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Hot For Teacher: Getting to Know Erin Sayar 

photo by Nicholas Fevelo via the Daily News

Surely by now you've all heard of 36-year-old Park Sloper Erin Sayar. She's the teacher from James Madison High School who has been accused of sleeping with 16-year-old student Kevin Eng on eight separate occasions. This is the latest scandal for "Horndog High," which is located on Bedford Avenue in the Madison section of Brooklyn. Other acts of grossness include a teacher found with a computer full of kiddie porn, two female teachers who got naked and frisky in a classroom, and some pervy 45-year-old teacher who asked one of his students out to dinner and a movie before making inappropriate comments about girls in skimpy dresses. Now that's shocking!

But back to Sayar, the happily married mother and proud resident of Union Street, who was recently photographed on her stoop by the Daily News. Clutching an iced coffee in a green sleeveless number and sporting two arms full of tats, Sayar took the opportunity to smile for the camera and tell the News a few things that she would like you to know about her.

First and foremost, the high school she taught at was just the best: "I love Madison. Madison is a good school. There is good instruction going on there. I don’t know why there are all these scandals happening at Madison.” So, parents, don't fret if all of a sudden your son or lesbian daughter wants to sign up for Horndog High. They're getting your taxpayer money's worth. And is it me, or should this former English teacher invest in a few more pronouns? 

Next, Sayar would like you to know that she is not going to hide from this scandal looming over her: “I am holding up as best I can in this situation," she told The Daily News. "I am living my life. I am not hiding out. People can think what they want to think" (oh good, there are some pronouns).

“I am who I am," she goes on. I’m a Brooklyn girl (she has "Brooklyn" tattooed on her foot), I grew up in Flatbush. I am not a hipster.” Honey, of all the things people are saying about you, this is what you're concerned about? I guess hipsterphobia runs deep out on the Avenue. And even though she's not a hipster, she would like you to know that her tattoo artist, John Sultana of Three Kings Tattoo in Greenpoint, has kept her calm throughout this whole ordeal. 

And for those of you concerned about the status of Sayar's marriage to 39-year-old Jim Lathrop, she would like to assure you that there will be no divorce. "We are not getting a divorce. We love each other. We’ve known each other since 2004. We’ve gone through so much together." 

Here are some things she might not want you to know about her:

The looming allegations that she had intercourse 8 times with a 16-year-old in her office at school and in an SUV, or that cell phone records reveal that she exchanged 3,856 text messages to Kevin Eng over a period of 17 days, or that she was busted because Eng's girlfriend got all jealous and ratted her out, or that Eng's mother is slapping her with a 10 million notice of claim, or that if convicted she could be facing 4 years in jail. 

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