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Cleaning up Brooklyn

I'm kind of in love with The Daily Clean.

The basic premise is this: blogger picks out a disgustingly dirty spot in Brooklyn, sets aside an hour, and cleans that shit up. That's it.

It's mind numbingly simple, and yet they're making a significant, measurable, noticeable contribution to their neighborhood every single day. Bravo.

"The idea is to take an hour or two out of your day and apply it to something useful. The majority of the areas will be rather small, in order to fully clean them within an hour or so. I will try to post the updates daily, in hopes of inspiring others."

The shot above was from Day 3 at Hope St. & Havemeyer, and took the blogger 45 mins.

(via PSFK)


This Week In Global Warming: Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming

Katherine Hepburn in Stage Door:

"The calla lillies cherry blossoms are in bloom again; such a strange flower. I carried them on my wedding day and now I carry them again for something that has died..."

... Yeah, winter as we know it!

Per the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens blog, this kind of December bloom is a wee "bit irregular" for the old Prunus 'Hally Jolivette.'

But, up with weird weather, head out the the BBG to take in the blossoms before they're gone.


Raise Your Hand If You Wanna Get Laid

Look, my name isn't Heidi Fleiss, so of course I can't GUARANTEE that you'll get laid at the Naughty Office Holiday Party this Weds night at the Bell House, but I can tell you this much:

  • The Bell House will be busting at the seams with lots of hot-n-sexy single bros and bitches.
  • There will be some major drink specials (i.e. EVERYONE WILL BE DRUNK).
  • People are always way lonelier around the holiday time.
  • DJ Car Stereo Wars is gonna provide you with lots of opps to dirty dance up against ppl.
  • The sexy sandwich bar will provide you with the fuel you'll need to flirt ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
  • You can take holiday pics at our makeshift Sears portrait studio to remember this night 4 evs.
  • All Most Some of our single FIPS writers will be there.
  • I looked it up: statistically speaking, apart from Sat, Weds is the 2nd most popular night of the week to get laid. 

So you should obvs go get your tix pronto.

And just to grease the rails a bit, I'm gonna give 5 tix away (so like, if you DO get laid, you'll actually owe me money).

If you wanna win a free ticket, just leave a comment below and tell me what type of lady or bro you are lookin for. Make it short-n-sweet. Like mine would be: In search of Basset Hound loving, Woody Allen watching 6 foot tall baller4life bro or some shit. Oh and make sure the email addy you use with your comment is ginuwine, otherwise I won't have any way of getting in touch.

Ok, have at it!

Naughty Office Holiday Party
Weds, 12/8
Bell House
Tix are $10 ahead of time and $12 at the door.



World AIDS Bagel Breakfast Disrupted At GAP by Giant Human Bagel Activists

How could we have missed this breaking story? Well, it was breaking last week, anyway.

Several protesters dressed as giant bagels were arrested last week at Mayor Bloomberg's Annual AIDS Bagel Breakfast at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Now, I'm not entirely sure what bagels have to do with AIDS. And I'm not entirely sure what dressing up as a giant bagel has to do with homelessness but here's the whole "schmear" (oy!) from the Brooklyn Paper:

A “schmear campaign” against Mayor Bloomberg’s World Aids Day Bagel breakfast at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library got unexpectedly sticky on Wednesday morning as cops bagged nine unruly protestors who donned bagel costumes and laid down in traffic in the middle of Grand Army Plaza. 

Each year Bloomberg holds a bagel breakfast on World AIDS Day to re-commit himself to the fight against AIDS in New York City, then proposes budgets that cut services to low income New Yorkers suffering from the disease, said (Housing Works CEO Charles) King, who was dressed up like a sesame seed bagel.

Apparently, the bagel costumes were not designed for handcuffs so the cops had to call for reinforcements to help hoist protesters back onto their feet. 


BREAKING: Rabid Raccoon Found in Prospect Park

And, the hits just keep on coming.

"On December 2, 2010 a dead raccoon, collected from Prospect Park tested positive for rabies a the Public Health Laboratory."

So says the NY Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene in an alert they put out yesterday.

Apparently this is only the second rabid racoon ever found in Prospect Park since raccoon rabies hit the scene in 1992 (the first one was found this Feb in Boerum Hill).

They're going to continue to monitor the situation and suggest that now might be a good time to make sure that your pets have their up-to-date rabies vaccinnations.

My best advice: if you see a raccoon, RUN LIKE FORREST GUMP in the opposite direction.