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Is Some Dude Harrassing Women Walking Dogs in Park Slope?

One female FiPS reader says yes, and is trying to alert the rest of the neighborhood. 
I'm trying to get the word out about a wacko who is targeting women with dogs in Park Slope. I had a verbal altercation with him in the spring of 2010 in the park near 11th St while I was walking a dog (editor's notein a later email she describes the incident as such: "If I remember correctly he called me white trash and muttered something else.") In March 2011, he verbally abused and then spat on a woman walking a dog on Prospect Park West between 11th and 12th streets. Then in April, he verbally abused and threw a trash can at a woman walking a dog.  Just yesterday he verbally abused a woman with a dog on 6th Ave near 10th St. Two of the victims have filed police reports but the police are not following up. He's white, about  6'2", late 40's / early 50's, slender. I just want the community to be alert and hopefully stop this guy.

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67 burger coming to flatbush 

Popular Fort Greene joint 67 Burger is making a move to the Slope. The new location will be on Flatbush near 6th ave, and though no opening date has been announced, we can assume it will be soon since the storefront's sign is going up. Ready for some competish, Bareburger? DUN DUN DUN.

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Ratner, You Just Got Sued. 

I'm not going to lie: I sorta' love it when someone jams a thorn in Bruce Ratner's ass, especially when it's from folks who once backed him up. On Tuesday morning, unemployed construction workers announced a lawsuit against Brooklyn's favorite developer (or "The RAT," as one commenter from the Brooklyn Paper called him) for promised jobs and wages that they never received. 

According to a press release, the lawsuit claims that Ratner's development group offered something called a "Community Benefits Agreement" (CBA). This promised that people from the community would be hired to work on the Atlantic Yards project. It is implied that Ratner did this to cool down immediate criticism of the project, and to gain the support of local politicians.  

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Mother + Daughter Lingerie Spread...Hot Or Absolutely Disgusting?

Image Via the Lake & Stars

The Lake and Stars, a New York-based lingerie company owned by fellow Brooklynite Maavan Zilberman, was apparently inspired by a neighborhood mother and daughter pair -- who Zilberman notes were, "always so loving and tender toward each other" -- for their most recent ad campaign. 

Not much shocks me anymore, people. I mean, on my 3 block walk from the subway to my workplace, I'm greeted (pre-coffee) by 3'x 3' cotton underwear-laden crotches of the American Eagle advertising. Then I stare up at sweaty, yet nonchalant shirtless Guess models in mid-hump on the other side of the street. As New Yorkers, we just get used to it. 

But I'll tell you...this ad kinda' grosses me the fuck out.

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FiPS Cares: This Cat Needs a Home!

Hey, Park Slope cat lovers! Listen up. Gogo Gowanus, a good friend of FiPS, recently rescued a stray cat and is trying to find her a good home. 

Last week my girlfriend and I found a cat on 15th between 4th and 5th aves.  She was hungry and dirty, but very sweet.  After petting her a bit, she followed us home.  I took her in.  The next day, I brought her to the vet.  She had fleas, ear mites and an eye infection, but is otherwise healthy.  So, first off, is anyone missing a cat?  The vet figures her to be about 7 or 8, she is about 6 lbs and is missing the top tip of her right ear.  It seems that she has lived with people, but due to her condition at the time we found her, I think she's been on the street for a little bit.  If she is not someone's cat, does anyone want to adopt her?  I would love to keep her but my girlfriend has 4 cats (all rescues) and lives in Queens - it's just too difficult for us to take care of cats in both boroughs and see each other too.  We have dubbed the cat Mochi Grimes (she is sweet and cute like a Mochi, but also kinda grimy when we found her).  A bath and healthy diet has brought her fur back to soft and clean.  She is very sweet, well behaved and will cover shifts at the co-op.  

Mochi is pretty damn cute. Just look at those eyes. You can tell she's pure sass. If you're interested in adopting her, please contact Matt @