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FIPS WAS THERE: Espolon Tequila’s Black Market Throwdown

Ah, tequila. It warms your heart. It recalls the wild, spirited history of Mexico. And, consumed in large quantities, makes portions of your evening hard to recall. It is, undoubtedly, one of our favorite vices.

So, what choice did we have but to answer the clarion call of Espolon Tequila's Black Market party? Throughout Williamsburg, the brave and the bearded wended their way past private party after private party, down into the hidden crevices of the Wythe Hotel to channel their inner (and outer) lumbersexual, and soak in the spirit of crushed agave and unfiltered new Brooklyn coolness. 

In one corner, those who were not too hip to be seen eating in public (the four of us who were too old to be ID'ed with a straight face) scarfed down traditional chorizo tacos, decidedly untraditional duck sliders and, of course, a veggie torta (winner!). Downstairs, where everyone who knows anything knows that the real party is always going on, it was low-stakes poker, experimental film theater on parade and, our personal favorite, Disaffected Caricature Corner (imagine a mash-up of a quinceanera, a bar mitzvah and a Diesel fashion shoot). 

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[SPONSORED] What Can You Fit In The Trunk of a car2go?


Sponsored By car2go.

car2go will get you to where you need to be: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

Created By BlankSlate

By now, those of you who live or work in Brooklyn have probably seen a car2go in the wild. They’re hard to miss, those tiny little cars perfect for city driving and parking. You may even have heard about how easy it is for members to find one nearby, get in, drive wherever they want to go, park it, and go on with their day.

But what about the trunk space? Could a car that small have enough space to make it practical for errands? See for yourself: following is a look at what you can expect to fit in the back of a car2go.

Enough luggage for a weekend trip for two


Or a week, if you pack light. We fit a big suitcase, two carry-ons, and a personal item with no problem.


At least six bags of groceries


We didn’t have to much to buy on our last shopping trip, but as you can see above, you could easily fit eight standard paper grocery bags in the trunk without stacking them up. Pretty standard for a city dweller’s trip to the supermarket.


Two guitars, an amp, and a mandolin


Those of you who are in a band know how awful it is to drag this many instruments up and down the subway stairs… or hail a cab with them when it’s raining or snowing.


A giant mystery box


What was in this box? We don’t know. Whatever it is, it fits!


Not bad, right? Sign up today and see for yourself how easy and fun it can be to get around Brooklyn in a car2go.


Ditmas Park Throws Its Hands Up in the Air... Literally. 

Photo by Andrew Weakland via Ditmas Park Corner

Yikes! Our sister or brother hood (do neighborhoods have genders?), Ditmas Park has fallen prey to a series of armed robberies. Gunmen in hooded sweatshirts have been terrorizing restaurants and coffee shops by holding up the workers and patrons, stealing cash and valuables then bolting. 

The latest incident was at 9:50 this past Thursday night at Lark cafe on Church Avenue. A group of writers were engaged in their weekly workshop session when an armed robber in a hoodie and wearing a mask came in and held the whole place up at gunpoint. According to Gothamist he made off with three laptops, a bunch of iPads and some money cash from the register. Again this was only one in a series. Kari Brown owner of Lark told the New York Times on Friday, "It was our turn last night." In other incidents the assailants have made off with jewelry and other valuables. 

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Is your shitty kid giving you trouble lately? Little Timmy acting out while you’re trying to entertain the neighbors—putting contraband and turtle dung in their goody bags? Tiny Sally shaving the dog and teaching her kid sister naughty words? Care to exploit those little fuckers, essentially pinning a proverbial “kick me” sign on their little backs for the rest of time? Well, have I got the solution for you.

An "internationally established television company"—their description not mine—is searching for parents (sans souls) who need help transforming their child’s “out of control” behavior. It’s a new docu-realtiy series that promises to mount an intervention program sure to straighten your kid out. Perhaps they’ll enlist the help of a drill sergeant to scream in their darling faces, or humiliate them publicly through acts of physical or intestinal fortitude.

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Park Slope Craigslist Blotter


FOR SALE: Hot tub

It must be some kind of hot tub time machine… Hot tubs are sweet. I’ve got one at my place and it’s amazing. After work I go in with a bag of beef jerky. Turn the radio on. You ever listen to the end of Francesa while polishing off a bag of Jack Links in your sex tub? It’s heaven. Die smiling, son. That’s what my dad used to tell me.

FOR SALE: Snow shoes

Writing this on Thursday and it is cold. The streets were empty today too. Know what that means? No, not cuffing season. Winter is coming. You’ve got to be prepared. You can start off with these 4 foot long snow shoes. They are sure to come in handy absolutely never.

EVENT: New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve always sneaks up on me…it’s the reason I tell myself I’m spending it crying alone for another year in a row. I didn’t get a chance to make plans! Too busy. But if you’d really like to paint yourself into a corner and not have a handy excuse for being alone on New Year’s you can sign up now for the party at Grand Prospect Hall. It has an open bar with all the typical festive fixings for $175.

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