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Photo:Aberjona on Flickr

We <3 bikes here at FIPS (though wear your helmet or I'll find you and bad things will happen), so we were quite pleased to read that this weekend brings back the Brooklyn Bike Jumble: a flea market for bikes.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, the cycilng masses will be congregating on Sunday, May 16 from 10-4 at Washington Park on Fifth Ave at 3rd Street and doing the ol' swaperoo on bikes, parts, and handy accessories to help you run with Billyburg's finest.  Bikes will be priced at pleasingly low $$ amounts, and there'll be a show of vintage bikes, too.  We're into it.

But wait!  There's more!  Infomercial levels of awesome! The Fifth Avenue Street Fair will be going on, too.  I can vouch that this thing is actually sweet, with live music and the companion Punk + Underground Record Fair at Southpaw (at which I've scored many an excellent record).  Hopefully the weather will not make us want to drink bleach.

So get fit, get hip, and get on a goddamn bike while listening to records or something.  You know, since our trains are dressed up in bus costumes for the next two weekends again, anyway.


Happy Birthday Brooklyn Based!

Yo, so our internet BFF's Brooklyn Based is turning 3 years old this Saturday! That's like 78 in www years!

In celebration of their special birfday, they've planned a whole big day of fun in Greenpoint with The Total Franklin Street Immersion! 20 different bars, shops and restaurants all along Franklin are gonna be offering your ass all sorts of serious deals on all sorts of cool stuff.

Like old school Foursquare, you can even keep track of your travels on a specially designed TSFI card. Holla!

Best of all, there is birthday, fun-filled, after party from 6-8pm at t.b.d. The grill will be fired up in the back, and Robicelli's cupcakes will be there with FREE cupcakes (and yes, of course they are designing a special "brooklyn" flavor in celebration). And, duh, the whole BB team will be on hand to toast with (or hold your hair back as you vomit in the bathroom) know, whichever comes first.

Now, true story: the G train is not running this weekend, so you might be thinking "this all sounds like fun but how the fuck am I supposed to get to Greenpoint??" Well, there's a shuttle, ppl! OR, just buy a bike at the bike jumble and ride your ass over there! Trust me: it's worth it!

So yeah, Happy Birthday Brooklyn Based!

We love your asses long time.


Shit My Facebook Friends Said... Was This the F Train?

Meredith, this one's for you. I just know this had to be on the F. 

"Attention tall men on the subway: your hands are at the level of my head (and face and eyes). BE MORE F***ING CAREFUL!!" 

Yesterday at 9:35 am via Facebook for Blackberry


Fornino Doesn't Have A Kid's Menu [OH YES THEY DO]

UPDATE: Gothamist just alerted us to the fact that Fornino caved ALREADY.  Calling all BALLERS: Abort mission! Fornino is now *off* our officially approved BALLER list.

So I was browsing through the reviews of Fornino on Yelp yesterday and I noticed a potential BREEDER rage trend.

Mostly people liked it pretty ok. I mean, there was some bitching about how it was way too hyped up, and that the service was a bit uneven, but also there was an underlying theme of frustration over the fact that there was no kids menu:

"There is no children's menu.  16 buckaroos for 8 ravioli, and 12 for plain papardelle for the one of the kids."

and this:

"My issue is the menu.  I'm sure this place does awesome in hipster W'burg, but in breeder Park Slope, this menu has issues.  There are no "simple" menu items I could order since of course last night was the night my son decided to be picky.  I wasn't looking for chicken fingers and french fries, but maybe a basic pasta I could order as an app would have worked."

and this from Twitter:

"Awesome, but not so great for the breeder. My kids had trouble picking from the menu."

Verrrry innneresting. I wonder if its gonna be a too bad, so sad approach (a la Provini), or is Fornino gonna cave and add chicken fingers to the menu?

Only time will tell, but for now I'm gonna go ahead and add Fornino to our BALLER approved list of restaurants.


Seltzer Bo-oy-oy, Where Are You Hi-i-ding?

photo: via NYTSo, I LOVE that people still get seltzer delivered. My mom, an honorary Jew, but really a Park Slop Sicilian, can't get enough of it. She waxes on about the egg creams of her youth (a beverage that makes me barf a little in my mouth).

Anyway, I regularly see this mystifying nostalgia truck parked around the hood loaded with cases of bottles. Ronny Beberman, aka Seltzer Man of Brooklyn, sells the shit (I mean nectar of the gods) for $25/case of 10 siphon bottles every two weeks, delivered to your door.

"It's like night and day," said one subscriber. According to seltzer dude's wife, who seems to be in charge of marketing and new sales and was hoping for one in me (sorry!), it's more fizzy and won't go flat like regular store-bought, it's good for the environment, and it tastes way better without the plastic bottle flavor.

So, if you've got a yen for the fizzy (and i don't mean lizzy), help keep Ronny in business. He's at 718.464.6408.