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Gowanus Canal Goo: It Doesn't Get Much More Toxic Than This, Ppl

Cleaning the Canal from Characters of Gowanus on Vimeo.


This shit eats through heavy duty plastic...and gawd knows what else.

[Sidenote: guess the Gowanus Canal is the obvious choice, if you ever need to dispose of a body?...jus sayin].


WHASSUP [Eat This, Drink That Edition]

* A new bar is opening up in the old Cattyshack space (see above): Mission Dolores. This place is a collab between Mike and Ben Wiley of Bar Great Henry, and it should be open in a couple of weeks-ish (Brownstoner).

*Bar Reis's sandwich shop experiment, Reis 100, has been closed (does mean that you now can't get those sandy at Bar Reis?? Cause that would BLOW). Anyway, its going to be replaced with an Italian, small plates concept restaurant which will focus on affordable, local fare (ZagatBuzz).

*There is apparently a new bagel shop opening on 7th Ave, a whole block away from La Bagel Delight. At the moment, I'm totally confused about this bullshit, as that is like the LAST FUCKING thing we need here (hello future business owners, if you are looking for ideas, people, read our "Coming Soon to Park Slope" post).

*Some mom made a list of "baby friendly" bars to go to with your offspring. Surprise, surprise, Union Hall is on the list. The post mentions their rule that strollers are not allowed, but newsflash Union Hall: I was there a couple of Fridays ago and that place was OVER-fucking-run with strollers. So no one is paying attensh to that one (NY Post).

*The owners of Hotel Le Bleu realized that their rooftop bar sucked...probably after the neighbors started a campaign to get the place shut down due to all the annoying noise. So they are now going to replace it with a rooftop Italian restaurant. Wow, do we all remember this unforgettable quote from the Brooklyn Paper only last year about this "gamechanging" event?: “Everything that you thought was, now isn’t. Everything that you wish could have been, has now become.” Yes, indeed (The Brooklyn Paper).


Yo, Prospect Park: Stephen King Is Calling, and He Wants His Creepy, Mysterious Animal Butchery Storyline Back

photo: Brooklyn PaperChicken heads, necks, and bloody piles of entrails....its just another beautiful day at Prospect Park.

Some freaky deaky shit is apparently going down in our lovely park, and no one knows who (or what) is responsible. But lately its been looking a hell of a lot like a Pet Cemetary...or a ritualistic crime scene.

And someone(thing) keeps piling all the guts and gore up in pretty much the exact same spot in the SW corner of the park near the lakebed:

“Everybody wants to feed the ducks, and there are chicken heads floating around. They need to come and rake this stuff out.” “Maybe [the intestines] could be left over from a voodoo or Santeria ritual?” said another park goer.


Dub tee eff, people?

(via Brooklyn Paper and Gothamist)


Who Gives A Shit [Motherhood Editon]: Babies Are Better than Prozac or Oppressive?

French author Elizabeth Badinter unleashes some parenting ideas that I think Allison is gonna srsly dig in her book The Conflict, The Woman and the Mother.

She's a smoking, drinking, 66-year-old mother of three, and she pretty much feels like momz these days need to take a serious fucking chill pill:

"You don't enter a religious order when you have children. Today, we're told we're not allowed to smoke, to eat unpasteurised cheese or seafood or even to a drink a glass of wine when we are pregnant. It's time to stop all that."

Click to read more ...


Guvnor's Vintage Thrift: It's On [Preview Party on Friday!]

Park Slope is about to get a brand new Thrift Store: Guvnor's.

Ok, fine, it's not quite *brand* new as this spot is actually the new fangled version of Monkey Whistles & Motor Bikes which was next door, but its gonna be new to me, so I think it still counts. Here's the scoop from their site:

Guvnor's Vintage Thrift is a new, 1,900 square foot store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which will carry a bevy of vintage and good quality, second hand clothing and housewares for ladies, gents, tots, pets, & home. We'll offer BUY/SELL/TRADE services, on-site tailoring, customer rewards programs, & more. We're slated to open at the end of this month. We'll offer a performance stage, roof deck, DJ booth, "Secretary of Hospitality," and lots of other exciting features.

They're having a gala opening this Friday at 7pm and they claim that they've bee saving all sorts of good shit for a solid year so that they could offer it for sale at their preview. There's going to be DJ's, burlesque performances, and booze, but you have to get your name on the invite list first.

Honestly, any place that is NOT Beacon's Closet pretty much automatically gets my stamp of approval, so I'm def gonna check this place out (also they have an adorable store mascot named Dottie, so yeah...I'm in fer sure).

Guvnor's Vintage Thrift
178 Fifth Avenue
(Between Sackett & Degraw in Park Slope)
Brooklyn, NY 11217