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OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG! Bed bugs have invaded the F station at 9th Street and shit was declared an EMERGENCY!

The station agents spotted one crawling around their booth, blew their wads, rang the emergency button and GTFO like it was their job. Agent Norman Pou says, “I lost my mind. Where there’s one, there’s two; when there’s two, there’s more. There’s always a whole group of them.” Hellz yeah, Norman.

Let me break down the past month and a half for you. First, I thought I had scabies. YES, scabies. Then, I got MOTHER FUCKING LICE from my kid. When the dermatologist told me, I started sobbing and tried to
hug him. I spent all night over the toilet trying not to throw up from thinking about bugs RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT crawling all over my head. Dermderm was all: at least its not bed bugs. I was all: for real, if I
had bed bugs, I would require you to immediately lethally inject me.

So, Norman, I feel you. At this point, I am willing to re-plan my whole route to work to avoid these fuckers.

Apparently, the booth has been fumigated and reopened, but I bet Norm isn’t working there anymore.

(via Gothamist)


Ex Gorilla Coffee Workers Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real; Hire Attorney Martin Garbus

Whoa. Check and Mate!

Remember all those former pissed-off Gorilla workers who staged that big Norma Rae type walkout this Summer? Right, well, if you'll recall, the fine folks at Gorilla decided to SUE their asses (along with the NY fucking TIMES!) over that whole kerfuffle.

The laswuit, is obvs, beyond retarded, and superstar trial attorney Martin Garbus agrees, judging by the fact that he's taken on their case. Garbus has represented a number of notable people throughout his career including Cesar Chavez, Don Imus, Lenny Bruce and Nelson Mandela, so he ain't really sweatin it. He's working with, and between them both, they're gonna fight the power and try to take Gorilla all the way down to Chinatown:

"Retaliatory, anti-speech lawsuits like the one from Gorilla Coffee have the potential to both harm innocent people who choose to speak out and chill the speech of others who would like to make their voices heard," said Martin Garbus.  "This lawsuit is without merit and will be defended vigorously until victory."

I've been on team ex-Gorilla employees from the get-go, but the fact that sent out a press release today crediting US with breaking the original story of the lawsuit (even if they don't link to us) locks me in for fucking life. Protests in the street!? Buring gorillas in effigy? You name it and we are THERE FOR YOU!


[LINKED] All Aboard The Nostalgia Train!

+ "I just don't know why ANYONE would want to live in an apt?!" YEAH! SHEESH! (Curbed National).

+ When your bebes grow up, they become Tweens! (you know, before they start smokin-n-sexin when they're a teen). Here's a list of the best Tween stores in NYC. And if you don't have a tween, TONY suggests you still mine these shops for all those cheapo adult accessories (and no: by "adult" we don't mean porn) (TONY).

+ If you haven't already eaten lunch, I would suggest you hightail it over to Blue Apron and get this sandwich (Serious Eats).

+ Ok, fine: though I *do* still hate the MTA with every fiber of my being, these "nostalgia trains" running every Sunday until Dec. 26th do sound kinda cool (Curbed NY).

+ If you are a band and you want to get written up on some music blogs, you should read this: What It Really Takes To Get Buzz On A Music Blog (Brokelyn).


Fabulous has left Park Slope (Again!?)

I like to check in with fake FIPS (Fabulous in Park Slope) every once in awhile to see what Mrs. Fab is up to, and of course get some reccs for some pretentious, over the top fashions that neither you nor I could ever afford. But on my most recent jaunt on over there I discovered this: "I left the city for a simpler, although not less fabulous, life in Upstate New York. More grass, more friends, more kids... less shopping."

Wait, like left for good?! LEFT LEFT??!!

As many of you might remember, it was only last year that Mrs. Fab migrated to our fine nabe and made her showstopping debut on PSP. Her blog, fake FIPS, was her response to that whole kerfuffle.

It's hard to tell if Mrs. Fab means she's on an extended trip to their weekend house in the "country" or if she really means that they've moved from Park Slope...but it kind of sounds like Fab is GONE. Like for ever!

And while I would imagine that you're all probs pretty broken up over that turn of events, you can at least comfort yourselves with the news that Mrs. Fab is preggo! So soon there will be another fabulous bebe!


While she hasn't yet changed the name of her blog to Fabulous in Bedford, or wherever the hell she moved, posting has seriously slowed down. She did, however, manage to slip in this little dandy from last Friday about an "adorable Joseph jumpsuit" that looks like an ugly pair of overalls to me, but what the fuck do I know. Nothing about being fabulous...that's for damn sure.


These Ppl Met At The Naughty Office Holiday Party Last Year, AND NOW THEY'RE MARRRRRRIEEEDDDD!

Srsly, ppl...this is not a drill. THIS IS THE REAL THING!

Marta and Tim met at last year's Naughty Office Holiday party and now they are legally! That's them above on their wedding day in Central Park!

I'm pretty sure this is our first BK Hookup marriage, and also the thing that *might* karmically save me from going straight to hell. All I know is, it's totally fucking amazing. 

If you don't already have your ticket, get one. Cause maybe you'll end up like Marta and Tim. Or not, and maybe you'll just get laid. Either way, you need to be prepared.

Here's some more scoop on this happy, adorably cheesy couple:

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