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Park Slope 100 List Dropped

Only The Blog Knows Boring came out with their annual Park Slope 100 list last week. You know, the "fifth  annual alphabetical list of 100 people, places and things that make Park Slope such a special place to live. 100 Stories, 100 ways of looking at the world."

If you can actually get through the whole thing without having to sniff glue to stay awake, you deserve an all expense paid trip to the non-ghetto Target in Harlem.

Personally, I thought the thing read like one of those "senior lists"--is that what they're called? Like when you're a senior in H.S. and they print out each seniors thank yous/memories in a big list, which is really nothing more than a desperate attempt for most of us to ensure that everyone knew that even though we weren't ON the cheerleading squad, we were still FRIENDS with the cheerleaders. I WAS ACTUALLY MORE POPULAR THAN YOU THOUGHT I WAS, PPL.

So yeah, aside from #75 (Congrats, Allison!) it was snoozefest 2010 pour moi.

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Tenant To Children: STFU; Stuy Town, We Salute You!

Well, well, well.

Looks like Park Slope is not alone when it comes to whiny assed misbehaving children.

Our BALLER comrade over at Lux Living, a blog about life at that gigantic NYC apt megalopolis Stuy Town, received a plea from an angry resident about some gregarious, loud-mouthed kids:

"FOR WHATEVER REASON parents feel the need to get their hostile and annoying children OUT of their apartments and INTO this "playground" first thing in the morning on weekends. How do they pass the time? They scream! At each other. At the squirrels. At their parents, who mostly ignore them because they have become desensitized to how awful their children are.

Parents, nobody likes your kids. THEY ARE ONLY CUTE TO YOU. Keep them indoors, tied up, gagged, drugged, WHATEVER, and stop letting them loose at 8AM on Saturday mornings."

Some pretty sage advice if you ask me.

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This Week In Grainy Cell Phone Photographs

Street Art on Union. Symbolic in so many ways. I think this should be left just as it is forever.

This confuses Ziggy and me. How can you ALREADY be throwing out your Christmas tree?

A new career horizon?

FU, Mr. Popper's Penguins

The case against homewook


Who Gives A Shit: Hiring a Christmas Tree Stylist?

Oh for fuck's sake! Seriously?

Well, I actually had a jump start on this breaking news story from the NY Times because I WAS AT THEIR PAGE ONE 4PM EDITOR'S MEETING YESTERDAY!!!!! When I'm not being dissed or ignored by you BALLER people, I'm running another newsroom: my kid's middle school virtual newspaper. Pulitzer worthy, I tell you! 

And yesterday, we went on a field trip to the paper of record, which I had kind of broken up with after their lamentable Judy Miller debacle but all is forgiven.... Because I love this article and its reception at the conference table of the world's journalistic elites who ever-so wryly and understatedly let fly just how obscene they think this trend is.

Not so the crowd over at Brownstoner. I'm in a comments war over this very topic because I CANNOT BELIEVE how many of my neighbors think the soulless practice of hiring an interior designer to deck out your tree and holiday home is A-OK.

BSD: It's as lame as hiring anyone to do something you don't want to or have the time for. Sound kinda cranky for the holiday season.

Butterfly: it is no lamer than hiring a nanny to take care of your kids for you, hiring a maid to pick up after you, going to a restaurant and having someone cook for you, etc etc etc. some people just SUCK at decorating, and in end this provides jobs for people i guess.

duckumu: i agree with BSD. nothing wrong with admitting something is beyond your capability and hiring someone to do it for you. if you can afford it and it makes you happy, why not? and is it surprising that people with a lot of money would lack creativity? :)

urbancamper: Butterfly Rob, it's SOOOO much lamer, I can't even believe you are playing devil's advocate here.

crimsonson: Agree with Rob. Some of you need face it. Some have more money and have the ability to do things you can't. Who the hell cares if they can afford nannies, chefs, decorators, drivers, etc. You go out and pay for food right?

Montrose Morris: The interior decorator I do work for sometimes is booked this time of year to do exactly that for his best clients. He usually does it as a gift for them for their considerable contributions to his standard of living.

urbancamper: Even my acquisitive, entitled offspring know that Christmas is supposed to be about "sharing and caring" and putting up your own GD ornaments, preferably homemade ones.

Butterfly: homemade ornaments are a total turn off tho. if i walk into your home and see popcorn on your tree, i turn right back out!

Tiptoe: Some of the homeowners in Dyker Heights hire decorators to deck their homes in lights and Christmas figures...looks great, who cares.

It's shit like this that makes me want to move to a wind farm somewhere far, far away from Park Slope. 

Just walked the beast and came across my favorite tacky holiday mansion people. They have a different garish scene for each and every holiday save Ramadan. Now, THIS is how it's done. They have a mansion on PPW but they don't hire some decorator to do their tacky display. THEY do it themselves.

So, what do you think? I care about your opinion (as long as it coincides with mine).



At FIPS, we may have ditched our suburban punk roots in favor of a more mainstream lifestyle.  We may have ditched our band t-shirts and studded belts for button-down shirts and pearl earrings.  Our 16-year-old selves are always in the back of our minds screaming, "TRAITOR! YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!" as we're in line at Ann Taylor, buying sensible work slacks.  But we have NOT, I repeat, NOT forgot our roots.

That's why, I was intruiged by NOFX's Fat Mike opening Thistle Hill Tavern in South Slope. 

Would Cokie the Clown be a mainstay?  Are all tequila drinks going to be served with a splash of urine?  SO MANY [POTENTIALLY HORRIFYING] QUESTIONS.

Well, I'm here to report that your fears of getting punked (see what I did there?) at dinner are just about zero.

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