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WHASSUP: Weekend of 8/27

Thanks for sending along some pretty sweet shit.  It's all going down this weekend, so here's WHASSUP:

*Friday, August 27: Talk dirty.  Babeland Brooklyn, the Slope's favorite purveyors of all things sexy, host a free dirty talk mini-workshop at 8.  Aphrodesiac drink specials at Melt afterwards, in case you want to make sure that, in a few hours, you're incapable of using what you've learned.  Details.

*Saturday, August 28: Water balloon fight.  Even if you don't "do" North Brooklyn, this is kinda cool.  Greenpoint Open Studios is holding a fundraiser water balloon fight and raffle.  Get wet, benefit artists, win shit.  3 pm, get your info here.

*Sunday, August 29: 5k race.  Kiva New York's holding their Run4Kiva 5k in Prospect Park at 10am.  Info on the race, team, and registration here.

Alternately, you could offer to come over and help alleviate me of my cabin fever, an elaborate ruse for swiping my jars of Percocet.  But, uh, you should probably go do that other shit instead.  Just thinking out loud here.  As usual, add your much, much better ideas in the comments.


Wherin I Talk About Myself And Ask You To Do Shit For Me

So one of the perks of having a website that kajillions of people come to every day that sometimes you get to be selfish and ask for shit. Like right now, for instance.

Remember how I went to that whole SXSW bullshit in Austin last year? Well next year, I want to run a sesh there with my bud @PatriceC, and so we submitted one: How to Be a Badass Online. Needless to say, this panel will rule your face so hard it might just cause it to explode. Only hitch is, we need peeps to vote for us in order to get it through to the next round. And the bigger hitch is that in order to vote you have to fucking register for an account which, yes, is RETARDED. True story.

Anyhoo, you-n-me are all tight now and since I provide your ass with supa fly fresh content every day, maybe you can provide my ass with a motherfucking vote? Please? I swear I'm worth the 49 seconds it will take you to do this. And gigantic fucking bonus for anyone who wants to leave a comment...espesh if its one that doesn't say: ERICA IS AN ASSHOLE AND I WOULD NEVER GO TO ANY STUPID FUCKING PANELS OF HERS.


I'm teaching this class at Mediabistro this Fall: Intro to Blogging. And if you have any interest whatsoever in learning how to blog hard, you should totally sign up. And even if you don't want to sign-up, you should tell your friends about it. Or write about it on your blog...or Tweet about it. Cause even though I've never taught a class before in my life, I'm hoping guaranteeing this one won't suck.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.


WHO GIVES A SHIT: Do You Give Up Your Subway Seat?

Simple question: Do you give up your seat on the subway to preggos, old people, and folks with various visible ailments, or do you keep your head down and hope that the guy next to you is a better person than you are?

I ask not because I'm curious about the general goodness of your collective hearts, which we've pretty much acknowledged is shoddy at best on good days, but because my sad self is going in for foot surgery on Thursday, I'm scared shitless that I'm going to be spending the next month holding subway poles for dear life.  (Here's where I pretend I am laughing about my "oh wouldn't it be hilarious if I needed foot surgery hahahaha" quip from a few months ago, and the part where I would appreciate you keeping your "You'll never get out of Methodist alive!" remarks to yourselves).

Anyway, consider this a personal request from the short girl with the surgical boot and cane: Give me your seat.  Seriously.  Please.  But if I don't see you on the other side of the twilight anesthesia and painkillers, it's been a riot, folks.



Dear Joel Klein, 

I don't want to micromanage and I know you're a busy man but I wonder if you might clarify WHY THE FUCK the last day of school was a half day of Monday in July (fine, late late June) and the first week back is a whopping ONE DAY LONG. On a WEDNESDAY!!!!!

Okay, I know we have more jews inside the city limits than in Jerusalem but at most we still account for only 12% of the NYC population. And how many of that number actually celebrate Rosh Hashanah? Are we gonna get a month off for Ramadan too?

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FIPS CARES: The Do Gooder Awards

So, The Brooklyn Community Foundation wants all you bitches to "do good right here" in the BK. I mean, like I'm sure they want you to do good e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, but yeah: SPECIFICALLY here in Brooklyn. And they're so into this idea, they're giving out awards for the biggest and the baddest do gooders.

Only hitch is, they have no fucking clue where these do gooders are. Clearly they're not here on FIPS, but maybe you know where some of these bitches are? Cause if so, you should nominate them. They're taking noms from now through September 30, and then the voting kicks off on October 1st.

"We invite the larger Brooklyn community to submit nominations for those who they believe embody the highest value of community service and philanthropy; exceptional individuals who display an outstanding sense of giving back locally--with time, talent and/or charity. Candidates should work in one of the Foundation's five fields of interest: Arts for All, Caring Neighbors, Community Development, Education and Youth Achievement and Green Communities and have demonstrated a commitment to Brooklyn."

5 Do gooder winners will be chosen and each will be given 5k toward their indiv. charity or org. So yeah, if you know any non-assholes who remind you not at all of us, nominate em.

More info here. Or follow the Do Gooders on Twitter here