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FIPS CARES: Help a FIPS Reader Eat the World

You don't get a WHASSUP from me today, because if you were paying attention before, you would already know that the Park Slope Restaurant Tour is going down tonight. (See how I just stealthily reminded your non-TeuxDeux-using asses?)

However, in the spirit of all things delicious, Imma give you something to do instead, and that is help out a fellow Brooklynite. BCUZ FIPS CARES.  Here's the deal: FIPS reader, chef, and former Sloper (she's now a nomad for this project) Adrian is collecting recipes for a cookbook. She says:

I've been working on a project over the last 6 months.  It's called World Supper Adventure, which is based around collecting home recipes for a cookbook that involves me asking people "What is your favorite meal to cook for a guest?"

She's gonna travel around, cook delicious shit, and then make you a book so you can do the same.  She wants your recipes, the contact info for your crazy aunt Галина in Motherland Russia, and your dollaz for Kickstarter, too.  If you want to help this lovely lady out and see what's up with the project, here's your info.

And that's WHASSUP. Now I'm hungry.



Scott, one of our readers sent us a message regarding this past week's car accident in front of Junior's.  A few pedestrians were injured pretty badly, but it seems that some good karma will come out of it, at the very least.

Check it:

"Apparently, the owner of the store acted quickly and was able to move the car and free up the couple that was pinned in between. They were both seriously injured but the guy's leg was saved and the woman is going to be OK. A third elderly man was also hurt but not as seriously as the other two. The interesting twist to the story is that the couple was on their way to Yom Kippur services at PSJC on 14th Street, and the owner of Junior's is a West Bank Palestinian (a great local merchant, sweet generous guy, great neighbor) whose fast rescue actions, along with a nurse who happened to be walking past, may very well have helped save the injured guy's leg. Amidst all the sectarian madness in this world, this kind of basic human decency and compassion is reassuring and it's heartening to see it in action in our neighborhood."

We have no idea if this shit is true, but even if it isn't, let's pretend it is, because it's just so goddamn heartwarming.


WHO GIVES A SHIT: Takeout Menu Hell

OK, so most of you probs have that little red sign in front of your fancy brownstones that says DO NOT DROP MENUS HERE BY PENALTY OF BEING PUT ON ALERT AT THE COOP, or whatever they actually say.  So, when restaurants ignore your sign and leave menus on your doorstep, does their unwelcome appearance actually affect your decision about whether or not to patronize the place?

At my old place, I used to get my feathers ruffled for a hot second and then generally forget about it, but this weekend, Kiku on Seventh decided to not only leave a recycling center's worth of menus in my apartment building's entrance (whatev, it's your job, I'll live), but also found a way into the building and slipped menus under each apartment door.  We always have a ton of rogue menus in the entryway, fine, but never in our actual apartments.  

I'm sure I'm too wah-wah sensitive for you tough types, but I'm gonna think twice before ordering from them again.  Anyway, please justify my yuppie rage or insult my self-importance in the comments.


Disaster Prep For Morons

So, I've been thinking about how woefully unprepared I am for any actual disaster.

When caught in the eye of a twister, for instance, do you REALLY want to fight your way out of the car and lie in a ditch or should you stay put?

I would have thought this was an unlikely scenario for us in Park Slope except....

As it happens, I could probably keep ignoring the whole slightly end-of-days vibe except for a constant stream of reminders in the last 24 hours and the fact that I couldn't think of anything else to write about.

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Opossums are the New Raccoons

Ok, so technically I have not yet heard of any opossum sightings in Park Slope yet, BUT IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME, PPL.

The genius powers that be in Brooklyn decided that the best way to deal with our ever alarming rat problem in the borough was to release a crapload of opossums, who would then (logically?) tear the rats apart limb from limb with those big sharp teeth of theirs. Ok, so lemme get this straight: the sweet, non-offensive geese get their own, custom-outfitted WWII gas chamber, and the rats get to fight it out for themselves and go three rounds with the city's crack opossum squad?

Well, gues what btchz? When a rat sees an opossum coming, this is generally what they look like:

The rat's were all singin' Jay-Z songs and takin a ride on the Cyclone as the lazy assed opossums basically caught not a single one of those bitches. Oh also, they started breeding, and now we have A MOTHERFUCKING OPOSSUM PROBLEM IN BROOKLYN TOO.

I have no goddamned clue who wins in an opossum v. raccoon battle royale, but I sincerely suggest someone research that shit pronto.

Oh, and keep your doors locked, ppl: otherwise a rat, raccoon, opossum OR tornado may very well kill you.

(via Daily Intel)