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More Proof That Beastly Bite Sucks Ass

I hate them like its my job.

And now this on Brooklynian: "the owner of this store does not care at all about animals."

Not surprised.

(Beastly Bite on 7th Ave BITES via Brooklynian).


The Annual 7th Heaven [Or Hell?] Street Fair

I'm going with hell this year since it is easily 500 degrees in the center of 7th Ave at this very moment, surely an indicator of hades-like conditions.

I'm heading back out now that I've dropped off the beast, who is still panting pitifully to the beat of the keyboard clickety clacking. Had to carry him the last two blocks and he's no lightweight. 

In defense of our street fair, it's getting a lot better, which is to say that the ratio of local or cool stuff is way up from the days when it was only tube sock and sheet set purveyors.

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C-Town Cashiers: What's The Deal?

I adore Steve's C-Town.  I really do.  I know I shat on it in this post, but once I realized I was racking up $30 weekly Whole Foods purchases for soy milk, bran flakes, and grapes (corporate America blah blah), I swiftly discovered how great C-Town actually is.  Except one detail.  Their cashiers are the nastiest group of people on the earth.  And these folks agree.

I tried to ignore it.  Tried to kill 'em with kindness.  Tried to put myself in their shoes, and acknowledge how much their jobs suck (I have plenty of respect for grocery store employees; tons of my friends did it growing up, and it was my mom's first job, too).  But nothing's worked.  And last night, after a completely stone-silent transaction wherein the cashier did not acknowledge me for a solid minute while she picked at her nails and gossiped with her friend, I'm over it.

Really, ladies, what's the point?  I'm not exactly looking to be treated like a princess, and I'll cut you slack for having a shitty day now and then; lord knows when I worked retail during college, I'd occasionally take out my narcissistic angst on a poor elementary school teacher just trying to buy an iBook.  Look.  I get it.  But like, Jesus fucking Christ.  EVERY TIME.

Do they just hate me or is this a thing for everyone?


Who Gives A Shit? Naked Pool Party with Marty Markowitz

The gloves (and suits, ties, and pants) are coming off to make sure we all get a chance to take a whizz in the Double-D Pool this summer.

Fact: only 17% admit to peeing in public pools but 80% suspect their fellow swimmers

Yes, Marty Markowitz is threatening to strip down to a bathing suit to protest the proposed shut-down of the Double-D pool. Come on, Marty, make it a speedo! Better yet, this patriotic man thong. 

You think Yvette Clark and our new political hottie Hope will wear bikinis?

Per Gothamist: "If the city doesn't agree to spend the $200,000 to open the pool—which is in walking distance to the Gowanus and Wyckoff Gardens public housing projects—we suspect Markowitz will surely take this thing to the next level. Please, Bloomberg, give the man whatever he wants."

This may be as close to a Norah Jones pool party as we're gonna get.

WHEN: Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 10:00 AM

WHERE: Thomas Greene Park in front of the Pool (Douglass Street between Nevins Street and 3rd Avenue)

(via Gothamist and Brooklyn Paper)


[FIPS CARES] Goose On The Loose

Someobody shot a motherfucking goose in Prospect Park with a motherfucking arrow!?


From the Manhattan Bird Club and FIDO Yesterday:

Today, a goose with an arrow in its neck eluded efforts capture by animal rescue volunteers and Park Rangers by flying off. It is important that the brid receive medical help if it is to survive.

If anyone happens to be in the vicinity of the Lake tomorrow and spots this wounded bird, please call the Park Supervisor's office at: 718-287-9889.

If anyone sees someone walking around Park Slope with a bow and arrow and Goose feathers in their hair, I think I speak for everyone at FIPS when I say: you have our FULL PERMISSION to kick the living shit out of them, wrestle them to the ground, and then take an iPhone photo to send to us [ok fine: I'm not REALLY telling you to go beat ppl up, but also this is seriously fucked up shit].

If I find out who did this I *will* cut a bitch.

p.s. I know this might be an inappropriate time to bring this up, but in Nursery School wed did Chicken Little as a play and I had a co-starring role as Goosey Lucy. So laugh if you must, but this shit now has an EXTRA layer of meaning for me.

(via The L Magazine)