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Bussaco Is Closed

Remember when there were rumors about Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt breaking, up and shit started appearing in US Weekly? But still we were all like " can't be true!?" And then it *was* true and you were all like: I TOLD YOU SO! WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME??

Right, so as of Friday night, Bussaco is closed. Which is approx 5 mos after the "Bussaco is closing" rumors began (which is actually pretty impressive).

Not sure what went wrong there, but that place was pretty much always empty. I live approx 1 block away and I had only been there once....considering how fucking lazy I am, that's pretty telling. I hope another fab restaurant gets in there pronto, b/c it really is a great space.



Are you afraid of burglars? Rapists? Roving gang members? Well, save it, cause what allll your asses REALLY should be worrying about is A MOTHERFUCKING RACOON BREAKING INTO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING APARTMENT AND HAVING A BURNING MAN STYLE RAVE IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING KITCHEN.


I thought this shit was fake too, ppl, it was so hard to believe. But after several emails back-and-forth with FIPS reader Jon and his friend Toby (who lives right smack in downtown Park Slope), I too am a believer.

Here's what went down (according to Toby):

I live on the 3rd and 4th floors of a duplex brownstone. The kitchen is on the 3rd floor and 
my cousin sleeps on that floor. My daughter and I sleep upstairs.

 My cousin has a small dog and closes her door at night--her air conditioner was on full blast, so 
she didn't hear anything.

 When she woke up and opened the door to the kitchen, she saw our 
silverware drawers out, silverware all over the floor along with oatmeal
 and other detritus. She thought we'd had a regular burglary until she 
spotted the raccoon head sticking out of the back of the silverware 

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WHASSUP: July 22-28

Shitty Kitty.

Okay, here's the deal.  We're going to try to make WHASSUP posts a weekly thang spanning each week from Thursday to the following Wednesday, because I decided that was arbitrarily fitting.  You can email us with stuff happening in the Slope, but also get yourselves in the habit of posting your own goings on that don't come in on time in the comments.  And I'm still waiting for a party invite, FYI.

WHASSUP this week:

*Thursday, July 22: Rogue cartooning.  The minds and pens behind Shitty Kitty invite you to flex your mediocre artistic abilities at Mission Dolores for the Shitty Kitty Meet Up.  4-7pm.  Drink things, draw things, get generally shitty.

*Friday, July 23: Variety show.  Wylie Toms and Sack Lunch with Mike Ennis, Tom Shillue, Matt McCarthy, and Alex Grubbard at Bar 4 on Seventh Ave in South Slope.  Music starts at 8, funniez at 9.  Details here.

*Sunday, July 25: Yoga. Free yoga in Prospect Park, courtesy of Yoga Sole (who actually admit they're in Windsor Terrace, unlike many of us).  Our good buddies at Brokelyn have your info here.  Do not come in your Food Coop vest.

*Saturday, July 24: Swedish cinema.  Rooftop films is partnering with the Swedish Film Institute, screening Swedish cinema all summer.  The Slope gets the NY premiere of Greetings From the Woods on the roof of the Old American Can Factory at 9pm.  Details plus other film schedules here.  Stock up on Swedish Fish beforehand.

WHASSUP us with anything else in the comments.


The Day That GoGo Gowanus Beat Us at Our Own Game

In response to our "Fuck You York" post, we got this hilarious photo from one of our favorite commenters, GoGo Gowanus. 

Yeah!  Fuck you, FIPS!  Right in your fucking face!


Bedbugs at the Pavilion. Again. And Again.

 We don't talk about bedbugs here for our health, people.  Despite our constant chatter about these adorable, cuddly houseguests, we actually have things we'd rather be writing about.  But guess what?  The fucking Pavilion apparently has them, so we're being forced to ruin your morning coffee yet again.  We're good at that.

The sort-of facts: There's rumor of another bedbug infestation at the Pavilion, as we suspected a while ago (they heartily denied it).  This time, both Brownstoner and Gothamist are reporting about this post from The Bedbug Registry:
A few days ago I was leaving the Theatre with my girlfriend at around 11:55 pm when I saw a bunch of men with large crates and hoses in the lobby, I asked what was going on and he said that Bed Bugs had been found in all of the older theatres with the Purple seats. Then I was at the Windsor Cafe Yesterday when I overheard some people saying that even more Bed Begs were found on the first floor of the building.


What the motherfuck, guys?  Can the Pavilion actually get any worse?  Can we learn enough of a lesson to stop having faith that the Pavilion is not actually the seventh layer of hell?  Is the Pavilion going to sue us for defamation?  Should I have put this shit into a pen name?  What the hell did this guy Zufishan mean when he said, "You can not hide from the loud in a plastic bag" in his Yelp review of this god forsaken place? THE QUESTIONS, WILL THEY EVER STOP?


But seriously.  Unless you're some sort of masochist, just stop going to this place until we get some sort of clear-cut answer about this sitch (not that we understand why you go there in the first place; you'd be better off throwing yourself in front of the F [but please don't do it during rush hour...again]).