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So we've got "Who Gives A Shit?" and ABC News has "What Would You Do." Basically, they hire actors, make sure some scary/sad/freaky shit goes down like send a child predator into a playground or have some creepy dude drug a chick's drink, and they keep the cameras rolling as billions of disinterested Americans do absolutely nothing.

Last week, these WWYD peeps showed their ass up to Ozzie's to conduct a "What Would You Do" experiment with a bitchy mom yelling at her nanny and then the bitchy mom's kid, bitchy daughter. The mom was being abusive and acting like a cunt rag, and surprise surprise, the liberal, Food Coop workin, organic food eatin Park Slopers spoke up! Then they switched gears and the little kid started acting like a ho bag to the nanny, and yet again, Park Slope came to the rescue.



WHASSUP: 80s Dance Party + Speed Dating Returns to the Slope

No one's sent me shit to post for you this week, besides a free '80s dance party in Gowanus on Saturday night, so instead of giving you an events rundown, I will try to enchant the sex lives of our single readers.

Because everyone's obviously on a secret mission to turn you all into BREEDERS, I Heart Nerds speed dating is returning to Union Hall on Sunday, September 5.  Shit fills up pretty quickly, so I figured I'd throw it all over to you early to get your single asses registered for a less lonely Labor Day weekend.

Nerdy guys register here.  Nerdy ladies register here.  Now get talking about your gripes with that old PC-2700 RAM and how excited you are about ununseptium, then go get naked, since that's obviously the most logical segue.

(Shirt via CoverMyTorso)


Is Methodist's Labor & Delivery Unit Way More Fucked Up Than Other Hospitals'?

K, so remember when we talked about the fact that all the BK mamas are defecting to go birth their tiny terrors on the the Isle du Manhattan? You told us your Methodist horror stories here.

Not too long after, we got an anonymous email from a reader who calls herself "Rogue Nurse," an R.N. at Methodist in the Labor & Delivery Unit, about the c-section sitch happening there.  The tl;dr version of it is, in this nurse's opinion, that the entire operation is fucked (in Park Slope.  Yep.).  Clickity-click for the full dispatch:

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I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain: Goodbye Smartmom

Double Bitchburger with Cheez (DBBWC) got some VERY sad news yesterday at FIPS HQ...and by sad, I actually mean: SO NOT SAD AT ALL! Smartmom got canned by The Ridonkulous Paper in the borough of Brook! (RPITBOB).

Even Double Bitchburger with Cheez's husband Phish-a-lishy (PAL) was jumping up and down. And their beloved pooch, Hawtest Basset on the Motherfucking Planet (HBOTMP) took a dump on the living room floor...I think that was his way of saying: we are all in this together Double Bitchburger With Cheez and Phish-a-Lishy.

It's not that DBBWC, PAL or even HBOTMP wanted Smartmom to actually get canned (well, except in DBBWC's case mebbe), but it's that this really represents an end of an era for the Neighborhood That Recycles So Fucking Much (TNTRSFM). THE NEIGHBORHOOD THAT RECYCLES SO FUCKING MUCH IS CHANGED NOW AND FOREVER.

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In Prospect Park, Love R00lz

WE ARE NOT ALWAYS FULL OF MEAN.  Well, usually we are.  But not always.  Case in point, this OMGZ 2 KEWT story about the above, blurry couple that FIPS reader Felicia was lovely enough to send in to us:

Love is alive and hopeful in Prospect Park.  On August 4, I was sitting on a blanket near the tennis house at around 3:30 p.m.  My 6-year-old climbed a nearby tree (yes, I breed).  The piercing voice of an older woman yelping on her cell interrupted my bliss.  She had a cliche wicker picnic basket and was sitting on a blanket under some trees.  It sounded as though she had been stood up.  "I'm HERE!  Right in FRONT of the TENNIS HOUSE?!  WHERE ARE YOU" ...then she scampered passed me.   She turned to me about to explode from some emotion that I couldn't detect.   She said to me "MY SON IS ABOUT TO PROPOSE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND OFF THREE YEARS!"  I'm all about love stories so I engaged (pun intended) her in conversation and found out the couple met at the tennis house three years ago at an event...After this devisor of sneaky engagements scurried off, I watched the proposal, the shock, the hugs, kisses, the popping of champagne and then I left my kid up in a tree to race over, congratulate them and offer to take photos.  I took a bunch of shots...They were as happy as bugs in a rug (not bedbugs!).  I could hear my son screaming in the distance, "Help, Ma, I can't get down from the tree!", so I took a bunch more pics, shook hands with them, hoping I wouldn't be spending the rest of the afternoon at Methodist's emergency room.  It wouldn't be the first time.

She ends her email by saying,

Wonder if the couple will stay in the hood to spawn, filling up valuable PS 107 & 321 slots.

We like how you think, Felicia.

FIPS wants to extend our congrats to the happy couple, wherever they are in the Park Slope ether.  May you leave your commingled DNA in a tree one day, too.