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FIPS Broken News: Park Slope Resident Thought He Had Contracted Ebola Virus

As the news broke that Ebola has surfaced down in Texas, it might frighten Slopers to know that it actually could have been a lot closer than we ever thought. Park Slope resident, Mahmoud Ideraabdullah thought he had the deadly virus after coming in contact with a man who later died from the disease. Ideraabdullah is Executive director of Imani House, a Manhattan-based non profit that operates clinics around Monrovia , Libera.

As reported by DNAinfo, Ideraabdullah was in Libera for six month's managing one of the clinics. During that time, two of the clinic's staff members were killed by Ebola. Right before flying back home to NYC, Ideraabdullah heard rumors that the clinic's registrar had the disease even though he was telling everyone he was fine. The registrar claimed he was tested at Ideraabdullah's insistence and when he called to check up, the registrar reported he tested negative. It turns out the registrar was turned away from the test because had no signs of the disease. He returned to work telling his coworkers he felt fine when in fact he was carrying the virus. He infected a fellow coworker who died with days of testing positive for Ebola and eventually the registrar died on September 21. 

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[FIPS WAS (ALMOST) THERE…] Neil Diamond's Surprise Concert at Erasmus Hall High School 

Sigh. I was so close! Last week, we told you that Neil Diamond would be playing a surprise concert somewhere in Brooklyn on Monday, September 29th. The surprise venue turned out to be Diamond's own alma mater, Erasmus Hall High School at Flatbush and Church. It was first come, first serve, with doors opening at 5PM for a 6PM show. 
At the very last possible minute, a friend of FIPS texted me and said she was there, could get me in, and I should haul ass to Erasmus Hall. Unfortunately, despite what HopStop said, it did not take me 27 minutes to get from Union Square to Flatbush and Church, and I ran in just in time for the encore reprise of Sweet Caroline. Oh well. I can console myself with the fact that he did not sing America, and the fact that at least I got a copy of that sweet poster. I will never not laugh at "In Person and Live." 

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[SPONSORED] car2go is about to change the way you get around Brooklyn


Sponsored By car2go.

car2go is always a pleasure to drive: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

Created By BlankSlate


In Germany and Italy, in Seattle and Austin and Miami and Montreal, people have been experiencing a quiet revolution in how they get around their cities. When they have somewhere to go, they find a nearby car, climb in, and drive it to their destination. Then they leave it there, ready for the next person to use. It’s like Citi Bike but with cars, and more places to park.

And now it’s finally our turn. car2go is coming to Brooklyn on October 25. And if you sign up now, for free, you’ll get 30 minutes of free driving.

With car2go, there’s no monthly fee. Once you’ve signed up, been accepted, and get your card, you pay only for the minutes you use. You see one of their cars on the street (or find it with their app), you just get out your card, grab it and go. When you’re done, you park it in any legal, non-metered parking space in your Brooklyn home area and walk away. Check it out!

You can probably imagine the times it might be handy to grab one of these adorable, easy-to-park cars and hit the road. There are those neighborhoods that are not directly connected to each other by subway, like Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights. (Or Red Hook and… almost anywhere.) Take an impromptu trip to Coney Island. Get your cat to the vet in no time. The possibilities are endless.

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions. Check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking. And don’t forget to sign up now while it’s still free (Promo code: BKLYN), and get 30 minutes of free driving!



I Smell Bacon...Kevin Bacon?

According to signs along 8th Avenue, The Following will be here on Wednesday into Thursday, and it looks like they are boarding up the former Park Slope Montessori mansion for the shoot. I watched the first season of this show, and had to DVR it so I could watch it during the day because it was too fucking scary to watch at night, and then I couldn't continue with the second season BECAUSE NIGHTMARES. Still, I'd be down for a Kevin Bacon sighting. 


Parents of 5th Graders Feeling Truly F'd in Park Slope Today

Image via ms51.orgOh my god, hold on, let me catch my breath. I’m panting. I just managed to snag one of the very last tickets to the Beatles reunion concert,  I mean the one with John and George raised from the dead! slots for a tour of local Park Slope Middle School 51.


If you’re reading this blog, you very likely live in New York City. If you live in New York City and have school-age children, they might very well be among the one of the city’s million public school kids. If you don’t live in NYC and/or you don’t have kids aged 9 and above, you don’t know that your child has to APPLY to PUBLIC middle school. I know. Apply, pretty much like applying to college: tours and open houses and special tests and auditions and interviews. For ten-year-olds.

And if you have a 5th grader and live in the neighborhood whence comes the name of this blog, today you could be truly fucked in Park Slope. Unless you were sitting at your computer at 10:57 frantically hitting “refresh,” waiting for the MS 51 tour sign-up to go live, you may have missed the sign-up. I repeat, you may not have a slot for the 51 tour.

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