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Zombie Prom Moves to Gowanus

Last Halloween, over 400 walking dead donned their finest for a night of dancing over at Brooklyn Bowl. They grooved to the tunes of Leslie DiNicola, Lily and the Parlour Tricks, and The Hollows, and those who braved it into the wee hours even got to do a little booty shaking with Big Freedia herself, the first lady of the twerk.

For those that think this sounds like Williamsburg nonsense: Beware! This year, the sixth annual New York Zombie Prom moves to PS’s neck of the woods. The venue is littlefield, the performance and art space over on Degraw between 3rd and 4th.

The 2014 prom theme is Toxic Zombies, inspired by the neighborhood’s romantic backdrop: the noxious Gowanus Canal. What exactly are Toxic Zombies, you ask? “I think they’re people who sort of became zombies after falling in the canal—probably mutants,” reports Nicholas Cotz, Artistic Director of Personal Space Theatrics, the nonprofit theater company responsible for the prom. “But don’t get too wrapped up in the toxic thing,” he adds, “zombies of all varieties are more than welcome.”

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A Non-John Lennon-Themed FiPS Food & Drink Roundup

It's officially the fall, folks. Pumpkin spice abounds. As is the case every fall, there's always a crop of new restaurant & bar openings to look forward to. At the same time, far too often the fall means restaurants shuttering after a disappointing summer. As we make our way through October, it looks like there are a lot more openings than closing in the hood, so I guess that's a good thing.

Tomorrow, Brooklyn Porridge Co. reopens for their second season, after debuting last year in the space occupied by Uncle Louie G’s during the warmer months. Last year, as the winter tried to kill me, I stopped by a few times. Meh. It's gonna take more than a bowl of grains to get my motor running, especially at $7 for a tiny bowl of the stuff. Still, I'll probably find myself there at least once this winter, likely around the time when it gets so fucking freezing that it's a wonder that I've actually left the apartment.

In reopening news, last week The Chocolate Room officially opened their doors to their new, larger space down 5th Ave between Bergen & St Mark's. I, for one, am more excited about the impending arrival of Nunu's Chocolates in the hood. Park Slopers seem to enjoy The Chocolate Room though & I’m going to spare you from my brilliant chocolate/poop/Park Slope breeder joke, so I guess there’s no need to shit on them for now.

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Well, this is it, FIPSters. My last edition of WHASSUP. Please—don't shed a tear. It's been a good ride. I told you to do some shit. You may, or may not have done said shit. That's a symbiotic relationship that we enjoyed and ain't nobody shedding tears over sybiosis. 

I leave you with no fanfare, just these sage words. Keep mining the hood for new cool shit to do. Get analog in this virtual world and introduce yourself to your neighbors, give your bartender an extra tip, buy a homeless dude a cup of coffee, smile at someone on the sidewalk or subway, honk less, help an old lady cross the road. Basically, participate in the world around you. New York can be an amazing adventure, or very closed off. It all depends on how you choose to approach it. There's no good reason for us all to be isolated. Sure we live on top of each other with very little space to call our own. Make the most of it because you chose it.

So, for the last time, WHASSUP? This is WHASSUP:

Thursday, 10/9, Jon Ronson Invites You To…An Evening of Public Shaming: This look into the human psyche will make you think twice before you call out a co-worker for yanking it in the restroom on company time. $10, 7pm doors, 7:30pm show

Friday, 10/10, Love Child, Dinosaur BBQ Brooklyn: I’m sure Love Child is excellent and musically relevant, but I really only give a shit about the mac and cheeze. Yes, that’s cheeze with a Z. FREE, 10pm

Saturday, 10/11, Lakeside’s Backyard Jamboree, Prospect Park: I hope you’re up for some cousin lovin’ because this shit-kicker of an afternoon promises to delight even the “citiest” of city folk with their pumpkin decorating, line dancing, crafts, and all manner of shindig-ery. 11am-5pm 

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[SPONSORED] Raise Your Hand If You Need An Apartment


FIPS Broken News: Holy Hate Crime at the Barclay's Center


Well here's something awful to report. Leonard Petlakh Executive Director of Kings Bay YM-YWHA was attacked last night in front of his children as he was leaving the Nets-Maccabi Tel Aviv game at the Barclay's Center last night.  

According to Sheepshead Bites, a Pro-Palestine rally entered the Barclay Center but was asked to leave by a Barclay's security team after being antagonistic to spectators. The group went outside and started chanting, "Free Palestine," and "You people are murderers." One of those protesters punched Petlakh in the face. The game was preceded by an event that celebrated the Friends of the Israel Defense Force and twelve wounded Israeli soldiers were participating in the event. 

The Kings Bay Y issued a statement saying that Petlakh was taken to Methodist Hospital where he was treated for a broken nose and lacerations under eye that required eight stitches. The attackers raced from the scene and the NYPD is investigating the incident as a hate crime. Luckily there were hundreds of people leaving the game and the incident was all caught on tape.

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