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[AYFKMWTS] Delayed Snow Clean-Up Was A Sanitation Dept Protest!?

image via @colin_jonesAccording to the NY Post, yes: the reason we spent 3 days without getting our motherfucking streets plowed during the Blizzard of '10 is because the Sanitation Dept was trying to "send a message regarding budget cuts:"

Miles of roads stretching from as north as Whitestone, Queens, to the south shore of Staten Island still remained treacherously unplowed last night because of the shameless job action, several sources and a city lawmaker said, which was over a raft of demotions, attrition and budget cuts.

They sent a message to the rest of the city that these particular labor issues are more important," said City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens), who was visited yesterday by a group of guilt-ridden sanitation workers who confessed the shameless plot.

I mean, WHAT!???

Is this real life!?

Oh, but wait...there's more:

The snitches "didn't want to be identified because they were afraid of retaliation," Halloran said. "They were told [by supervisors] to take off routes [and] not do the plowing of some of the major arteries in a timely manner. They were told to make the mayor pay for the layoffs, the reductions in rank for the supervisors, shrinking the rolls of the rank-and-file."


I guess Mayor Bloomberg didn't want to mention this little nugget in his very informative press conference the other day??!!

Apparently 400 trash haulers and supervisors have been canned, and as of tomorrow, up to 100 more get "demoted" as part of a budget reduction strategy that was in place.

This also answers the question: will our trash ever get picked up again? Right now it's looking like a solid no.

(via NY Post and a tip from FIPS reader Jake Taylor)


Astronomical Kid Successfully Working The MILF Angle

How there has not yet been a post on Park Slope Parents about this, I don't know. 

A few weeks ago, The Village Voice shockingly nominated our asses as one of the best local blogs (only to completely skip over the category during their award ceremony and not even announce a winner...but I digress).

However, the evening was, by no means, considered a loss because I was introduced to this fly assed 14-year-old Brooklyn rap prodigy: Astronomical Kid. And Astronomical kid is so amazingly wonderful in so many ways, I can't even enumerate them here on the blog because there isn't enough room (and yes, I'm totally 100% fucking serious, ppl).

Needless to say, his hit song "Stop Looking at My Mom" is one of the best things I've ever heard in my life.

"Just cuz I'm a shorty, don't think I won't do you no harm."

If I can afford him, this dude will TOTALLY be performing at our next FIPS event. Please go download his shit on itunes immeds.


Snowpocalypse 2010: ONE. LAST. POST

Anyone totally fucking sick of this blizzard yet? Cause I sure as hell am.

I noticed that some side streets in Park Slope were finally plowed as of last night, and although the neighborhood is still a fucking war zone, I think it might be time to move on. I can't promise anything, but I'm hoping that this is our LAST Snowpocalypse of 2010 post E-V-E-R.

This pic above is actually from Bay Ridge at 3rd Ave and 91st street, but I think we should all take a moment to applaud the Brooklyn citizen who took the time out of there snowpacalypsed day to not only pen this fine note to the douchebag who left their car in the middle of a one way street (without even bothering to push it off to the side), but also used some packing tape to ensure that the thing didn't blow away in the wind.

Pissed off Bay Ridge stranger, we salute you!


Anne Hathaway: Newest Park Slope Celeb?

image: Jeff Vespa/WireimageMove over Jake-n-Maggie Gyllenhaal! Watch out Johns! (Turturo, Hodgman)..and step back Steve Buscemi!

Park Slope has a new celeb in town: Anne Hathaway!

Last week, all the blogs were talking about how Anne was moving in with her Hipster boyfriend Adam Shulman into his BK apartment. Then she was spotted at the Brooklyn Flea. Well, an industrious FIPS reader, @sDiddyBKLYN, did a property search, tracked down Shulman's records, and uncovered this little nugget: THEY'RE LIVING IN PARK SLOPE!

Well, kinda.

Their address is *right* on the border of Park Slope and might technically be considered Gowanus, but fuck it: we're going with the Park Slope angle!

Welcome, Anne!

FYI, It's rully, rully hard to get into the Park Slope Food Coop orientation meetings right now, so maybe Mags can make a call for you? Until then, see you at Union Market!

(via Brownstoner)


Who Gives A Shit DAY TWO: Has Your Brooklyn Street Been Plowed?

18th St & 5th Ave...untouched (image via @nataliegallops)Ok, ppl time to find out ah-gain! Was your street visited by the snow plow fairies last night?

Can you walk two feet without falling and breaking a hip?

Greg and decided to walk to dinner last night...we went down Union Street and then made a left on 5th Ave. Holy shitballs! None of the side streets that we passed were even remotely plowed. Like it didn't even look like a snow plow had even attempted to make it's way through even once!

If our rich, white neighborhood isn't even getting plowed then the rest of BK must be TOTALLY fucked. Too bad our Mayor is Bloomberg and not Cory Booker.

Jus sayin.