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WHASSUP: Patti Smith is Whassup

Tonight. Patti effing Smith and Lenny Kaye. At Southpaw. Here's what we know.

Patti Smith is playing a cheap ($20) intimate benefit show to support the young and the needy. She is acting as a mentor to young "millennial" musicians who will join her onstage. Patti is playing her own material, and doing duets.

The event's an acoustic benefit show for Fortnight Journal, "an online project fighting the recession--and 'failure to launch' accusations--by pairing promising upstarts with luminary mentors." The rest of the lineup and details are here. It's 21+, which means some of you promising young Millennials are SOL.

And, since this is your only 'SUP for the week, there's also an indie dance electro night happening at The Fifth Estate from 10pm-4am on Saturday. FIPS reader Michele is spinning, so drink a lot and go. The end. Comments are open.


Comida Consensus?

That joint Comida, aka Playa 2.0 is allegedly open.

The reviews on Yelp are already rolling in, and thus far, we've got ourselves a combo platter of love/hate goin on. It's srsly kinda weird...either the place gets 5 stars or 1 star, with nothing in between.

Here's some good:

"The food and drinks we got were delicious. We tried the frozen margaritas which were great, as was the local beer selection."

"For main course I ordered the Comida Pollo (specialty of the house chicken dish).   You won't find a better tasting chicken anywhere in the City, trust me--juicy and the spices were so good.  My friends had the chicken enchiladas and also the Comida Pollo.  Everybody loved their dishes.  The sauce (mole) on those enchiladas was to die for!  I'll try that next time."

"This place is no Mezcals, that's for sure.  This is quality, well-prepared authentic Mexican food.  We ordered the calamari, which was tasty and served with an avocado sauce and a chipotle sauce; as well as the cauliflower fritters which were delicious and served in a tomatillo sauce."

And some bad:

"While they're aiming for a finer dining experience in terms of price/ambiance, the flavor and quality of the food is definitely lacking. The three of us left feeling a little queasy from the grease with a firm decision to not return."

"After an hour and a quarter wait - during which our kept waiter promising us that our "food will be right out" - we were told that our order had been "lost."  Somewhere out on The Island, Jin cried, "Hurley, hurry!"

HAAA! Yay for a Lost reference.

Personally, I'm still open to trying Comida as WTF else am I gonna do?--Obvies Mama Rosa is out. But then I read this little kicker at the end of one of the bad reviews:

"As for the ambiance, the vibe at Comida resembled that of a dimly-lit daycare.  There were little children running amok like an out of control flock of sheep on the prairie, knocking over chairs and touching everything, including my legs."


Any of you btchz been?? Good? Bad? Ugly?

(via Brooklynian)


Calling Queens (not the borough): Swag Awaits in the Gowanus

Okay, I'm not just writing this up because Film Biz Recycling is one of my followers. One of my FOUR followers. On my new twitter account. Which I don't really know how to use yet. 

Thanks Reclaimed Home for letting us know...

Awesome news for County of Kings thrift junkies! Film Biz Recycling is moving to Gowanus! If you want to hit the Long Island City space one last time, they are having a name-your-price clearance sale starting today until the end of the month.

Grand opening at 540 President Street will be on or around December 1st.

If you’ve never been, the massive shop is chock full of used TV and movie props. Everything from vintage dish sets to clean linens to artwork.  It. is. awesome. And it will be ours! F.U. Queens where I was never able to find parking.

Also! The new space will stock building materials and paints. So again, Brooklynites won’t have to schlep to Build it Green in Queens for these items.

It’s a win/win for everyone. (Except Queens)

I, for one, am very excited about the new shop we're getting in the Gowanus! More excited than I am about cupcakes, that's for sure. Because we NEED this place. I feel more complete knowing it's coming. I'm even willing to overcome my terror of bedbugs to hit the grand opening. And, my family will be happy. Because they sell to Red Sox fans, too!



Time Out New York's latest issue tallies up the best winter bars/drinks through a creepy-cool pictorial with the cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Several Park Slope bars made the list, including the Double Windsor in the "Best Bar for Dark Beer" category, Beer Table in the "Best Bar for Group Drinks" category, and Union Hall in the "Best Fireplace Bar" category. 

The cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was even shot hanging out by the fireplace at Union Hall.  The shot, however, is unexplicably free of the tiny children that are usually swarming around it. 



Who Gives A Shit: Stress Levels in NYC?

Yeah, I'd been wondering about this because I HAVE noticed a wee bit of loopy, stressy behavior as this recesh keeps on giving. But, now it's official.

New Yorkers are the MOST stressed out people in the country. 75% of us have economic agita according to a new study.

Seems like an opportune moment to reiterate my call for a weekend of neighborliness. I think we should set up drum circles in Prospect Park, free yoga and meditation clinics at Washington Park, doggy therapy over at the dog run. Primal scream therapy booth? Don't call the cops on your neighbor clinic? It's getting cold out again. Community snowball fight?

[ed note: gag me with a fucking spoon--Erica].

We need to offload some of this weight.

What do you think?

Yours in cooperation, Allison