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[FIPS Was There...] Geeking Out

Image via Geeking Out

Back in the 80's, one of my favorite movies was definitely Revenge of the Nerds. It was this film about a bunch of geeks who went to college and formed a geek fraternity. It starred that one guy from ER and that other guy from thirtysomething and had scenes depicting both extended urination and extended eructation. Also...a panty raid. Also...boobs. By the end, we grow to love those geeks. They stage a concert and the college campus embraces them, despite how geeky they are. WE ARE ALL GEEKS.  

With geekdom in mind, I found myself back at Union Hall (sans bacon) on Tuesday night for the latest edition of Geeking Out, a geeky comedy/storytelling series hosted by FiPS' former managing editor Kerri Doherty. She's been hosting the series for a while now but I'm a bad acquaintance who's never actually made it to a single show. Basically, a bunch of people get up on stage and geek out over pop culture topics. Tuesday's lineup was to feature both comedienne Jeneane Garofalo and eighteen-time Moth Storyslam champion Adam Wade. Easy decision: I decided to shell out $5 for the ticket.

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[Video]: If Charlie Brown were Louis CK

This video combines three of my favorite things: Charlie Brown, Louis C.K. and hoarding.



The Post Gives us a Peek Into Eugene Mirman's Duplex

Via the NY Post

If there are two things that we here at FiPS are obsessed with, it's comedy and real estate. So naturally we caught ourselves drooling like idiots when the Post ran an article featuring the living quarters of our favorite neighborhood comedian and Bob's Burgers voice actor, Eugene Mirman.

Located somewhere near 5th and Lincoln, Mirman's living quarters are made up of the top two floors of a four-story townhouse, which he describes as "about 1.000 square feet, including the outdoor space." 

Here's a little snippet from the Post article:

"The first floor of the duplex has a large open living room and kitchen, along with the couple’s bedroom and the apartment’s sole bathroom. A woodburning fireplace, a wall of exposed brick and the overgrown leaves of an ivy-like plant that wrap around the staircase give the place a cozy, rustic feel."

You can read more about SLASH drool over the idea of living in your own Eugene Mirman duplex here.


Funny in Park Slope

Wyatt Cenac hosts a new Littlefield comedy show (via via

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the who-names-a-winter-storm-Nor'easter known as "Athena," we must rememeber to always have laughter. Guffaw at Mother Nature in all her arbitrary bitchiness! For this, we bring you "Funny in Park Slope": the best (or, at least, most frequent) comedy shows in our fair 'hood and environs:

* Pretty Good Friends w/Eugene Mirman, Union Hall: Eugene Mirman is basically the resident monarch of Park Slope comedy. And he rules benevolently, sharing with us weekly his funny friends. Most, if not all, of the times I've gone to this show, there's been a pretty great surprise guest, too: e.g. Demetri Martin or David Cross. Even so, the highlight is often Mirman's crowd banter. You will want to hug him and/or steal him over to your house to just say funny things at you all the time.  Sundays, 7:30pm, $7.

* Party Machine, Union Hall: "Professional party hosts," which is an actual thing you can actually write on actual business cards, Arden Myrin and Lisa Delarios hype the crowd for a slew of stand-up, musicians, and other variety acts. Monthly, dates vary.

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FiPS WAS THERE: Louis C.K. At The Bell House

Photo via Louis C.K.'s Twitter Page

When Louis C.K. walked out onto The Bell House stage last night, he held up a notebook -- the comedian's universal sign for "this is new material" --  and modestly disclosed that the event was not going to be the greatest show, which was why the tickets were only $10. "You are falling on a grenade for a later, better-paying audience," he explained with a chuckle.

No one was surprised by this caveat. The event itself was called, "Louis C.K. Working On His New Hour Of Material," and based on the fact that all three shows sold out in 3 hours after only The Bell House Tweeted about the event, it's clear that no one gave a shit. The 44 year-old, ginger-haired comedian constantly produces nothing but stellar work (and yes, that includes Pootie Tang). Louis C.K. could have stood on stage and farted for an hour, and some blogger would have stayed up late last night penning a thoughtful, 1,000-word article about how the pacing and nuances of each individual sound and smell just gave birth to a new wave of alternative comedy. And only a comedian like Louis C.K. can workshop new material for sixty minutes not once, not twice, but THREE times in one night. I can only imagine the mental notes or feverish scribbling that went down in The Bell House's green room between the 7PM, 9PM and 11PM shows.

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