapeno NYC truck that's been showing up on 5th Ave recently, but most of them are ultimately forgettable. With that in mind, taco lovers have been salivating in anticipation of 2008 Vendy Cup winner Calexico's impending move into the spot formerly occupied by Blue Ribbon Sushi.

While the wait for the Park Slope Calexico continues, this past Saturday another Vendy Award-winning taco purveyor quietly opened up shop in the neighborhood—Country Boys. They've been around since 1993 & as the winner of the 2009 Vendy Cup, they became the first vendor from the Red Hook Ballfields to take home the prize.

Since Red Hook's far & the Brooklyn Flea's become "too hipster" for you, Country Boys has decided to come to you, Park Slope citizen, taking over the space on the corner of 4th Ave & 16th St that was formerly occupied by J&R Restaurant.

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FiPS Food Throwdowns: Banh Mi Edition

FIPS Food Throwdowns is a series where we order the same exact thing from two different Park Slope restaurants and evaluate which was better. It's a culinary smackdown...a triumph of the will of sorts.

In Park Slope, the banh mi sandwich has a storied tradition. Specifically, the hood is home to two Vietnamese sandwich shops along 7th Ave--Hanco's & Henry's--who are so intertwined, from their owners to their menus, that NPR's This American Life did a 2010 segment on their strange rivalry. Hanco's came first. Then a guy from there left & opened Henry's with the same exact menu...blah blah blah.

Down on 5th Ave, there are two more Vietnamese sandwich shops--Home & Lotus Vietnamese Sandwiches--and late last year, a new, ridiculously-named joint--Banhmigos--opened up in a tiny spot just off of 7th Ave on Lincoln Pl. If it wasn't for frozen yogurt shops, Vietnamese sandwich shops would be the best target for any & all "OH GREAT, ANOTHER ONE" jokes.

For today's Throwdown, we'll be pitting the original--Hanco's--against the new kid on the block--Banhmigos. They're TOTALLY gonna meet after school by the bike racks and scrap for my approval by serving me the exact same takeout order, proving once & for all which of the two is OBVIOUSLY BETTER.

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FiPS Food Throwdowns: Kinara vs Amin Indian Cuisine

FIPS Food Throwdowns is a series where we order the same exact thing from two different Park Slope restaurants, get it delivered, and evaluate which was better.  It's a culinary smackdown...a triumph of the delivery will. 

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Everybody loves a violent, knuckle-filled brouhaha, right? It's in OUR BLOOD, people. Cavemen & shit. Hell, even I got my start on this here blog by pitting various Park Slope blocks against each other in TOTALLY EPIC BATTLES. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

With that in mind, I'm reviving an age-old FiPS tradition--The FiPS Food Throwdown. By tossing two neighborhood businesses into our metaphorical squared circle & ordering the exact same goods and/or services from them, we'll prove once & for all which of the two is OBVIOUSLY BETTER.

In the hood, there have always been a handful of Indian restaurants. Some blow snot rockets. Some don't. Today's two competitors are Indian restaurants that have been open in Park Slope for a while now: 5th Ave's Kinara & 7th Ave's Amin Indian Cuisine. On New Year's Day, I grabbed the same takeout order from both--Aloo Gobi & Veggie Samosas--and absconded back to my apartment to see the results.

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On 12/12/12, Celebrate Repeating Numbers at Kiwiana

Oh 12/12/12. Look at you, you little date you, all repeating with the numbers like that. You must be feeling PRETTY smug right about now. For eleven years now, people have been making WAY too big of a deal out of the one date every year where the month, day & year are all the same. After eleven years, you're it dude. You're the last time this repeating number junk will happen for another 88+ years. By that time, most of us will likely be dead. Unless of course science figures out the secret to longevity or some shit. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, to celebrate you, people all across the globe have decided to mark the occasion in varied ways. In Wisconsin, 12/12/12 will be "Aaron Rodgers Day," in honor of the Packers' beloved quarterback. At MSG, they're bringing out all the crusty dinosaurs of rock for a huge concert to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I'm sure there'll be a bunch of number geeks out there who'll use nothing but a base-12 number system all day long.

Chef Mark Simmons, of Park Slope's New Zealand restaurant Kiwiana, apparently loves numbers too, so for 12/12/12, he's decided to add another 12 into the mix, 'cause I mean...why the fuck not? On 12/12/12, Kiwiana's officially rolling out a new menu, and for one night only, everything on it will be going for $12!

This past weekend, Mark invited me to the restaurant to give the new menu a lil' taste. It was actually my first time stopping by, so going in, I was curious as to what exactly constituted New Zealand décor. Basically, I was expecting a bunch of tiny stuffed birds & perhaps a Lord of the Rings poster or three scattered about.

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