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BREAKING: Long Tan Is Closing

Ok, so first Foreign Dude sends me the following text:

"Long Tan is CLOSING on Thursday! Their lease is up and the owners only told the staff YESTERDAY."

Then I got this note from FIPS reader Vince:

"I dunno how you feel about Long Tan but me and my girl love it, and according to our waiter (who was getting drunk and spilling the beans) Long Tan's last day is Thursday. Which is super sad because it's one of the few even decent places to get late night food and beverages here in the Slope. We're slightly depressed about the whole thing."

SONOFABITCH. So, it pretty much sounds like Long Tan is closing on Thursday.

I'm off to go drown my sorrows in a glorious new ep of ppl are on your own.

UPDATE: Ok, more deets from Foreign Dude. Apparently, the Long Tan owners are RE-OPENING the bar space in a couple of weeks under a different name (and with a different staff), while someone else takes over the restaurant portion of the space. He had no idea who that someone else was, but it seems like that someone else has already leased it. Long Tan 2.0 bar will allegedly NOT be serving food. And while the staff apparently knew that the lease *was* coming up and that the restaurant would be closing, they had no idea it would be in less than a week. So yeah...they seemed a little peeved.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE (from one of the owners of Long Tan): "Long Tan is closing but the date has not been set...still finalizing the details .perhaps next week ....
The bar will be closing at the same time for a complete renovation and will re-open in a few months as a cocktail /wine bar serving small dishes utilizing locally sourced ingredients. So please stop by to say good bye to long tan and its staff while you can. and thank you for a great 10 years."


NYPD Issuing Summonses For Loitering ON YOUR OWN STOOP!!!???

Coming to a Park Slope stoop near you?

Per Gothamist, a dude hanging on his stoop in Flatbush was ticketed for trespassing ON HIS OWN FRONT STOOP.

Lindsey Riddick and his brother Michael were standing outside of Lindsey's Flatbush home on August 18 when police approached them: "I told the officer, 'I live here and I have the key.' You're giving me a summons? Come on, man. You got to be kidding me."

Despite his girlfriend and two daughters greeting him at the door of the apartment, he was still given a summons. Lindsey was able to record part of the exchange with police; when an officer told him to "go inside," Lindsey argued that he had a right to stand outside his own building. The cop responded: “You don’t own the street. You don’t own the sidewalk. You don’t own the building. You have no right to stand here."

What's next, I ask you?

Got your own sidewalk cop story to share? Spill.

Up until lately, the sum total of my knowledge came courtesy of Law and Order repeats but I've got a Kafka meets Bored to Death copper tale of my very own now that I really wish I could share but can't. Yet! 



You know, the times they are a-changin! When I started this lil ole blog, I feel like it was day after day of restaurant closing news. And now? OPENINGS, OPENINGS, O-P-E-N-I-N-G-S! Shit, we practically need our own food editor (HINT, HINT).

So let's get to it!

* Looks like someone took our advice! (from way back when when we were all bitching about the sorts of businesses we'd like to see in Park Slope). A cupcake shop is coming! If this King of Cupcakes place doesn't have a room in the back for kid's parties, they are missing out on a Rockefeller level of cash money.

* Playa is now Comida. Good luck not failing within 6 mos, Comida! (via @jaimemorelli)

* An Italian Espresso Bar is coming to 7th Ave! SUH-WEET! And they're even gonna have marble counters where you stand there and drink your cafes..and maybe real Italian dudes who will yell and make you feel stupido if you don't understand what they're saying en Italiano.

* This one was a false alarm: Chipotle is not, I repeat NOT coming to Park Slope.



ATTN BREEDERS: If You're Not Already Making Your Kid's Halloween Costume, You're A Bad Parent

Halloween is just around the corner, but us Park Slope parents have had the occasion on our minds for a hella long time already.
Everyone knows NYC takes Halloween crazy seriously. Last year I was in Manhattan and didn't see one kid dressed up, yet every adult was dressed in the whackest shit ever. I even saw a police man dressed up like it was ain't no thing.

Park Slope is no exception, except here the focus is on costuming our precious children.  I swear, it's all the 6 o'clock crowd of parents at the park seem to talk about.

However, the Halloween pop-up shop and the "offish" Lady Gaga costumes can go suck some dick, because apparently hand-made outfits are where its at. Yeah, there will be the usual number of  spider men n' junk, but their costumes will be made out of felt and they'll have hemp webs spewing out of their hands. In fact, I predict more than a few costumes will be making their way down 7th Ave made out of recyclable materials, possibly with eco friendly themes. I mean, there's nothing more adorable than a child with "save our planet" embroidered on their onesie, right?
In case you need inspiration, Homecrafted Halloween over at Ohdeedoh reccomends using a loom to make your kid's Draco Malfoy scarf. [ed note: DUH].
It's SO ON other moms. I began felting my wool months ago.


Signs of the Times

Ha! Gallows humor from the peanut gallery. At least nobody lost any body parts on this, the summer's original bad driving site.


Also, the eye-catching marketing sign below, which confirmed that my seven-year-old can indeed read.

"Please don't sell me, mommy."

Send us your signage and we can start an occasional photo series. Or not. We don't really care either way.