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Who Gives A Shit: Bike Shop Love/Hate

image: Wallyg via FlickrOk, so I don't ride a bike...and I don't wanna ride a bike. I've got my hands full trying to keep myself from not getting killed on foot. HOWEVER, I've noticed this thing amongst people who do ride bikes that's kind of entertaining: there is some pretty extreme love/hate for the various bike shops around the nabe. Like ppl feel VERY strongly about their faves/least faves.

Dixon's for instance. Everyone HATES THE SHIT out of this bike shop. It's amazing...mention Dixon's to any Park Slope bike rider and you are likely to see any one of the following reactions:

  • spitting
  • eye rolling
  • expletive screaming ("DOUCHEBAGS!" "ASSHOLES!" "MOTHERFUCKERS!")
  • simulated air punching
  • simulated suicide attempts

I've honestly never seen anything like it. It almost makes me want to go to Dixon's just to hang out and see wtf is going on down there.

On the love side, I keep hearing about that bike shop on 9th, 9th Street Cycles (and I know Meredith is a fan). And @dkcholo loves Ride Brooklyn on Bergen.

So, wtf is up with the Dixon's hate? And which bike shop do you love? Can someone, once and for all, pls explain to me which bike shops suck and which rule (and why??).



Happy Anniversary Of The Plane Crash In Park Slope Day!

image: NYTBelieve it not, back in 1960 something went down in Park Slope that was way the hell bigger than the Great Tornado of 2010, a Gorilla Coffee schoolyard fight or even a makeshift Prospect Park Goose concentration camp: A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE CRASH, PPL!

And today marks the anniversary of that bitch.

On December 16, 1960 a United Airlines Flight en route from Chicago and a TWA flight en route from Columbus Ohio COLLIDED up in the sky above NY, killing all 134 people aboard both flights. The accident, at the time, was the worst in the history of air travel. And the tail of the United flight, landed right the fuck here, in the middle of our leafy, stroller ridden nabe (on the corner of Sterling and 7th Ave):

"On a street of brownstones in Park Slope, Brooklyn — a run-down neighborhood politely described at the time as being “in transition” — one plane, a state-of-the-art jetliner, gouged long-lasting scars. The tail slammed down in an intersection. White-hot engines, smoldering cargo and badly burned bodies fell nearby. A stream of jet fuel touched off a fire that grew to seven alarms and destroyed 10 buildings and a church. Two men selling Christmas trees on a corner and a man shoveling snow were killed."

The NYT City Room blog has been doing a killer series all week, marking the 50th anniversary of this tragic disaster, and I have to say there's some really great shit there. As much of a whiny bitch as I usually am, I got a little choked up reading about all this stuff and imagining our own, sweet little Park Slope thrust into the chaotic mayhem of the aftermath of the crash. And even what it must have SOUNDED LIKE (and how totally scary it must have been) to hear a gigantic plane come flying into the street at a billion miles an hour. 

Read all about it here:

+ Park Slope Plane Crash: A Collision in the Clouds

+ Park Slope Plane Crash: Were You There?

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+ Park Slope Plane Crash: How It Happened

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+ Park Slope Plane Crash: The Constellation Comes Down


Curbed Cup Scandal: STOP CHEATING, PPL

Ok, so apparently Allison's ploy to get people to vote for Park Slope a billion times in a row in the yearly Curbed Cup Best Neighborhood competish worked.

In the Park Slope v. Roosevelt Island head to head, Park Slope *appeared* to win by a landslide. Only when they looked into a bit, they realized we only won by a smidge cause everyone in both Park Slope AND Roosevelt Island is apparently a lying, cheating sack of shit.

Anyway, we're still in the game...but we gotta reel it in if we have any hope of winning this bitch for realzies.

Honesty is the best policy, ppl.

(via Curbed NY)




*Now: Holiday light show. South Sloper Ryan Powers has set up his yearly, handmade holiday light and sound display on 22nd between Sixth and Seventh. The three-minute show runs every 20 minutes from 5-10pm until January 8th, so stop by

*Thursday, Dec 18: Literature and food. Luckily not holiday-themed (as far as I know), Brooklyn Reading Works is serving up fiction, poetry and snacks at a reading event at the Old Stone House. It's a benefit for the Slope's St. Augustine's, too. Time, readers and charity info here.

*Now through Thursday, Dec 23: Holiday gift market and workshops. Brooklyn Flea's Gifted holiday market is going strong now through Thursday, Dec 23 at Skylight One Hanson for the holidays. Special stuff this weekend includes two Design*Sponge DIY workshops, too. Tons of info; so get it all here.

*Saturday and Sunday, December 18-19: Holiday craft marketplace. The Brooklyn Lyceym's third annual holiday craft marketplace is setting up shop at, duh, the Lyceum. Crafts, artisans and foods, plus a free batting cage and pics with Santa (who has been off the Food Coop diet lately to look festive). Free, with all your schedule and vendor info here.

*Sunday, December 19: Holiday trivia show. Get trivial in DUMBO with the Mental_Floss crew's special Holiday Edition Trivia Show. Part bar quiz, part game show, many bad jokes. Just how we like 'em. Details here.

*Saturday, December 25: Jewy Christmas partay. Once you're done going to the movies and eating Chinese food, JDub's eighth annual Christmas jam for the Jewz, Jewltide, is ragin' at Southpaw. Karaoke competition, drink special, free donuts, general fun. Contribution from $10 admission goes to charity. Info here.

BONUS LEVEL OF AWESOME: We're giving away a pair of tix to JDub's Jewltide, so if you wanna go, leave a comment by Sunday at 11:59pm on WHY JEWZ R00L and we'll give a pair to our fave. I will not comment on allowable level of offensiveness, but remember, the ghosts of my relatives are watching you from the Belarusian shtetl. 


MILF, I Wanna Be Your Baby - M4W

I saw you at Tea Lounge Saturday afternoon. I was sitting on the brown recliner near the coffee bar with my laptop, secretly masturbating to pixelated photos of Tina Yothers from "Family Ties". You were the tall blonde MILF, chatting with some dumpy brunette. Your kid was parading around the cafe, mashing chocolate frosting into clean tables and tossing half-eaten chunks of food at nearby patrons.

Your child's stroller was parked in the middle of a busy aisle, blocking my view of your bod. Thankfully, an old man tripped over one of its wheels and it rolled forward as he flailed to the ground. Then like a dream, I saw the hot pink glow of your Crocs, illuminating the bulging varicose veins in your husky, unshaven legs. It was like a Lite Brite toy, beckoning me to plug my bulbs into your peg board.

It was obvious that you were checking me out, since you failed to notice that your daughter ate a tube of lipstick and started drinking an enema bag she fished from your purse, thinking it was a Capri Sun. I saw you writing something on a piece of newspaper before you left, so I got up to check the table once you walked away. Unfortunately, amongst the massive pile of dirty napkins, crumbs, broken plates, and a puddle of spilled coffee, all I could find was a crumpled note that said, "Here's a tip for the mess", along with two quarters.

MILF, I wanna be your baby! Call me!