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OMG Will Someone Please Foster This Ah-mazing Dog?

Meet Stella. 

Stella is a 10-year-old, 40lb black rescue who’s lived her entire adult life on Park Slope’s own 11th Street. 

"Oh, 11th Street, as in Bill de Blockio," you ask? Yes, that same street. Though even Bill will tell you, Stella’s the most famous resident of 11th Street. 

That’s because Stella is the kindest, sweetest dog you’ll ever met. A lover of people, she’ll turn her belly up for a rub when you meet her almost immediately. She’s great with kids. Great with animals. A quiet, happy presence who’s hella low-maintainence. Stella's hiking days are far behind her, so while she loves being outside, she doesn’t require a long walk. And when she does go out, she’s an off-leash dog who would be just as happy to sit in your backyard or on your front stoop all day, watching the action go by. 

Basically, she’s the dog that everybody dreams of having one day. 

Like many, Stella’s filmmaker mom has been priced out of the neighborhood, and will now be living a bi-coastal life, commuting between LA and New York. (Apparently, she can't afford the $6,500 house that just became available on the block either). But Stella’s heart is in Brooklyn, and is not about to deal with that 405 traffic. So she’s looking for a foster home close-by where she can hang out between mom’s visits. Basically, Stella needs a long-term Airbnb. 

First floor apartments are optimal, because Stella is a tripod and isn’t about to deal with your fourth floor walk-up. But you’re welcome to pick her up and carry her. 

Are you Stella's foster parent? Send us an email at effedinparkslope at gmail dot com and let us know! Her future in Brooklyn is at your hands. 

Now here are more photos of her for you to gawk at. 




Dottie Needs Our Help

This sweet girl was found abandoned, roaming the streets of South Slope. She was malnourished, neglected, and almost certainly abused. Man, this shit makes me want to punch someone.

But lucky for Dottie, she managed to cross paths with a dog-loving, kind-hearted couple who are determined to get her back on her feet and healthy...and they need our help

Here's the scoop: 

This past Monday, we found "Dottie" wandering the streets of South Park Slope, Brooklyn. The first sight of this sweet gal was extremely shocking. She is severely emaciated, has a large open wound on her right hip and a small mass on her left front leg. We immediately brought her to our vet, who was as equally shocked as we were. It is their professional opinion that Dotties injuries are a result of long-term neglect and/or abuse. To become this thin, the vet believes she could have been deprived of food for upwards of two months. The wounds have been left untreated for much longer. They took x-rays, started her on antibiotics, and assessed her injuries. X-rays showed a strange foreign object in her abdomen, which requires an ultrasound, which she is receiving tomorrow (2/20/14). Once Dottie puts on some weight, she will need surgery to remove the dead tissue that has fused in/around her hip wound. She needs to be spayed, have a full round of shots, blood work, and possible removal of the mass on leg. In the 4 short days we have had Dottie she had had 3 vet visits, all of which we have been paying for out of pocket. All local shelters are full, and calling ACC is not an option for her, because she will definitely be put down in her current condition. Dottie is an absolute sweetheart. She has shown us nothing but love and affection, despite her current level of discomfort and pain. She has allowed us to bathe her and tend to her wounds, without any complaints. It's as if she knows she's SAFE now and we are here to help. We will not allow Dottie to suffer because of someone else's negligence. We are fighting this hard for her because we truly believe she is worth it! PLEASE. No donation is too small. We can't do it without the help of other fellow animal lover like you! Dottie THANKS YOU :) 

If you can contribute anything at all for Dottie's comeback tour, that would really be awesome. And if you can't afford to contribute, please help us get the word out and send along her story to your other rich friends.

In the meantime, you can follow along with Dottie's progress here on Facebook. And if you'd like to find out more about adopting Dottie, please send an email to:


Prospect Park Ghost Dog up For Adoption

Photo via Flickr User A Crom

Are you in the market for a new pet?

The Sean Casey Animal Rescue, who captured Prospect Park's legendary and elusive ghost dog back in May for treatment of an injured leg and lyme disease, recently put him up for adoption.

Nearly 40 people have applied to adopt the wild mastif, though Casey says that because of the dog's past, they need to be very selective when choosing an owner.

“He just needs someone to be patient and control him," he told the Brooklyn Paper. "Somebody with large dog experience who could physically hold on to him.” He also added that the dog is "very trusting and very loving and has no aggression.”

If you want to put in an application to adopt the ghost dog, contact the Sean Casey Animal Rescue on 153 E. Third St. between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Caton Avenue in Kensington. 718-436–5163.


Get Yer Dog Some Beer Bones in Time For Summer! 

It's nearly summer, which means soon we'll be spending more time enjoying long, outdoor happy hours. If you're a dog owner, and like taking your pooch along for such festivities, you probably enjoy hanging out at dog-friendly bars like The Gate or Mission Dolores. Have you ever considered, whilst sipping away on a tall, cool, fermented beverage, that your dog may be looking up at you and thinking, Can I get some of that too, asshole? (Just me?) 

If you do want to share the beer love with your dog, 5th Avenue's Paws in Paradise sells doggie Beer Bones. No word on if they'll give your dog a good buzz or not...  

[Photo tip via Park Slope Lens]


For the Love of God, Will Someone Pls Adopt Suki??

Pretty please?

From Suki's owner:

"I recently accepted a new position at the University of Virginia and we will be moving to Charlottesville next month (June) from Brooklyn, NYC. We are so busy preparing for this very fast move that we are unable to spend time there to hunt for rental houses and decided to go with faculty housing. Unfortunately, UVa University Housing does not allow dogs, so it will be necessary for us to find a new home for our Suki.

She is a fantastic dog - a couch potato, but loves to go on relaxed (sniff-filled) walks through the streets or parks. 

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