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Park Slope Profiles In Courage: Jake Dobkin of Gothamist

Hey there.

We're doing a new interview series with boys and girls in the hood who we like, and we're kicking things off with recovering Park Sloper and Gothamist Publisher Jake Dobkin. Who knew this dude actually grew up in the belly of the beast? Or that he was so funny?--he's got Park Slope's number.

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Who Gives A Shit: Do You Want A Walmart In Brooklyn?

I've been to Walmart once in my life. To buy a gun.

Yes, I broke my decades-long boycott when we somehow got suckered into buying the older an air/bb rifle that he couldn't survive a summer upstate without. It's in a place of honor up in the inaccessible attic, after a visiting friend shot his brother with a stone he'd stuck down it this summer.

I love that gun even if it's not a Glock. But, given the precariousness of mental health conditions in our borough, I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of a Walmart coming to town. According to my due diligence on's Caliber Corner forum, you need a permit for a gun in NY, but what are the chances of them asking for it in East New York?

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FIPS CARES: Moustache Tattoos Need To Happen

Ok, no need to start emailing me about all your fucking kickstarters, cause I mostly don't give a rat's ass, but this one I couldn't resist: The Moustache Tattoo Project!

Some dude wants to make moustache tattoos, and I for one think we should support him!

Pledge $8 or more: For 8 measly greenbacks, you recieve THREE AWESOME tattoos to your house, cave, apartment, or tent, each featuring the "Tyrant", the "Mystery", and the mindmelting "BEAST"...

Come on the vid. This moustache maestro suggests that we put moustaches on our babies! you really need to know ANYTHING else about this project?


Pregnant Lady P0rn (Kinda)

While all the preggo ladies in Park Slope are busy doing prenatal yoga and home birth classes n' junk, crazy shit has hit the fan in the rest of the country (probs just the middle, actually). The only thing that can possibly explain these VERY disturbing pregnancy pics is jacked up estrogen levels and mind-altering boob milk.

If you’re preggers and wondering what batshit crazy thing to do today, recreate any one of these pics PUH-LEEZ. When I get accidentally knocked up (again) I’m going to force my husband (baby daddy) to pose with me JUST. LIKE. THIS:

Ok, I’m pretty sure that dude is her dad... and that he's gay.

If you want to continue to be scared shitless, check out more pics here.

(via Pregnant Chicken)


[REVIEW'D] Da Nonna Rosa 

Ok, so true confessions: Da Nonna Rosa *does* kinda remind me of Mama Rosa, and as we all know, that's not a good thing. However, they managed to win me over with one thing and one thing only: A RAVIOLI SLICE WITH VODKA SAUCE.

Boom. That's it.

That is literally the only piece of information you need about this new pizza joint on 7th Ave (in the old Elementi space).

Did I love the plain slice? No.

I didn't dislike it either...I just wouldn't walk past Roma (which is a block away) in order to get one. The pizza does not feel like classic NY style to's a bit too thick and the crust just feels a smidge too crunchy. In fact Da Nonna Rosa kind of seems like its a pizza place in NJ rather than Brooklyn. However, they *do* have lots of weird, "fancy" slices, and sometimes you just get into a fancypants mood (Here's Park Slope mentions they even have a chicken caesar salad slice, which I totally  missed).

Also, they have seating...and the space is pretty nice. So if you're feeling like pizza and you wanna sit down and enjoy yourself (they also have a full-ish menu), it might be a good choice. It kind of reminded me of Pizza Plus, except that I think Pizza Plus pizza is DISGUSTING. But you know: that same vibe.

OH, and also they have gelato! And it looked delish, but I was fucking freezing, so I didn't buy any.

I'm sure there will always be a bazillion kids there, so I'll likely only swing by for take-out. But yeah: that ravioli slice with vodka sauce (pictured above) was the bomb diggity bomb bomb. And everyone there was super duper nice.

Anyone else been?

Da Nonna Rosa
140 7th Avenue (btwn Garfield and Carroll)