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Rachel's Fabulous Flaming "Happy Hour"

Photo via Seamless

How much would you pay for a margarita? Back in my day, we'd congregate at El Sombrero in the LES & blow our paychecks on crack margaritas. I don’t know...what did they cost in 2003 LES dollars? $25 a pitcher? Whatever it was, no biggie. They had crack in them & you could get them to go in a Styrofoam cup.

I'm almost 40 now. El Sombrero has closed. These days in Park Slope, the equivalent is Rachel's...I guess. The lady friend, a mutual friend & a few other acquaintances have spent many day-off late afternoons/early evenings enjoying cheap, apparently potent margaritas beneath the tacky ass flames of Rachel's signage.

A week or so back, the aforementioned mutual friend had SHOCKING news to report...Rachel's had raised the price of EVERY SINGLE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE ON THE MENU. Bottles of Corona were now $11. Margaritas now ranged from $10-$13. To say the least, she was incensed.

I called bullshit. While mutual friend is a longtime friend, she occasionally fails to get the whole story. I turned to recent Yelp reviews. Big S. wrote "This place is just sort of weird. Why are bottles of beer $11 dollars unless you have a coupon in a cheap texmex joint?" Liz B. noted that "So.... There's really no $4 margaritas despite the huge sign that's permanently fixed above the entrance. However, the bartender seemed to take pity on us and give us $5 drink tickets that made our $10 margaritas half price... close enough.”

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The Napkin Killa on the Loose and Dangerous With a Brush Pen

If you've been to Union Hall recently, have you noticed a guy, sitting by himself, drawing on a napkin? If so, you just might have spotted The Napkin Killa! Imagine, someone sitting by themselves, not staring at their iphone playing Clash of Clans. We asked the Napkin Killa to tell us a little bit about his craft:
I started doing the napkin caricatures as a fun way to practice drawing and hang out with friends at the same time. Then I decided to make this alter ego Instagram account as the Napkin Killa - murdering the bar's napkin supply with my weird caricatures of Brooklyn kids.  After I finish the drawings, I Instagram them, then leave them on the bar for someone to find. If the subjects see the drawing, they usually laugh about it, even if I don't make them pretty. Sometimes I get approached by interesting folks and pretty girls.  Sometimes I get cornered by weirdos. 

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FIPS BROKEN NEWS: Rare Dust Devil Brightens Up A Hipster's Sunday

 Photo via Daily Mail via Twitter via Hipsters

Dust Devil: A small whirlwind or air vortex over land, visible as a column of dust and debris--New Oxford American Dictionary

Honestly, I thought a Dust Devil was that candy apple red hand-held vacuum hanging in my mother's closet. Turns out that's a Dirt Devil and a Dust Devil is the bone fide name of a funnel of dust crashing a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Greenpoint's McCaren Park. Which it did. This past Sunday. And although it's not Park Slope, the video below certainly is Broken News worthy if only for the people watching. Take a look!

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Rumorsville: Trader Joe's Coming to Washington Avenue???

Heard it from a friend who (lives in Turner Towers, and)...heard it from a friend who (works in a another place of business on the block and)...heard it from the guys who own the Key Food across the street, that a Trader Joe's will be moving in to the majestic-looking bank building on Washington Avenue, between Lincoln Place and St. Johns Place in Prospect Heights. Holy. Shit! 

But, don't feel bad for the Key Food guys, because they also told our anonymous source that they have already made a deal to turn it into a Duane Reade. Do feel a little worried for Ludwig's Drug Store, the small mom and pop shop a few doors down from the Key Food (and possible future Duane Reade). 

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Brilliant Idea: Speed Dating For Moms

Image via is producing a pretty fucking smart upcoming event:

What: Speed Dating for Moms—get matched up with your next BFF

Where: The Bell House; 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

When: Wednesday, October 22, in the evening

Why: Because you’ve been complaining about not being able to find mama friends who don’t judge you!

What else: Treats + free drinks! (What else do you need?)

The disingenuous part is obviously that non-judgmental mommy friends do not exist. Bitches gotta bitch and that unicorn is unfuckinglikely, sisters. But there’s always the hope of finding a kindred spirit, another woman whose Venn diagram of interests/principles/guilty pleasures/morals/particular brand of bat-shit crazy jives with your own. Five minutes is all I need to ask a few key questions.

For example, I don’t care about your religious beliefs, but what about science? Do you believe that vaccines are a) a non-negotiable b) a good idea, but shouldn’t be mandatory c) part of a vast conspiracy by Bill Gates, the Illuminati and Barack Obama in an effort to bring about the coming of Gozer?

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