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Has the recesh finally hit PPW? Is this a modern-day Hooverville right on Carroll Street? Servant quarters?

Nope. Just another expenditure in the perpetual renovation of 17 PPW, the nabe's priciest fixer-upper. I'm glad SOMEBODY still has some money. Well no...I'm not really.

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BREEDER RANT: Pissing on Park Slope?

So, I'm pulling up to park my "I wouldn't-be caught-dead-in-this-before-I became-a-BREEDER" minivan to the holy temple that is PS 321 to pick up my daughter, when something catches my eye. Outside the passenger-side window, I see this little fucker standing  there, with what looks to be his two moms, groping inside his sweats. The dude then pulls out his little pecker (!!??) and begins to piss (right there on 7th Ave!), missing my BREEDER-mobile by inches.


Needless to say, I am disgusted and appalled. I mean, for Christ’s sake, you can’t just piss all over Park Slope like that!.

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Like ZERO possibility. I would stake my life on it.

I got a google alert about this bullshit yesterday, and I've been mulling it over because I just find it so hard to believe. Basically, Gothamist pub'd a story about a bereaved dog owner who is claiming that Dr. Morehead (who now works at Animal Kind, but was working at the ASPCA at the time of this alleged incident) was seen "kicking and punching" his Rotweiler before it died...and now the guy is suing and saying that there was some elaborate ASPCA coverup.

Here's the thing: I know nothing about this story, this Rotweiler dude, or anything else about the details (though, my guess is that there are some MAJOR extenuating circumstances here that this bereaved dude is leaving out for the purposes of his big fat lawsuit). Right now, he's making it seem like his Rotweiler was just sitting there, minding his own business, when Dr. Morehead walked by and decided to punch him and kick him for funzies.

I don't buy it.

Here's what I *do* know: Dr. Morehead is the most caring, attentive, conscientious vet that we have ever been to (and we've been going to him for about four years now, several times a year). In fact, we love him so much, we won't let Oliver see any other vet at Animal Kind.

I mean, if you spend 4 seconds with the dude, you will be overwhelmed by his obvious love for animals and commitment to for caring for them. After seeing 6 different vets (over a period of a year and half) to try to figure out what the fuck Oliver's red, itchy "rash" was on his skin, Dr. Morehead was the first one to finally suggest to us that it was seasonal allergies (and hooked us up with an amazing veterinary dermatologist). On each visit he remembers details about Oliver's health and even his little quirks. He's taken the time to get to know us, and he never rushes through the barrage of (sometimes) inane questions we have. He's goofy and sweet and totally awesome, and despite the fact he sticks thermometers up Oliver's ass, even HE loves him.

Seriously, Leona Helmsley would have kicked a dog sooner than Dr. Moorehead (and that bitch left $12 MILLION DOLLARS to her maltese).

My heart goes out to anyone who's had to deal with the loss of their pet, truly. But I can't help but think this "bereaved" dude is going public now because he's suing and wants a big ass settlement.

I think this story is complete and total bullshit. Period.

UPDATE: Animal Kind's Medical Director Dr. Mark Gibson left the following comment on Brooklynian:
Dr. Morehead has worked here for about 3 years. He has demonstrated himself to be an exemplary and excellent veterinarian. He has never abused a patient. He has proven to be an animal lover through his behavior shown by the love of his own pets, his patients and their owners that call on him for veterinary care. The allegations of his causing a dog's death which were printed in the Daily News are false.  The dog -- who was aggressive toward Dr. Morehead -- died of the illness he had when he arrived at the ASPCA.  In our opinion, the story as printed is nothing more than an attempt to sensationalize a story to sell newspapers and to persuade the ASPCA into settling a lawsuit in favor of the plaintiff and lawyer representing him. We look forward to the day when he will be proven innocent, clear his name and reclaim his reputation.

Mark Gibson DVM,
Medical Director
and co-workers:
Rachel Black DVM
Laurel Frydenborg VMD
Elaine Kosik DVM
Karen Mateyak DVM
Pratikshya Patil DVM
Marcela Salas VMD
Helen Spiegel DVM
Rebecca Stronger DVM
Jodi Weiser DVM
Michelle Werner DVM

(via Gothamist; and here's some more discussion on Brooklynian)


Sarah Silverman Likes Us!

The NY Daily News asks her:

Favorite spots in the city?
"So many! I love Veselka diner on Ninth St. I love the Bowery Hotel, Benny's Burritos and B&H Dairy on Second Ave. — the best soup in NYC. I love the fancy shmancy Reebok Club uptown. I love all the new standup rooms in Brooklyn. There is this bar in Park Slope called Union Hall and they have a really fun standup show in the basement there I like to do ... I could really go on forever."

Ok, so not exactly "us" as in Park Slope, but she did give a shoutout to Union Hall! Though, actually it wasn't even really a shoutout to Union Hall as much as it was a shoutout to Eugene Mirman's Sunday night comedy show Tearing the Veil of Maya.

Eh, whatever...she annoys the crap out of me anyway.

(via NY Daily News)


STFU, Fresh Direct Trucks

As the self-proclaimed official FIPS bitch in the hood, I would like to direct your attention (and my righteous indignation) to the topic of noise pollution. Specifically, the Fresh Direct truck that seems to be permanently idling late at night and early in the morning in front of my goddamned apartment.

Apparently, Fresh Direct agreed last spring to comply with requests from the Attorney General's office that they would cut this shit out. They promised to install automatic shut-offs in all their trucks that would kick-in after 60 seconds, in order to get out of $70,000 in fines. Yeah...uhm, not so much in front of my building (yours??). Anyway, even if they *are* shutting off the engine after 60 seconds (which they are clearly not), most of the noise seems to be coming from the fridge part of their trucks.

Are there any refrigerated trucks that are NOT deafeningly loud?  Am I the only sensitive flower around here?

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