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FIPS CARES: Dance Your Ass Off!?

Ok, so we've gotten several questions about our upcoming event(s) tonight (Big Gay Meatup!) (Spring Break Dance Party!) and I thought I would answer em all up here. First of all: your ass better be coming...cause EVERYONE is welcome tonight. Second of all: are you COMING??

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Who Gives A Shit: How Much Do you Pay Your Housekeeper?

Look people: I know that I'm basically handing you the "gentrification," "rich white people have got SUCH problems," blah, blah, blah angle here, but fuck it. I need some help.

So today's question is: *if* you are one of those sonofabitches who is lucky enough to have a housekeeper:

  • How much do you pay?
  • How big is your apt?
  • How often does he/she come?

That's it.

Here are our specs: We have a 1bd apt (690sf) and I want someone to come every *other* week. We have a dog (obvi) but that's our only challenge. I found someone who I really like, but she wants to charge me $100 and I kind of feel like that's highway robbery. But WTF do I know? (don't answer that).

I started inquiring on Twitter last night and so far have gotten the following responses:

  • "$80 for 2 bd, every 2 weeks. However, stinky teen boys reside here."
  • "I pay $80 for a 3 br, 2 bath."
  • "Mine is 80 dollars for a one-bedroom. also she is awesome and cleans out my fridge."
  • "$60 every other week for a 2br."
  • "We pay $100 which is a deal since we have 4 fur people and male in house."
  • "We pay $70 for a 2br/2 bath apt with 1100 square feet.
  • "20$ an hour for 3 hours."
  • $15 an hour (she just started last week), though she only takes clients who want her to come every week; we have a 3 bedroom and it takes her 3 hours."
  • "$55, also 1 BR." [daym, not sure if this dude is importing child labor from some 3rd world country that you wanna accuse me of being racist toward or what, but that's quite a deal].

So what say you guys??


Not Eating out in Park Slope (The results!)

So remember when we approached Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in New York to recreate a beloved dish from a local Park Slope restaurant to provide us with an easy-to-follow recipe that we can make at home? 

Well, here it is, yo.  

In our original requests for dishes to create, BK Girl commented, asking for a recipe for a good squid salad.  And I was all like, "Stone Park Cafe's octopus appetizer is so good that it makes me want to fork over what meager salary I make every goddamned time I walk in that place"  (Full disclosure: I actually went to Stone Park Cafe this weekend and dropped $60 on dinner.  I guess I'll pay the ConEd bill, uh, never), so I suggested that Cathy try that one.

She she did, and here are the results!

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Meet the REAL Dog Owners of Park Slope

So, I've had a calamitous two weeks. Let it just be said that it's ironic (yes, i said it cupcake man!) that i would be quoted in New York magazine demanding a retraction on that Park Slope as city's greatest hood designation at this moment in time. And, by the way, I want to redouble my call to douchey Manhattanites to stay put.

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Subway Etiquette for Suicidal Commuters? 

Top thread this morning from Brooklynian Park Slope...

stopdoingthis  Tue Apr 27, 10 9:46 pm EST 
If you're considering offing yourself during my commute, please reconsider, and go upstairs and jump in front of a truck instead of jumping in front of the train. Thank you!

canyontothesky  Tue Apr 27, 10 11:33 pm EST    
this seems to be happening so frequently lately. I only moved to PS a year ago, though, so, is it always like this?

the0ther  Wed Apr 28, 10 12:35 am EST    
maybe you should move to japan where they send the bill to your family if your loved-ones jump in front of a train?

Hamilton  Wed Apr 28, 10 6:32 am EST 
That only applies for the ones they can't use as sushi.

I'm chagrined to admit, I kind of guffawed into my coffee cup. And who knew that Japan actually bills suicide charges to survivor's families?

But it does beg the question. Perhaps the F train could start offering platform counseling services to troubled commuters.

What do you think?