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'Is There No Fabulous Left in Park Slope??' [PSP BREEDER RANT]

There are many, many good reasons to shell out the $25 smackers required to sign your baby making ass up for Park Slope Parents.

There are tips on how to "Ferberize" your bebes, women ready, willing, and able to answer any breastfeeding query you might have, suggestions on great piano teachers in the area, and rec's for good nannies. But my most favorite-ist thing about PSP by far, is when people post shit like this little gem:

"I recently moved here from Santa Monica California. I grew up in Rochester, so I am no stranger to the east coast. But I was in SoCal for ten years. Saying it's a big adjustment is an understatement. But this is something that I noticed today.

Why I don't think I belong here in Park Slope…

I think fur is fabulous (please don't yell at me this isn't about PETA). And I believe that being fabulous is FUN.

I could really just say that and be done with this whole essay on why the hell I stick out like a sore thumb here in this Brooklyn town. But since I have nothing else to do but wait for the season premier of Big Love, I'll go on…

I have a sick 18 month old and a husband that would be happy just sitting on the couch watching all Sunday. I had to get out of the house. And this wasn't easy, because reason number two I don't belong here is that it's 25 degrees. Umm, that's just not okay for me. Which is why I thought that putting on my mother's J. Mendel Mink Coat with my over the knee Prada boots was SO necessary for my walk.

Apparently, I'm the only one in Park Slope who wants to stay warm…and fabulous at the same time. I got some pretty interesting looks on my outing, and it's about time. To be honest, I was happy that they were taking notice that there is something else out there than long black The North Face down coats and mittens made in Nepal. I don't understand, you are missing out on all the fun it is to be Fabulous! I miss seeing other people all dolled up, contemplating what the new "it" bag is, and seeing the most incredible new Loubitons on the girl across the street.

I know what you'll say…go into Manhattan. Thing is, I have a baby and it's difficult to make the trek with him. And to be honest, I'm not sure that I'd find what I'm looking there either, because it's too damn cold! It's too cold to wear the newest spring collection pieces before spring (because they are coming out NOW!). It's too cold to wear my new Stella McCartney Navy bubble rain coat, or my sexy new Alexander Wang cowl neck tank.

So, like the rest of the group, I'll be wearing my JCrew turtleneck sweater, jeans and uggs. I'll sit at the playground with all the other kids who are cold and have running noses. And I'll stand there while the moms with the hipster combat boots, and knit caps don't talk to me.

But I'll know that I'm still fun and fabulous...I'll be wearing the inappropriate fur.

So my question Ladies is…is there no fabulous left in Park Slope?"

Yes, that *IS* the question, now isn't it!?

Amy Sohn caused quite an uproar when she called this place "Park Slob" in her recent book about 4 SAHM's, Prospect Park West. Clearly, the shit hit a little too close to home for some. I mean, even the New York Fucking Times practically said so.

Now, I was not privvy to *all* of the responses to our favorite fur-wearing BREEDER, though I did see a couple (including the one where the OP apologized and said she'd be taking down the post as her husband warned--rightly so--that she and her family would likely be ostracized in their new neighborhood after this whole debacle), but alas, this poor woman has still not received a proper answer to her question.

So now I leave it up to you bitches: Is there no fabulous left in Park Slope???

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