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A FiPS Round-Up of the Best Local Businesses To Clean Up After Our Lazy Asses

How long has it been since you last cleaned your apartment? Like, really really cleaned your apartment? Like, used-more-than-1-Swiffer-pad-cleaned-your-apartment?

It hurts to rack your brain that hard, doesn't it?

With turkey time and Black Friday (thankfully) behind us, it’s time we turn our attention back to our apartments which, if you’re like me, have been neglected as of lately lately.  If you’re also like me and are better at drinking that you are at cleaning, you’ll be happy to check out this FiPS round-up of the best cleaning services in the area.  I mean, why clean when you have so many other important things to do? It's not like Liz & Dick is going to watch itself, right?

1. Si Se Puede – We Can Do It! Cooperative Services

These ladies’ values are YOUR values -- it says so right on their shiny website. This women-owned, women-run business is “designed to create living wage jobs that will be carried out in a safe and healthy environment, and that promotes social and educational opportunities for its members”.  The ladies of the cooperative meet twice a month, presumably to play “Show and Tell” with their favorite new cleansing products and/or to serve as a support group to air your literal dirty laundry. 

REVIEWS: (4.5 stars on Yelp) Si Se Puedo gets high marks all around the webosphere for their attention to detail. Here's one Yelp review:

Si Se Puede! has been a terrific experience, from start to finish. Juan was very efficient and helpful in scheduling and addressing my questions, and I immediately got an appointment. Monica was prompt and friendly, and soooooo amazingly thorough. She cleaned every nook and cranny. She spent 7 hours on our large 1 bedroom (with a big kitchen) and the price was extremely reasonable. I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis!

SERVICES: Their services include standard cleaning, like mopping floors and dusting surfaces, but also include additional services, like organizing your closets and even pet sitting! I’ll invite anyone over to clean my house who will ALSO organize my spice rack and clean the INSIDE of my toothbrush holder.

RATES: Estimated prices range from around $90 to clean a 1BR 1B to $250 for a 3-story house with a few bedrooms and bathrooms.

INSIDER TIP: The company is “BYOCS” – Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies, so be sure to stockpile the Clorox and Seventh Generation (or, according to some Yelp users, they will purchase the supplies for you and tack it onto the bill)

2. Go Green

For the tree huggers and lovers, check out Go Green cleaning services located in Boerum Hill.  They carry a big selection of environmentally-safe products for the home, including their own line of cleaning products, which you can buy at their storefront on Atlantic Avenue.

REVIEWS: (4 stars on Yelp) The owner, Wayne, gets high remarks for his business and personal savvy and quite a few Yelpers mention leaving his number on their speed dial. Here's one of the positive reviews:

The Go Green is a great local service that provides individualized home cleaning. Wayne asked me about my unique needs when arranging the visit. Two great cleaners arrived and got to work immediately. I had been hospitalized for awhile and my small apartment was a cluttered mess. The pair deep cleaned my bathroom and hung and organized my clutter. What I liked was that the cleaners brought their own vacuum, green cleaning products and tools; this is so helpful and professional . The pair finished cleaning sooner than I expected and really exceeded my expectations in the quality of their work. They treated me with respect and were responsive to my special needs. I highly recommend this service for folks like me who need help with cleaning their apartments.

They also received a few 1-star reviews on Yelp, so take that for what it's worth... 

SERVICES: They offer both commercial and residential cleaning, and claim that their "non-toxic cleaning services are certified by the Green Custodian Certification Program and backed by 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

RATES: Gotta' call to find out! 718-625-0260, or email them at

INSIDER TIP:  Shop online to get your hands on their green products.  Free shipping for orders over $50!

3. Clean Home Clear Mind

For fans of Friday Night Lights, this Brooklyn-based cleaning service amps up the cheese factor on their website, replete with a photo of a picture perfect family grinning ear to ear while lying on their (presumably) spotless rug.

Owner Maria has been at it for over 20 years, and is nothing if not passionate when it comes to cleaning homes.  In her eyes, a clean home is a happy home.

REVIEWS: (5 stars on Yelp) Clean Home Clear Mind scores big reviews with customers on their professional, thorough and environmentally-friendly service. Their customers tend to stick around as well!

We have been working with Maria and Don for 5 years now and I cant say enough good things about them and their business.  They are beyond friendly and I look forward to seeing them every other week and not just because our home is sparkling clean when they leave.  In addition to being great people, they are consistent, trustworthy, reliable, detail-focused and fast without compromising service.   We have 3 boys and dog and when it gets hectic they have also been accommodating beyond expectation.  They are total professionals and have become like family as well.

SERVICES: During their first visit, these people will get all up in your square footage, meticulously vacuuming air conditioning vents and even cleaning your light switch plates. After their initial big clean, they'll come back for scheduled, routine touch-ups, and even offer to help you clean your apartment after moving out so you're guaranteed to get that security deposit back! 

RATES: Contact them directly for an estimation.

INSIDER TIP: While most other cleaning services stay mum on their website about cost of cleaning, Clean Home Clear Mind offers a free estimate via their website.

4. Genius Organizing 

Did you try to call one of the aforementioned services, only to find that you couldn’t find your cleaning supplies under your heaps of leftover CVS bags and magazines from 2010?  Before you can clean, you've gotta de-clutter.  Nicole, Julia and Wendy of Genius Organizing are in the business of doing just that. From closets to cupboards and everything in between, these ladies help get your life back in order.

REVIEWS: (4.5 stars on Yelp) If you need proof of their stellar skills and/or confirmation that you are not in fact the messiest person in Brooklyn, check out their Before and After shots on their website. And here's a Yelper's review, which kinda' reads like an audition tape for Hoarders:

I had been wanting to make room for newness, but was having the hardest time throwing things out. One session with Nicole to guide me through what I really needed to keep -vs- the things that I knew I was just holding on to was enough to get the ball rolling! I would recommend setting up a session, if you are ready to really make some progress. And Nicole made the whole experience fun and easy! Perfect for a New Years cleanse!

SERVICES: In addition to the standard home organizing, which includes general de-cluttering and designing organizational systems for your shit, they'll also help you get your office in shape with everything from digital file organization to productivity training! Their additional specialty services include helping you sell your shit on Ebay, scan your photos and shred your top secret documents! I wonder if they act as therapists, too... 

RATES: Contact them for rates (natch). What we do know, however, is that there is a 4-hour minimum time slot. 

INSIDER TIP: Don't forget to call the cleaning service afterwards! Because these ladies sure as shit won't be scrubbing yer terlets and tubs!

Is there a local cleaning service that you love / love to hate? If so, sound off below!

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