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As a member of S Clubs, the bizarro basement gym located on the corner of Union and 7th Aves, I've always wondered about two things: 

1. Why is it called "S Clubs" when there is only one of them?

2. How in the hayl does this place stay open when no one's ever in the joint?

Looks like we all might be getting our answer to No. 2 today: they're not...staying open that it is. 

Last night we heard from two different tipsters, both with the same story: S Clubs is shuttin er down today for good. 

From FIPS reader K:

I am (was) a member of S Clubs, the gym on the corner of 7th & Union, and I just wanted to let you know that it's

The best part is that they didn't actually formally tell anyone. The instructors had to let people know last night and nobody had any details. The staff themselves were only told yesterday. That means they fired ALL of their staff with about 2 days notice and have yet to formally announce this to their members. Seriously, no phone call, no e-mail....I did notice they weren't restocking the beverages in the fridge for about a week, which means these plans had been somewhat solidified for longer than 2 days. We're all wondering how the hell we're going to get our money back for the year we paid for up front. Pretty shady...

And from FIPS reader B: 

So, based on online reviews, I kind of knew this would happen eventually, but: the S-Clubs gym on Union Street (called The Slope now?) charged my girlfriend's credit card an extra $170 last month...when she called them on it they told her they'd give her March and April free to make up for it. And she's at the gym and she hears (and they confirm) that they're shutting down.

This is not entirely unexpected given the level of shadiness regularly encountered in interactions with the management there. (The irony is that it's a very nice, clean place and the front-desk staff and trainers are all really friendly.) But, anyway, I'm also a member and while I haven't been overcharged yet I'm gonna call my bank tomorrow to make sure they don't accept any more charges from these guys--would not surprise me at ALL if they tried to bill everyone for March before shutting down.

Anyway, thought your readers might want to know so any members can take precautions.

I called the club first thing this morn to get the scoop, and when I asked the dude who answered the phone if the rumors were true, he told me "well,'s a possibility" before putting me on hold. When he came back to the call and I asked him again whether or not the gym was shutting down, he said "as of now, yes." 

As for those who pre-paid for their year or are owed personal training sessions, I did not forget about you btchz! (we're a month-to-month family, for the record). I asked whether or not everyone would have their money refunded and I was transfered over to a club manager named Michael. When I tried to confirm the club's closing with Michael, he said: "It's not 100% true as the owner is meeting with a potential buyer today. It's partly rumor and partly true. We'll know more by the end of the day"


He did, however, confirm that should the club close, everyone will be issued refunds and stressed that this is guaranteed to happen as the club is bonded and insured in NYS. Ok Mikey, for the time being we'll all cross our fingers and think positively.

However, for those looking to take a trip on the wayback machine, you might remember that S Clubs was formerly known as Slope Health & Fitness. At the time of the name change, many guessed that their new identity was simply a ploy to distance themselves from the horrible Yelp reviews (which they probably paid to have removed as I could only find the new Yelp page). But, thanks to the magic of the internet, we did come across some oldies but goodies on Citysearch here

Members seem to have a persistent complaint about billing issues, and if they are in fact closing for good, there are going to be quite a few people who are looking to get a refund on their yearly fees (and monthly fees if they end up charging people today as FIPS reader B suspects). 

Praise Jesus we were on the monthly plan so we might just be out hundreds of dollars instead of thousands, however, that does nothing for all of you yearly plan btchz so needless to say, we'll stay on top of this one and let you know how it shakes out. 

In the meantime, you S Clubbers lookin to get in your cardio in for today better high-tail it over there quick before the electricity gets shut off (Kidding! Kinda!).

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