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Ozzies Closed By Health Dept?

That's what ppl were emailing me about all day yesterday and today while I was busy Rosh Hashanah-ing it up. Even when I try to be a good Jew, it never works.

"FYI, Ozzies on 5th ave just got shut down by the health dept. The baristas were standing by the door so I felt that taking a pic would be a bit crude."

Not sure if that shit is open again already or not, but even if its not, TGIF! (L'shana Tova!)



You wouldn't know it from my pearl earring, Ralph Lauren-wearing ass now, but back in high school, I was allllllllllllllll about punk rock.  And by "punk rock," I mean watered-down, poppy stuff that would only alarm the most uptight suburban white parents (I mean, the Bouncing Souls were my favorite for God's sake).

But ever since NOFX's Fat Mike rolled into town with Thistle Hill Tavern on 15th Street and 7th, I started to think that maybe the least grungy, most bugaboo-laden neighborhood may have some punk sentiments hidden somewhere underneath?


Anti-Flag is headlining a show at The Bell House on 9/22.  Let's all break out our studded belts and pretend we're straight-edge for 45 minutes.  OI! OI?


WHASSUP: This Weekend

Brooklyn Book Festival: Nerds unite!  The Brooklyn Book Festival is Sunday from 10AM-6PM and alllll that shit is free (probz because no one would pay to trade in their sweet Sunday hangovers for deep discussions on literature).  Where else can you see Roseanne Cash, John Hodgman and Salman Rushdie in one place (that is, besides in my dreams)? 

Salsa Slam 2010: Ayayayayayyyy, Speedy Gonzalez!  I know we were just talking about The Bell House, but check it: NachosNY is hosting Salsa Slam 2010 on Sunday from 4PM-7PM.  This three-hour fiesta features over 20 tables of different hand-crafted local salsas on order.  And because you can't go three hours without a drink, they've got $4 Tecate tall boys up for grabs.  All of this is served alongside a side of live Mariachi music.  Bring your sombreros, dbags.  Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.  Get 'em here.


Bedbugs At Court Street Movie Theater? [HERRRRE WE GO AGAIN]

So, as you all know: I have vowed to never, ever, NEVER step foot in the Court Street movie theater again.

Thanks to an anon FIPS tipster, I've now got a reason that you all should do the same: BEDBUGS.

Yes, I admit, we are kinda bedbug obsessed around this bitch, but I can't help it...I am so very afraid. And shit like this doesn't help:


So, this is going to be an awkward email, but I figured I should let somebody know what went down this weekend.

I've been avoiding movie theaters in Manhattan and Brooklyn for the past couple weeks since I heard about the theater in Times Square getting shut down due to bedbugs.  My friends made me feel totally crazy and my boyfriend eventually talked me into going to the UA Court Street in Carroll Gardens (is it?) Sunday night  to see a movie.  I tried to not be skeeved out and we got in a cab.

We were walking in to get our tickets, when some guy comes out going "Bedbugs! Don't go in there unless you want bedbugs!"  I figured it was some douchebag guy just trying to rile up the masses, but we went over to him to see whats up.  HE HAD A BEDBUG IN A BAG THAT HE FOUND IN THE THEATER.  He'd found it ON HIS SHIRT in Theater 11, and trapped it in a soda cup with a napkin (which were also in the plastic bag when he showed us).  And apparently when he complained to management, they said something about having had screened for them the day before.  Uhh.

This guy wasn't full of shit, after all.  I saw the fucking bedbug.  I did not see a movie.  You could not have gotten me out of there fast enough.

So, I'm bummed and also freaked out, but felt it's my moral obligation as a Park Slope citizen to let you know.



(PS. You better believe I did a full body scan as soon as I got home.  I'm fine).

Do with this information what you will, ppl.


Great Lakes is Anti-Great Lakes

FIPS reader Paul is non too pleased with the beer selection at Great Lakes. Here's why:

Park Slope has 43 bars, according to New York Magazine, making it second only to Williamsburg (in Brooklyn), which has 77. While this seems like it could only be great news for our Park Slope alcohol enthusiasts, not surprisingly, many Park Slope bars seem to have an identity crisis. I’ll start with Great Lakes.

I’ll be honest; I go to bars for three reasons: to drink, hook up, and escape the summer heat because I’m a writer and a jazz musician, so I’m clearly too busy saving money for much-needed booze to afford A/C. Naturally, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the bars of our lovely garden district this summer, having just moved here in July from the city. Being a Great Laker myself, hailing originally from Michigan, my Minnesota roommate and I recently decided to finally check out Great Lakes. Only, did you know that Great Lakes doesn't have a single fucking Great Lake beer on draft!?

Don’t they think the midwest you snobby east coasters always make fun of brews good beer? In a New York Times beer tasting from earlier this year, the No. 1 and No. 4 beers, out of 20, were both from Dexter, Michigan: the Oro de Calabaza, from Jolly Pumpkin; and the Good Harbor Golden Ale, from Leelanau.

So Great Lakes is fucked up. But what’s even more fucked up is that you could walk across the street to the stellar High Dive during the month of July to find beers from Jolly Pumpkin and Atwater -- a Detroit brewery -- on draft. Walk south to Barbes, and you’ll find the kicks-the-shit-out-of-any-Brooklyn-Brewery-beer Founders Rye P.A., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on draft. The High Dive and Barbes are respectively crushing it, not only with beer, but with free popcorn and basically free live music (suggested donation).

I’ll be back to report on the other 40 or so bars in Park Slope that I haven’t belittled here yet. Maybe Union Hall will be up next -- I know I’m new here, but what the fuck is up with their Dave and Busters meets Mystery Theater vibe?

Is Paul alone or does anyone else give a shit about this Great Lakes/Great Lakes sitch?