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MOTHERLAND: Amy Sohn Has a New Book, and Nothing to Apologize About

Author Photo: Charles Miller

Park Slope's Amy Sohn is a veritable celebrity 'round these blog parts--for better or for worse. She's been lauded here, she's been bitched out, but the facts are that she has an entire category of posts dedicated to her, a strong voice and byline in the Brownstone Brooklyn community commentary, and career as a writer to back up all the pissing, moaning, and noise she has to block out, whether it's coming from a Food Coop Meeting, a baby tambourine class, or on the comments of FiPS.

Yesterday, Sohn released Motherland, a follow-up to her widely-read (and hotly-debated) Prospect Park West, which satirized and tore apart our beloved Breederlyn as we know it. Oh, yeah, and there was a shit ton of sex and lying and crying babies, and also more sex. Motherland circles back to the ladies in PP Dubs to see if their lives and marriages are still as miserable and fucked up.

Because we can't resist a chat with Amy Sohn, or the opportunity to get a rise out of people, I talked to Sohn 'bout the new novel, some sexy stuff, and why she's just not listening to most of your opinions.


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Amy Sohn Walked Away From the PSFC BDS Debate with a "renewed affection for the Coop"

Amy Sohn / Photo by Piotr Redlinski

Over the past week, there has been a ton of coverage on the PSFC BDS LOL ROFL NSFW debate. The Daily Show sent Samantha Bee to investigate the hullabaloo. And hey girl, even Ryan Gosling wants you to know that in the wake of the vote, everything's gonna' be A-OK. We here at FiPS even had our own insider documenting a minute-by-minute account of the evening.

Local novelist, sexy mom and FiPS friend Amy Sohn has also recounted her experience of the meeting, which she says left her feeling "impressed by the level of debate, intelligence of the speakers, surprisingly low heckle quotient, and the organizational know-how that made the proceedings go off with only a few technical glitches."

I have to admit, it's kind of refreshing to hear someone say something nice about the Coop in the aftermath of the vote to vote. I've never stepped foot inside the Coop, yet find myself constantly getting caught up in the oh-so-common digs that we take on the place. You can click on over to Amy's blog for the full account, but here's an excerpt: 

I inspected the faces, trying to guess where people stood on the issue. This was not an easy task. The suited, bearded sixtysomething man in a suit in front of me had a Brooklyn accent and reminded me of my dad but said he was in favor of a boycott. I assumed that the banged, thick-accented Argentine girl smoking cigarettes next to me was anti-boycott until she said she would vote no, but was excited to come to the meeting because she loves the democratic process. “In my country,” she said, “people just riot.”



The following post is brought to you by Prospect Park West author and all-around Park Slope All-Star, Amy Sohn.

When I published a round-up of Park Slope DILFs on this blog in the spring the DILFs ate it up. They bowed to me when they saw me in the street. Some kissed me. Some emailed me to thank me so profusely it was spooky. Kirk from the Roots, who has been in every major music magazine in the world, said I had given him the kind of press that really mattered. They were so solicitous and grateful that I began to feel Park Slope adultery might be more than just a conceit for my novels.

Recently a fellow mother suggested I do a MILF list, and yes, she lobbied to be placed on it. (I won’t tell.) I began thinking about all the negative physical stereotypes we Park Slope moms face. Shlumpy, frumpy, fat, hairy, gray-haired, poochy, pasty, slobby, fashion-backward, saggy-boobed, lactating, sling-hanging, baggy-eyed, wrinkly, waddling, frizzy-haired, big-assed. 

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Brooklyn Magazine Loves Amy Sohn, Who Loves Peter Sarsgaard

Amy Sohn / Photograph: Piotr Redlinski

Amy Sohn, Slope resident, author of Prospect Park West and DILF profiler, was recently featured in Brooklyn Magazine, where she was asked who her favorite local celebrity is.

"I hear Sarsgaard does a co-op shift. Receiving. I’d like to receive him." 

This is why we love you, Amy.


Amy Sohn & Emily Gould...The Next Iron Chefs

Ok, follow along bitches cause it doesn't really get much more meta than this:

Park Slope author (and BR-ALLER) Amy Sohn, whose book Prospect Park West deliciously satirizes the nabe, makes malfatti (from a recipe by Anna Klinger from Al Di La)--a restaurant that is also mentioned in PPW--in Emily Gould's kitchen. Emily Gould used to be the editor of Gawker, a blog that previously dug making fun of Park Slope a whole hell of a lot before they got quite so big-n-important (Gawker is *also* mentioned in PPW).

Emily Gould used to dig making fun of people a lot too, until she realized that, whoops, she sorta didn't anymore. So then she quit Gawker, and wrote a controversial NYT Magazine tell all about what its like to live your life in the public eye. After that, everyone kinda hated the shit out of her for awhile, but she wasn't sweatin it, b/c she got a whopper of a book deal.


So now Emily Gould lives nearish to Park Slope--the neighborhood that, just as a reminder, is the very one Amy Sohn makes fun of in HER book PPW. And Emily kinda makes fun of people who make fun of Park Slope in her post for This Recording entitled: "In Which Emily Gould is Bored to Death of Brooklyn Cliches." And some people are kinda hating the shit out of Amy Sohn now, for further reinforcing the idea of of these Park Slope cliches by making fun of them all in her book, but she's not sweatin it because Sarah Jessica Parker optioned her book for an HBO series, AND she's already working on the sequel.

Fuckin A.

Pretty trippy, huh?

Sidenote: my fave Emily Gould memory is that pic of her (scroll down), flipping us all off in her red bathing suit. I remember seeing it on the day it was published on Gawker and being utterly fascinated/impressed/jealous of the self confidence required to not only pose for a pic like that, but to come up with the fucking idea in the first place.

So, anyway, now Amy Sohn and Emily Gould are making pasta together in Emily's kitchen and I, for one, can't look away.

If you want to cook more books with Gould, head on over to Emily Magazine.