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FiPS Weekly Food ROUNDUP!

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As far as food goes, this week was pretty damn slammin' Sammy Sosa in the Slope. Openings, closings, pending openings, pending closings, food on wheels...a metaphorical cornucopia of food news.

For a lil' bit there, Bay Ridge bakery & institution Leskes looked like it was pretty much done for. In 2011, after fifty years in business, they closed their doors & their Scandinavian baked goods were no more. Then last August, a group of folks who loved Leskes rehired a bunch of the former staff & reopened it using what were essentially the original recipes. Now they've expanded, with a bakery at 588 5th Ave that opened this past Tuesday. To be perfectly blunt, I'm only in it for the black & white cookies, but they have a ton of other delicious junk there. Shit...yesterday they had pink Twinkies in honor of VD.

Last fall, rumors started swirling 'round that Park Slope was about to fall victim to a SHACK ATTACK, as Shake Shack was poised to open their second Brooklyn locale within the shadows of the recently-opened Barclay’s Center. Then this past Tuesday, Shake Shack announced CONCRETE plans to open up shop at 170 Flatbush Ave this Fall. See what I did there? I cleverly incorporated the names of TWO popular Shake Shack menu items into this article. FUCKING BRILLIANT. Anyway, once it opens, it should be a pretty sweet place to go just after a Nets game.

Ah, The Jamaican patty...a meaty, flaky portable meal from the island that brought us Usain Bolt & bobsledders & stereotypical no-shame weed smoking. Since they first opened back in '66, Prospect Heights' Christie's has become one of the city's go-to Jamaican patty joints. Now they're takin' it to the streets & have recently been parking a FRIGGIN CHRISTIE'S FOOD TRUCK on 7th Ave & 9th. While there are a few Jamaican food carts & trucks that hang out in Manhattan, Park Slope definitely hasn't seen the likes of one, so you should probably wrap your lips around a beef patty STAT...mon.

While I still don't get places that serve salads as their main thang, a bunch of the other FiPS writers apparently have a fuckin' hard-on for much that the folks at Just Salad took notice and, back in September, decided to open up shop in the former Park Slope Eatery spot. Tick tick tick...months later...tick tick tick...still no Just Salad. WTF JST SLD? Then late last week, we got word from lovely & talented FiPS writer Justin that there was a big ol' Marshal’s notice affixed to Just Salad's front door. WOULD PEEPS' IRRATIONAL SALAD DREAMS BE CRUSHED?!!! Apparently not, as we've now got word that they're FINALLY opening up, with a soft opening next week and a grand opening on the 23rd (more to come on that).

Another thing I've never understood is what the fuck's up with the Park Slope Fornino's. While I've eaten at the original locale in Willyburg on multiple occasions and enjoyed it immensely, I haven't been able to step foot inside their enormous Park Slope space. Now it looks like I may not get to, as they've been closed for a few weeks now for "renovations" & as Here's Park Slope reported, the entire staff may have walked out. Oops. Oh well...I guess I'll just go to Brooklyn Central. Problem solved.

On the closing front, it appears that Brooklyn Fish Camp is also FLOUNDERING & will likely soon be SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES. PUNS TO THE FACE! On Thursday, Dan from Here's Park Slope, who is pretty much the Jonathan Ames Agatha Christie Sherlock Holmes of Park Slope restaurant closings, came across a Craigslist post listing the restaurant for sale. So yeah...while it'll still be around for a bit, it's on the market. This is obviously bad news for Park Slope seafood lovers as, once it's gone, it means you'll have to get your seafood fix at The Crab Spot. Sorry 'bout that.

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