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Park Slope To Become Frozen Treat Mecca: Pinkberry, People's Pops On The Way

First there were a billion pizza spots. Then there were a million burger joints. And now? A kajillion froyo parlors!

It looks like Park Slope is destined to become a frozen treat hotspot just in time for summer, as the WSJ is reporting that Pinkberry is on it's way to the hood. Annnd, according to HPS, Brooklyn Flea fave People's Pops is also on its way too!

Pinkberry will be taking over a spot on 7th Ave near Garfield and People's Pops will, ironically, be taking the old Tasti-D Lite spot on Union Street near 7th (right next to Slope Fitness/S Clubs/Slope Fitness). 

"Ron Graves, the chief executive of Pinkberry, said he has long been eyeing a Brooklyn location, but he waited for the right real estate. Brooklynites are Pinkberry's "core demographic," said Mr. Graves, who cited the borough's foodie culture and "appreciation of quality culinary experiences" as part of the draw for his company."

Ok, ppl: so let's start sorting this shit out: 

  • Haagen Dazs and Uncle Louie G's have real deal ice-cream (and Uncle Louie has some Italian Ices too), so they're in a whole diff category (i.e I wanna eat some creamy shit and I don't care if I get fat doin it). As a sidenote, all y'all should really be walking over to Ample Hills Creamery on Vanderbilt anytime you wanna get your ice cream on, cause that shit is some of the most amaze stuff to every touch my lips. So, I don't *really* see them as competitors in this space. 
  • Culture, as you all know, is my fave spot on Planet Park Slope. They most def serve frozen yogurt, but under normal circumstances I wouldn't really ever think to compare them to Pinkberry. Their yogurt tastes totally different, they have way different toppings, annnd they're on 5th Ave. So while I could potentially see someone up in N. Slope closer to the park heading to Pinkberry instead of Culture cause it's closer and they're lazy, it's hard for me to imagine anyone bypassing Culture to come up to Pinkberry. 
  • Yogo Monster is pretty much fucked. I mean, I hate to say it, but this Pinkberry sitch is bad news bears for them. I have a soft spot for Yogo, simply because it's located so damn close to me. And I do think they have really tried to switch gears and try new things out when shit wasn't working (i.e. switching to self-serve, changing layout of store, experimenting with coffee, etc). The only way I feel like they could legit survive now is if they amp things up big time. Like they need to add about 75 more toppings to their topping bar (maybe even ditch one of their yogurt machines as I feel like they have too many flavors). Then they should turn half of their store into a kiddie playground so that BREEDERS can just go there, dump off their kids, and sit quietly at a table nearby texting on their iPhones. I mean, kids love the shit outta self-serve, so maybe they have a chance? Probs not, but maybe?
  • I also feel pretty bad for Tasti-D Lite on 7th Ave near the F train. I mean, those guys used to be THE SHIT in Manhattan before all these other Pinkberry type joints started popping up around the city. I used to love them myself. But now the thought of stopping and ever getting Tasti-D never ever ever even enters my not even for a second (and I walk by it all the time). I can't imagine that the company as a whole will survive this national Fro Yo 2.0 invasion, much less our little Park Slope outpost. 
  • People's Pops are pops and not yogurt. Duh. They seem super healthy, and are full of local, "sustainably grown" fruit (DING, DING, DING, BREEDERS!). So, they're kind of in a different category too. You can eat em on the go and don't need a spoon, so that's also a major plus. I mean, you can pretty much just chuck one into your stroller with your kid, and you probably won't hear a peep from them for like an hour. So yeah: I'm pretty positive those guys are gonna kill it in this nabe, and I totally welcome them into the Park Slope frozen treat boxing ring. 

Lest we not forget our fallen comrades, Wicked Spoon and Oko as a reminder that frozen yogurt is not necessarily a home run unless you've got something really special goin on. 

What's your take, ppl?

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