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It's hard to belive that Fall is here. The summer was so mild that it's almost impossible to tell that we've entered the season of pretty leaves and apple picking. For many, it's their favorite season—a final reprieve before the icy throws of winter.

This week is unlike any I've written. Almost all of the events were submitted by our followers, which means the people are listening. It also means I didn't have to bust my ass scrounging around for events this week. So...if you have a rad event you'd like to share, hit us up and we'll try to include it.

WHASSUP with user submitted events? This is WHASSUP: 

Friday, 9/26, The Wonderful World of Boning: Sex Ed With a Sense of Humor, Union Hall: As far as I’m concerned, “boning” is the ultimate term of endearment, and what better way to learn the ins and outs (see what I did there?) than to relive the horrors of middle school by watching sex ed videos with strangers?  I’ll bring the popcorn. $8, 7:30pm doors, 8pm show

Saturday, 9/27, V to Shining V, Soda Bar: Concerned about practicing safe boning? The women of Lady Parts Justice have some fun in store for you! You can learn all of the intricacies of protecting access to reproductive health while registering to vote. Yeah, we don’t see the connection either. FREE, 6pm-8pm

Sunday, 9/28, Atlantic Antic, Atlantic Avenue: If you’ve got a yearning for churros, alt. rock, and sock vendors, have I got the event for you. If you’ve been in these parts for a bit you’ve surely seen the shitshow that is Atlantic Antic. It’s street fair meets stoop sale meets too many people in one place meet road closings. FREE, 12pm-6pm

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Hey Park Slope...Yelp It!

When it comes to food reviews, everybody knows that the world's most trusted source for unbiased opinions is Yelp. Bored of going to al di la every night and looking for a new place to try? YELP IT! Curious about what REALLY goes on at Thistle Hill Tavern? YELP IT! Don't give a shit about food but are still looking for a good laugh? YELP IT!

Earlier this month, Uproxx tipped the world off to this awesomely-revealing Yelp review of Park Slope's Taco Santo, penned by up-and-coming Yelp critic Ross F:

"The entire kitchen and wait staff saw an ice cream truck and ran outside, leaving me alone in the restaurant. 10 minutes later they all came back with ice cream cones. I still can't believe this actually happened."

I don't see what the big deal is. Ice cream is awesome and if you don't abandon your restaurant to get some, there's a pretty good chance that you'll never have the chance to eat ice cream again.

Taco Santo isn't the only place in Park Slope where shenanigans abound, so in honor of Ross's groundbreaking review, we've rounded up a few of our favorite recent Yelp reviews for your gratification…

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Vanity Fair Passes on Park Slope Mom Advice to Kate Middleton

Images via Brownstoner and Vanity FairVanity Fair recently rounded up a collection of pro-tips from Park Slope moms to the royal baby momma, Kate Middleton. Maybe? Honestly, these suggestions sound so absurd that it could be satire. Yet the absurdity seems right in line with the trend-chasing moms of the ‘hood. Take for instance this little nugget of wisdom:

“The good thing about having more than one is you worry less. With the first, you think things like, What if they die in their sleep? With the second, you simply don’t have time to watch them every second.”

When considering the Queen’s opinion on the matter, one Slope mommy points out:

“The Queen is likely going to favor George because one day he’ll have her job, whereas the new baby is kind of irrelevant.”


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Money Talks But It Don't Sing and Dance and It Don't Have Secret Concerts in Brooklyn

He'll do just fine back in BK.

FAR! He's been traveling far, without a home, but not without a star.  That's right, the man synonymous with blue jeansFourth of July fireworks and the sloppy end of weddings and high school dances is coming to Brooklyn bitches (Cue airhorn)!!!!!  Ok for those of you who are like 20, I'm talking about Neil Diamond

Another one of Brooklyn's own comes home to perform for the first time ever in the borough that bore him. Like his homeslice and former Erasmus classmate Babs Streisand (who he no longer brings flowers to, btw), Diamond, 73, will perform a concert right here in the County of Kings on September 29th.

Oh by the way, this is a secret (except that we saw it on CBS New York). Diamond will be announcing the location on the morning of the 29th over his facebook page and twitter.

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