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Behold, the Latest Creation of Team Talde: Pork Slope

The exterior is cheekily plastered with paper pig snouts.

If there's one thing that we can all take away from the 1989 film Road House, starring an impressively-coiffed, tightly-jeaned Patrick Swayze, it's that many of life’s problems can be solved by kicking. Punching is also acceptable. In short, its message is timeless.

As such, when David Massoni, John Bush & Dale Talde, the trio behind Talde, announced in late February that they'd be transforming the old Aunt Suzie's space into a Road House-style joint, we here at FIPS were quite intrigued.

Would they be decorating the walls of the bar with chicken wire?

Would they have to fight off evil henchmen on a regular basis?

Would they be hiring a bouncer who, when pushed too far, would rip your throat out?

Yesterday, we stopped by the space to get a look at the bar's progress, learn what Road House had to do with it and, since they love us, become the first to find out what the heck they were going to call the place.

As David explained, through their partnership at Talde, the three have developed a strong chemistry, which has led to many nights spent shooting the shit and coming up with concepts for new places. Sometimes their ideas are totally awesome, and sometimes they're totally not. One idea that rose to the top was the notion of a bar that the three men would want to hang out at after nights working at Thistle Hill Tavern & Talde. Then one evening they were hanging out, fixating on "pork in all of its different, many splendors," and Dale just threw a name out there -- PORK SLOPE. From that point on, there was no doubt. Their new bar concept had its name.

April Fools! That's not really the name. Just kidding! April Fools again! That REALLY IS the name.

Eventually, they crossed paths with Irene LoRe, the woman who ran Aunt Suzie's for twenty-five years before its closing on January 1st. Irene still owns the building and was looking for her next tenants. With little to no knowledge of the Aunt Suzie's space, the three guys stopped by to check it out and instantly knew they'd found their locale. They explained their concept to Irene and after some prodding from her, shared the "Pork Slope" moniker. At that point, she was fully on board.

So where does Road House come in? In recent times, while NYC has seen its fair share of wine bars & cocktail lounges, there aren't really a ton of bars where you can basically get blotto on the cheap. As huge fans of Road House, with the dingy charm of its Double Deuce bar, the men all agreed that they wanted to make something along those lines.

...and that's what they'll attempt to do.

They're keeping the beat hardwood floors and old ceiling from the days of Aunt Suzie's. There'll be a long bar in the front and an area with a pool table in the back. They're bringing back the pitcher, whose popularity has definitely waned here in the city over the past few years. John noted that while there are a lot of delicious craft beers out there, he never wants to serve a $7 pint. With that in mind, they'll have a mix of twenty-five craft & cheap beers on tap, and even more in cans. They'll have cheap beer & shot specials. If you've got $20 in your pocket, you'll easily be able to go in there and get fucked up.

You'll also be able to grab a bite to eat along with your booze. They wanted to make one thing clear though. What they’ll be serving will not be "Dale’s reinvention of a bar snack." Pork Slope will be a bar with food, not "a restaurant with a cocktail and beer program." After working in pretty much nothing but Asian cuisine for the last thirteen years, Dale said that the last thing he wants to eat after work is rice & noodles. With the "Pork Slope" moniker, the menu will obviously have a bunch of pork-based stuff, dishes like ham & biscuits, rib sandwiches and a "porky melt" (a pork-based patty melt), alongside snacks like tater tots.

The kitchen will be open from 5pm-2am, with the bar open til 4am, seven days a week. They're shooting for a summer opening, and on the night when it finally opens, they plan on throwing an party that'll be so OFF THE CHAIN ROWDY that somebody just might get arrested. Hopefully it'll be the result of a good ol' fashioned bar brawl. That'd be SO Road House.

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