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WHASSUP: A Reason to Leave The Slope Tonight

So, now that it's like, cold, and a MetroCard is about to cost as much as a Bugaboo, our incentives to leave the Slope are few and far between. But here's a reason to be out in the city tonight:

*Thursday, November 18 (TONIGHT): Opera remixed. The L Magazine's Act 4 series, making opera rad (no, seriously). Booze, tunes, true love, etc. Here's what they say: "This Thursday is the second Act 4 installment, and the last one until the spring. The LA-based phenom of Active Child will perform following the Strauss opera Intermezzo, a great little diddy about the writer's crazy ass wife, featuring lots of drama and soprano arias." Here's the info on tix.

Also, probably the weirdest unsolicited piece of FIPS-related mail I've ever received, but why the fuck not: Park Slope Eye is having a Jono Hennessy Trunk Show on Saturday from 1 to 5. Figured I'd give you all the heads up so you can claw each other's poorly-working eyes out for some chic frames.


COOL OR NOT COOL: Disgusting Subway Junk?

Ok, so let's just stop being polite and start getting real for a sec: this is one of the most vile things I have ever been witness to on our public transit system.

I could have sworn I did ANOTHER post on some similarly gross subway junk sitch with another dude, but I can't find it now. And anyway, even if I did, trust me: this was way the hell more disgusting.

I'm not quite sure what the best gameplan is for being fat and dealing with your own junk in a non-gagtastical way, but can we all just agree that this dude ain't doin it right??

For the record, Brooklyn bound Q, Monday eve.

As Tami from Season 2 of the Real World said: "this wasn't not funny."


Who Gives A Shit: Smelly Neighbors

I arrived home the other day to a team of hulky (couldn't see if they were hunky) firemen heading in to my building because my teenage neighbor thought for sure the joint was burning down. 

Well, we weren't on fire, thankfully. But for several days now, our upper hallways have been filling up with scary-ass acrid smoke that smells like wood burning, which sends residents into a tizzy and then we knock on doors, call our super in a panic, and finally send my handy husband down to check the boiler. It took a few go-rounds to realize that it's somebody up the block.

Now, I can deal with Smoker Bob and I can deal with the occasional spam-scented stinky food smells (marginally) but I really don't know if I can deal with thinking the building is on fire every day so that some neighbor down the block can benignly, unknowingly have a bonfire or barbecue or get all "Vermont comes to Brooklyn. It makes me nervous.

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JDub Festival of Strikes: YOU DESERVE IT

UPDATE: Congrats S. Diddy...YOU WONNNNNNNNNNNNN! Email deets to come shortly!

Yo, so JDub Records, you know that cool ass Jew-y record label slash event production company slash dudes who discovered Matisyahu so they deserve your respect crew are having a fundraising event! And it's at Brooklyn Bowl! On Tuesday, November 30th! Which is the night before the first night of Hannukah! Or Chanukah! Or however the fuck you wanna spell it!


And duh: they've put together a killer line-up.

First of all, Eugene Mirman is hosting and he's way the hell funny. Then Soulico, The Sway Machinery AND DeLeon are performing! And maybe other people too! Who knows! JDub is crazy like that!

And even though tix are $15 each, we've got your hairy, Jewtown backs! Cause we're giving away TWO tickets to the show, AND a The Sway Machinery CD AND a DeLeon CD ANNNNNND a JDub t-shirt!

If you wanna win em, just leave a comment below (with your real email address, duh). You're gonna have to use one Yiddish word in sentence somewhere in your comment, and if I were you, I would get CREATIVE. Don't know any Yiddish words? You're totes in luck! There is this new thing called the googlez that will help your ass!

Hurry up and do this shit,'ll have from now until sometime tomorrow when I call my grandma Charlotte, a fluent Yiddish speaker, who will be helping me choose a winner.

Zol zion mit Mazel!



OPEN POST: The Weekend That Was

Hey party ppl: you know how we do these open post-y thingamijiggys? Well here's another one. Only before you guys go off in the comms, I was gonna open post my damn self, cause I got a lotz on my mind:

+ I AM NOW A FIOS CUSTOMER! AND I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH! Btchz have left comments and twatted me about how the service is only "marginally" better and the customer service is worse, and I'm sorry: I just don't buy it. The installer showed up on time on the day of our appt, did a phenomenal job, and at the last minute when something wasn't working and I needed to leave for an appt, the dude made me take down HIS PERSONAL NUMBER in case something came up and I needed some more help!!?? Then Verizon called the NEXT DAY to see how everything was going!!?? If Verizon never ever ever gives me good customer service again, this whole experience thus far will STILL add up to way more great customer service than I have ever rec'd throughout the entirety of my Time Warner relationship over the past 11 years. Oh, and also I now have approximately 11 billion channels...for less money. BOOYAH.

+ I received the following email on Friday evening:

Your Name: Rosa
Your Email:
Subject: Contact for suggestions and complaints

Message: On behalf of Mama Rosa Latino, I am asking our dear clientele to write to us at:

to make any suggestions or complaints, so we can grow with your constructive feedback.

We like to hear from you soon and hope to see you at our restaurant, where everybody is welcomed and appreciated.

Mama Rosa Owners

Uhm...dear Mama Rosa owners: I wrote out a rather long and detailed account of my first and last dinner at your restaurant. Not quite sure how "constructive" my criticism was, but if you'd genuinely like to "hear" from me, have it. Also, pls say hi to Weird Waiter and Crystal Necklace Dude for me...I really miss those guys.

+ There was a gigantic fucking fire in S. Slope on Friday. Thankfully, none of the families living above the Asssociated Supermarket that caught on fire were there at the time, but 10 of them have been displaced and have no place to live now. So if you're not a total asshole, you should go make a donation to the Red Cross and help em out.

+ I went to Comida, aka Playa 2.0 this weekend with Greg and NineDaves...and it was pretty friggin epic. We didn't have a ton to eat (mostly just a bunch of apps and sides), but still the food was really good and the service was great and also we had this pot de creme chocolate pudding dessert that I am still dreaming about any time I close my eyes. I still think Fonda is better, but also that shit is like 20 blocks away for me. So yeah...Comida! I will be back!

+ I'm on a mission to catalog all of the Basset Hounds in Park Slope. Know any? If so, leave a comment. And if you own a Basset and live in Park Slope (or know someone who does), email me at effedinparkslope at gmail dot com with the name of the Basset and a photo (or a link to one), as well as whether you live in N. or S. Slope.

+ Is the Real Housewvies of Beverly Hills not the best damn thing you've ever seen on TV?? And how good is Vampire Diaries this season!?

OK, your turn. Go crazy! Whassup? Have at it!