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I'm not sure which is more riveting: the footage of the MOTEHRFUCKCING TORNADO that hit BK last night, or the guys screaming like little girls in this vid. Either way, I just watched this 11 times.


So, About That Tornado Thing in Park Slope

There is no set of worldly circumstances that would allow you to not know that we just had a fucking tornado pass through the Slope.  When I surface at 9th Street daily, the list of things I don't expect to see generally include a Mets win, a yellow cab, and anything open at 10:15pm.  Usually, I don't think to include "tornado" or Brooklyn Industries without any windows.


The gentleman currently sitting to my right, who has spent a good deal of his life in Oklahoma and Kansas, is laughing at me as I type.

Anyway, send us your photos.  Better yet, send 'em to me so I don't give Erica an inbox heart attack.  Twitter says she's still recovering, anyway.

Edit 11:01pm: Photos from FIPS reader Vautrin. Thanks!

8th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets:

3rd Street between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West:

Greek Catholic Church between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Eighth Avenue:

Edit 11:52pm: Photos from Californian Caitlyn, who picked a pretty shitty/rad time to visit. She says, "I'm visiting from California--where we really don't have tornadoes--and was stranded at the Tea Lounge during this afternoon's sudden thunderstorm. I took a few photos on the walk back to my friend's place on Eastern Parkway across from the Brooklyn Museum."

Edit 7:44am: Photo of Flatbush from Michelle Citrin.  She says, "Trees flatbushed!"

 Edit 11:10am: Our beloved Gogo Gowanus sent these, a laundromat at 4th Ave and 13th Street shredded:

And via Katie Clark, 6th Ave between 13th and 14th Street:

Edit 3:06pm: From Heather D:


Holy Global Warming, Batman! A Tornado Just Touched Down on Montgomery Place

The sky is falling. ON MY FUCKING BLOCK! On my fucking HUSBAND! Yes, he had literally just dropped me and the kids (not to mention a metal ladder to paint the bathroom) under this tree on our corner and had pulled out onto 8th when... "All of a sudden the rain was blowing horizontally and the buildings all disappeared. It was like being in a washing machine. There were lightning bolts all around me but no boom. The car started shimmying and vibrating and a ton of branches landed all around me. And then it stopped. Just like that," reports my man. My little people were shrieking "I'm too young to die" in between the little little shit asking "daddy, when you were young were there dinosaurs?" That goddamned tornado knocked down the tree outside my living room window. Shit, now I'm going to have to get shades. And the other trees are literally sheered off at the top. Well, I'm awake. I was feeling a little lethargo there for a minute but KABOOM! Here I was wondering what to write because it's been a slow news day...


Say Bye Bye To Our Sidewalks: The Bugaboo 'Donkey' Is (Almost) HERE

Well, stroller nazis, this mofo is likely gonna go down in history as your coup de grace: The convertible Bugaboo "Donkey" stroller! Let's just call it the "Ass" stroller, shall we?

Anytime I see a Bugaboo, I know my first thought is: "well, its nice but, uhm....IT'S JUST NOT BIG ENOUGH!" Thankfully, the design engineers at Bugaboo have addressed that problem and they've addressed it hard. Cause the brand new Ass Stroller can fit two of your bebes! Or maybe four if they're rully, rully, small and can double up!? Are you allowed to do that? Who cares!

This bitch is actually a convertible if you neeeeeed to pop it out to a two-seater you can. And it's actually the "narrowest side-by-side luxury stroller at 29-inches." YAAAAY!

Good news/bad news: The Ass Stroller is coming!...but not until next Spring.

The price hasn't been set yet, but we're gonna go ahead and guess it will be somewhere around a million dollars.

Congrats, BREEDERS! Happy Ass Stroller Day!

(via Fast Company Co Design)


WHASSUP: Park Slope Restaurant Tour

This is the first Google image result for "delicious yums."

Next week, one of my fav things is happening in the Slope, so put down your breast pumps and clear your calendars, you busy bees.

*Thursday, Sept 23: The Park Slope Restaurant Tour is going down along Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Avenues.  Never been?  Basically, delicious restaurants put delicious things out for you to sample.  You eat them and walk along.  You tell yourself you're not gorging yourself on food, because the bites are small and you are walking, but actually you are and it's okay.  

Last year, I hadn't been to Anthony's, Fonda or Brook-Vin, but this thing turned me onto 'em, among others.  Anyway, if you're waiting for me to say something FIPS-y, keep on waiting, because I actually love this event.  Full list of participants here.

Oh, and if you see me hobbling down Seventh with my cane, yes, I do accept piggyback rides.  Just sayin'.