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Guvnor's Vintage Thrift: It's On [Preview Party on Friday!]

Park Slope is about to get a brand new Thrift Store: Guvnor's.

Ok, fine, it's not quite *brand* new as this spot is actually the new fangled version of Monkey Whistles & Motor Bikes which was next door, but its gonna be new to me, so I think it still counts. Here's the scoop from their site:

Guvnor's Vintage Thrift is a new, 1,900 square foot store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which will carry a bevy of vintage and good quality, second hand clothing and housewares for ladies, gents, tots, pets, & home. We'll offer BUY/SELL/TRADE services, on-site tailoring, customer rewards programs, & more. We're slated to open at the end of this month. We'll offer a performance stage, roof deck, DJ booth, "Secretary of Hospitality," and lots of other exciting features.

They're having a gala opening this Friday at 7pm and they claim that they've bee saving all sorts of good shit for a solid year so that they could offer it for sale at their preview. There's going to be DJ's, burlesque performances, and booze, but you have to get your name on the invite list first.

Honestly, any place that is NOT Beacon's Closet pretty much automatically gets my stamp of approval, so I'm def gonna check this place out (also they have an adorable store mascot named Dottie, so yeah...I'm in fer sure).

Guvnor's Vintage Thrift
178 Fifth Avenue
(Between Sackett & Degraw in Park Slope)
Brooklyn, NY 11217



*All three NYC Water Taxi beaches (i.e. beaches for poor people) are reopening this Spring (Newyorkology).

* Smartmom is officially changing her name to "Crazy Lady." Unfortunately "Crazy Lady" still talks about herself, her family, her neighbors, and EVERYONE she knows in the third person (OTBKB).

*Someone broke into Los Politos on 5th Ave. But they couldn't get into the cash register, so they just stole beer (yes really) (Brooklyn Paper).

*Our invite to Norah Jones' pool party must be lost in the mail (Curbed).

*Ok, true confessions: I officially have deck envy (Brick Underground).

*Hopefully you don't take the bus from Downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan...cause all those mofos are about to be cut (McBrooklyn).


So Apparently That New "Secret" Restaurant Behind Loki Lounge is a Steakhouse: Benchmark

So says, Gothamist.

You can choose from 5 different cuts of steak, and of course the meat is pasture raised and locally sourced (I mean, wtf do you think it would be? This IS Park Slope). Also they are planning to build an "aging room" for in-house cured meats and sausages.

Chef Ryan Jaronik (formerly of Monkey Town in Williamsburg) is rockin it out in the kitchen.

Ok, so I'm officially intrigued.

Also, this seems like as good a spot as any to bring up a pet peeve of mine: why in the fuck do you people who get your meat well done even EAT meat? What is the point?

Personally, I think that anything beyond medium is pushing it a bit too far (and I like to go rare or medium rare), but when you head into the medium well/well done zone, that shit doesn't even taste like meat anymore!?


Yeah:'s open for dinner (brunch is coming soon).

[Anyone tried it??].


Hey Brooklyn [Episode 46: STFU Parents]

click to enlarge

You bitches have this whole blog reading thing down pretty well now, but don't you think its time you expanded your horizons!? Like with a podcast? Like with the Hey Brooklyn PODCAST!? Each week, we'll tell you about the creative BK mofo that our buds over at Hey Brooklyn feature. On deck this week: B from STFUparents.

"Woe is mom," "mom jacking," "Mombies," STFUparents will get you reaaaaal familiar with all of these terms REAL FAST. ICYBLUFR (in case you've been living under a fucking rock) and don't know what STFUparents is, it's this ah-MAZING blogalicious piece of internet real estate that chronicles all of the crazy shit that parents talk about, bitch about, and document on Facebook and other social media sites. It's hilarious...and so is "B."

Listen up here! (and subscribe in itunes)


FIPS Food Throwdowns: The Sweet & Sour Edition [Szechuan Delight vs. Red Hot II]

FIPS Food Throwdowns is a monthly series where we order the same exact thing from two different Park Slope restaurants, get it delivered, and evaluate which was better.  It's a culinary smackdown...a triumph of the delivery will. 

If you're unfamiliar with FIPS Food Throwdowns check out our first one, where the sombrero-wearing ayayayayyyy ridiculous Rancho Alegre beat out Barrio in a guacamole throwdown in the biggest upset of 2010 (not counting the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James debacle, of course. It's embarassing how much I care). 

This month, it's all about the Asian invasion, baby!  And by Asian invasion, I mean something really inauthentic like sweet & sour chicken.  Szechuan Delight versus Red Hot II—who will be the champion?  

Both places will be judged by certain criteria:

Ordering ease: Ever had to spend 15 minutes on the phone just trying to order a fucking chips and guacamole only to find out they have a $30 minimum and don't take American Express?  Yeah, thanks, Los Pollitos II.  We appreciate it when a place makes it simple.

Delivery time: Anything under 15 minutes is a miracle.  Anything over 45 minutes, I'm grabbing my torch and pitchfork.  

Price: Because you should never spend $40 on takeout unless it's 4AM, you're drunk, and you decide that you and your two friends need 5 large pizzas.  

How'd it hold up?: Soggy fries, leaking miso soups, cold pizza—even though I know my food is being slung over some guy's shoulder and transported on a bike, I'd like it to not look like it was.  

Taste: Obviously.

Bonus: Extra sauces?  Plastic containers that you can use again for lunch?  Score.

So, let's do this!

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