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Park Slope on Flickr

Sometimes I like to search "Park Slope" on Flickr and see what I get.

Here's some clever marketing, uploaded by Megan the Librarian, from some dude who's trying to sell his car: QUIT THE FOOD COOP!

This next one freaked my ass out...and apparently everyone else who saw it judging by the "WTF DUDE!?" comments. Needless to say, the title doesn't offer any comfort: Last Day in Park Slope. I clicked on over to the dude's blog and found out this was actually a bus that caught on fire acrosss the street from his apartment.

I found this amazing needlepoint that Florence Wang did of Park Slope Brownstones...someone should buy this shit pronto from her Etsy shop.

Bow down to it: Bagel Hole (from JillySP):

More Park Slope Flickr delish-ush-ness here.


Who Gives A Shit? Gassy in Prospect Park

Or is it oily? 


Went to run the beast(s) in the meadow a few nights ago and stumbled upon a candlelight vigil protesting the 50th day of the nefarious BP's off-shore drilling debacle, complete with an imported native american tribal elder. No, our vigil was not the one above; now, THEY know how to throw a candlelight vigil.

I agree. I concur. I support you, Move-On. 

Just not quite sure how 50 ACLU card-carrying native Park Slopers of the pre-finance-industry variety are going to stop off-shore drilling in Florida.

Need I remind you: we've got our own problems in our very own backyard!!!


Narcolepsy, Norah, and Me


Maybe it was the beat of the rain on my umbrella but Norah Jones had a seriously soporific effect on me last night. I could barely keep my eyes open. I was... fine, I was fucking bored to death. And it didn't help that I only got one fancy seat press pass so I got to sit in style all by my lonesome while friends and loved ones were exiled behind a fence in the cheap seats. VIPS like me get a white cotton hanky to wipe the seat off. They get plastic bag ponchos to don. And actual seats. At the front. 

I felt like a sell out. I missed my peeps. My proletariet. The hardworking real people outside of the bubble. Not enough to get up and move to my friends huddled far behind me, mind you, but I did contemplate it for like ten seconds.

So, I love Norah but I hadn't realized that what is great to listen to at home in the background doesn't necessarily translate to a not-to-be-missed concert experience. 

The outfit was awesome. I want that blue polka-dotted dress with the red petticoat. Vintage? Had to be.

I didn't get the need for all that atmospheric fog that kept blowing. I mean, shit, it was a fucking monsoon already. At one point, Norah was virtually obscured in smoke.

Good cover of Johnny Cash. Winsome, sweetly awkward repartee. Is NJ from Texas? She sounded twangy when she spoke. Great voice. But I don't like the country phase as much as the old, original bluesy stuff. Just sooooooo meh somehow. Not lighter worthy...probably a good thing since I may have set fire to my umbrella.

Don't Know Why.


Full disclosure: I decamped for home before ten so maybe I missed the best stuff! 


That's The Sound Of The Man Working On The Chain Ga-a-ang

The reveille yesterday morning failed to rouse the littlest rug rat who, for possibly the first and last time, slept until 8:30 am.

We are surrounded on all sides by road crews. Not to mention, I hear my favorite plasterer/home improver Mark Fresh tapping and scraping on my neighbor's walls as I write. Beautification all around. 

What I don't get is WHY? Okay. I get the neighbor. Bathroom ceiling bit the dust due to century-old plumbing above. But I don't remember Montgomery and Garfield being particularly potholed? Is it because we're the high rent district that we warrant such a fancy new road surface?

Aren't there plenty of potholes to fill and streets to smooth somewhere else that ACTUALLY NEED IT?????


The Brooklyn Blogfest: If You Don't Know, Now Ya Know

Ok, so the Brooklyn Blogfest went down last night at the Lyceum in Park Slope and I was there for the whole shebang.

I'm sort of entertained by the fact that everyone seems to be talking about how the Blogfest, organized by Smartmom herself, totally sold out to Absolut and has turned into nothing but a shill-fest. Mostly this entertains me because I feel like everyone is missing the entire fucking point which I think is this: Absolut didn't ruin the Blogfest, cause the Blogfest already sucked. In fact, the only thing that didn't suck last night, were the free drinks.

Full disclosure: I did a post for Absolut and they sent me a flip camera and a bottle of vodka, both of which I was planning to use for a giveaway on my site. I get this whole full disclosure thing, but also I'm not the NY fucking Times. I don't disclose shit about shit normally (how much my advertisers pay me, the fact that Robicelli's gave me a free cupcake once, blah, blah, blah)--mostly because who the fuck cares. Do I think that Absolut completely took over the event last night? Honestly: I don't think they took it over enough.

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