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[Rumorsville]: Will Food Coop Members Be Suspended For Missing Shifts During Hurricane Sandy?

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There's a reason why we've referred to the Park Slope Food Coop as militant sanctimonious fascist hippies. If this rumor we're hearing is true -- that members who missed shifts during Hurricane Sandy will be punished -- then they very well deserve that title. The rumor comes via Sandy Report, a site dedicated to areas affected by Sandy and all of her nastiness. Here's what they had to say:

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Windsor Terrace: The Next Food Coop Neighborhood?

Photo via Park Slope Lens

When the Windsor Terrace Key Food closed back in May, local residents were pretty fucked as it was their only grocery store. To recover, some folks in the area are talking about starting up a Food Coop. Jack O'Connell, who has lived in Windor Terrace since '85, is leading the charge toward cheaper cheese and root vegetables. Though 75-ish people have expressed interest, O'Connell tells Windsor Terrace Patch that being interested and actually getting one's shit together to commit are two different things. "It comes down to one basic fact: You have to have community support. You need people with the time and resources to commit to it."

If you live in the area and want to attend the first public meeting, it's happening on Tuesday, 10/23 from 7-8:30PM at Knights of Columbus Hall (1511 10th Avenue).

If they do form a Coop over there, I'll be curious to know what their stance will be on hummus, nannies covering shifts and hooker advertisements.



Adrian Grenier Is Suspended From The Coop

Or maybe booted for's not totally clear. But according to the NY Post, dude has misssed way the hell too many shifts. And so, unlike products manufactured and/or produced in the state of Israel, he's no longer welcome at the Park Slope Food Coop.


How is there not a yearbook style by now!? With photos, suspension woes, stories of failed Coop ID attempts...

Also, I swear to God you guys: if I see Adrien Grenier in Key Food I WILL LOSE MY SHIT SO FUCKING HARD. 


Amy Sohn Walked Away From the PSFC BDS Debate with a "renewed affection for the Coop"

Amy Sohn / Photo by Piotr Redlinski

Over the past week, there has been a ton of coverage on the PSFC BDS LOL ROFL NSFW debate. The Daily Show sent Samantha Bee to investigate the hullabaloo. And hey girl, even Ryan Gosling wants you to know that in the wake of the vote, everything's gonna' be A-OK. We here at FiPS even had our own insider documenting a minute-by-minute account of the evening.

Local novelist, sexy mom and FiPS friend Amy Sohn has also recounted her experience of the meeting, which she says left her feeling "impressed by the level of debate, intelligence of the speakers, surprisingly low heckle quotient, and the organizational know-how that made the proceedings go off with only a few technical glitches."

I have to admit, it's kind of refreshing to hear someone say something nice about the Coop in the aftermath of the vote to vote. I've never stepped foot inside the Coop, yet find myself constantly getting caught up in the oh-so-common digs that we take on the place. You can click on over to Amy's blog for the full account, but here's an excerpt: 

I inspected the faces, trying to guess where people stood on the issue. This was not an easy task. The suited, bearded sixtysomething man in a suit in front of me had a Brooklyn accent and reminded me of my dad but said he was in favor of a boycott. I assumed that the banged, thick-accented Argentine girl smoking cigarettes next to me was anti-boycott until she said she would vote no, but was excited to come to the meeting because she loves the democratic process. “In my country,” she said, “people just riot.”


Here's A Minute-By-Minute ReCap of Last Night's Food Coop Meeting

After years of discussion, the Park Slope Food Coop has finally come to a conclusion on whether or not to ban Israeli products from their store. As we reported last night, 653 Coop members voted FOR the opp to further vote on a  ban and 1005 AGAINST it, meaning every container of Sabra Hummus is safe inside the walls of the Coop for the time being. But what exactly went down inside Brooklyn Tech's 3,000-seat auditorium before coming to this conclusion? Lucky for us, FiPS pal Casey Horvitz sent us a minute-by-minute account of the evening's events. Enjoy!

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