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Get Veducated With A New Park Slope Centered Vegan TV Show

Image via Our Hen HouseOur Hen House is a new Brooklyn-based TV show for animal lovers….real animal lovers, not just you folks who eat Dinosaur Bar-B-Que delivery while sitting on your bear skin rug watching back-to-back episodes of Animal Planet’s Too Cute. Isn’t the one where the baby sloth gets potty trained just way too cute?!

The show is on a new 24/7 television channel that’s all Brooklyn, all the time. The hosts are Park Slope residents Jasmine Singer and Mariann Sullivan. Jasmin is a writer and activist and the funny, tattooed hen of the house. Mariann Sullivan is a law professor who keeps the show on topic, and that topic is always animal rights. The two aren’t particularly the stereotype vegan — pale and angry — but rather funny, entertaining and informative. Well, maybe a little pale but who isn’t after this winter!?

The main focus is on the vegan and animal rights happenings right here in Park Slope. They’ll certainly have a lot of sloped ground to cover with the:


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Cool or Not Cool: Gotcha Ad For "The World's Toughest Job"

Image via rehtom.netThere’s a video that went viral this week called “The World’s Toughest Job”. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now so you know what I’m talking about. If you get bored, just skip to 2:45 (aka the punch line).  

All right, so we all know that FIPSters are a mix of breeders and ballers. How do the breeders out there feel about this? Warm fuzzies and tears, or eye rolls and gagging? 

I think it's sickeningly sweet, but as a baller who just spent an awesome weekend hanging out with her mom, there WAS a part of me that went awwww. Then I wondered why this isn’t also a tribute to dads. American Greetings, why the sexism? I know this is a Mother’s Day ad, but you could’ve made it about parents and then used it for Father’s Day, too. I’m just looking out for you guys, you really need to manage your marketing budget better.

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Why You So Winey?

For time immemorial, New York City neighborhoods have been battling it out over the rights of businesses to sell liquor vs. the local residents' quality of life concerns. Back in the day, I guarantee there was some gaggle of cockamamie Temperance chicks repeatedly flapping their gums down on the Brooklyn docks about the ills of liquor.

These days, the Lower East Side & Meatpacking Districts are constant battlegrounds between drunkard-catering businesses & puke-hating residents. OBVIOUSLY, every time another business is granted a license to sell alcohol, we all get a little bit closer to hellfire & brimstone. Enough is enough.

In Park Slope, ever since vanquishing the nuisance, bottle-poppin' club that would've been Kemistry Lounge, we've turned our attentions toward the real threat--boutique wine & spirit shops. Late last month, the State Liquor Authority refused to grant a retail liquor license to Amaro Wine & Spirits, one such business that's trying to open up in the former Lucia space on 5th Ave between 1st & Garfield. The reason for the SLA's denial? Last-minute opposition by two nearby wine stores apparently worried about competition.

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Dude Hates Park Slope, but Girlfriend Lives Here. 

Last week, the following email hit our inbox:
No long message, no further explanation, no request for help or advice, just that this poor guy thinks the Slope sucks, but he's stuck coming here to get laid. I mean, I don't know if I'd call the 'hood a shithole, Chris, but it's hard to know exactly what you hate about the place, without a little more elaboration. In the meantime, your ladyfriend lives right near one of our favorite places in the Slope, so we suggest you mosey on over to Culture and eat your feelings like the rest of the normal people.

Fourth of July Fireworks Back are Coming Back to the East River 

Pic via

Say what you will about our Mayor Bill de Blasio, he said he would bring the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks back to the East River and he delivered. So suck it Jersey! Although being a dirty Jerzian by birth, I do feel a little bad. 

Yesterday in a press conference on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, de Blasio said he was closing the deal he started last year as Public Advocate when he met with Macy's executives and begged them to bring the display back to the East River. As quoted by the New York Times, de Blasio said moving the celebration had been "a priority for our administration" mainly because "many more New Yorkers" could enjoy the show from various locations throughout the city.

For years Macy's threw off their fireworks in there straight up through 2009 when they were moved to the Hudson River to commemorate Henry Hudson's 400th anniversary of discovering the area. Well that party has lasted four years and deBlaz wanted them back toward his home borough. Also at the press conference was Macy's director of events, Amy Kule who said that this year's display will be bigger and better than previous years because they will be using the Brooklyn Bridge "as a canvas" for the show. Kule said "Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks are a one-of-a-kind spectacle that will once again inspire audiences nationwide as we illuminate the shores of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn with stunning effects, color and sound." She also said that the displays migration may not be permanent citing that the show was first positioned on the Hudson near the Upper West Side back in 1958 and has "always been nomadic in nature." 

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